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The biggest mistake people make when creating relative links is not remembering that there needs to be a leading slash
("/"). Omitting this will probably cause a "404:Page not found" error and, depending on which browser you're using,
additional problems, like being logged out.
Standardization is the key to a successful collaboration of editors on a Web site. Use all upper case, all lower case or
all camel case for filenames, anchors, etc.
Remember that Drupal is CASE Sensitive!
Use Shift/Enter to go to a new lines, Enter starts a new paragraph.
Remember to avoid creating a link to a .doc or a .pdf file as much as possible. These files require both the use of
additional programs AND more importantly, they require the user to download a file to their computer in order to
obtain important information. May users prefer not to download extraneous files or may not be able to download files.
So, as often as possible, put all the information on the site on Web pages. If you absolutely must link to a separate file,
be sure to put a statement on your page explaining it's use. For example a link to a .pdf might look like this:
This sentence contains a link to a
.pdf file [pdf].
The accompanying statement usually found at the base of the page would appear like this:
[pdf] - Some links on this page are to .pdf files. These are designated by [pdf] following the link. PDF files require the use of
Adobe Acrobat Reader software to open them. If you do not have Reader, you may use the following link to Adobe to
download it for free at:
Adobe Acrobat Reader
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Drupal Notes, Tips and Tricks | ASC Communications http://asccomm.osu.edu/services/web/support/notes-tips-and-tricks
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Drupal Notes, Tips and Tricks | ASC Communications http://asccomm.osu.edu/services/web/support/notes-tips-and-tricks
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