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QUESTION 1: "The Team" The spec has clearly been written by someone with solid
Drupal experience, and understanding of its capabilities. Was not clear
if we would be partnering on this work with this person or an inhouse
dev team that would be managing the site longer term? There is
mention of an Implementation Team in the deliverables, so just wanted
a bit more clarity about who was part of that team and how we would
all be working together.
ANSWER: We will continue to work with our Web Architect to assist and support
the work of the selected bidder. Their role is as liaison between the
District and the selected bidder to ensure the District’s intentions,
preferences and requirements are accurately represented in the final
deliverables of the selected bidder.
QUESTION 2: "System Administration" Specifically on the IT side, there are 5 or 6
pages of specifics on the web server config & requirements, but it
sounded like this would all be handled inhouse, here we would have
limited server access presumably - and generally we don't engage to
manage other people's hardware. So we won't include any server
management services in our response, since it sounds like that would
be redundant.
ANSWER: That is correct. Hardware management will be handled in house.
QUESTION 3: "Integrations" Most of this is a very straight-forward customization
and theme project, and plays well to the core Drupal platform. The
word integration carries a lot of baggage unfortunately, since these are
always the complicating parts of any development project. Most items
sound less like integrations, rather one-way passing of syndicated
content through standards like RSS or iCal or LDAP. Any non-
standard based integration should really be evaluated closely as to
whether their long term costs, system dependencies it introduces and
maintenance requirements will make them worth it over the long term
- versus people time, just having content managers work directly in
multiple systems. There appear to be 5 system integrations planned,
we had some specific questions on the integration components:

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The PIER system integration seems straightforward, an aggregation of
the RSS feeds out of that system, creating nodes from it, and
displaying the content. No problem that direction. Section 7.2.a.3
says online contact forms will post to PIER incident management, just
wanted a bit more clarity about how that would work - is there an API
or web service available in PIER we'd be using to get information into

For evaluation purposes describe your preferred approach.
For Zangle, what form will that achievement data export take (already
rendered HTML)? And are those automated scripts already written
(for the zangle side). Presumably we'd just be ingesting that into new
Drupal nodes as rendered HTML. Unless this data changes quite often
- might be easier to just display on the Drupal side, and editors update
it once a year.

Zangle integration within the scope of this project will consist of links
to Zangle web-based modules or reporting tools.
It looks like you have experimented with the LDAP integration
module from Drupal. This is currently not fully released for Drupal 6.
Other than setting up and configuring this module, is there any
additional customization work you'd anticipate or will it basically
work for you out of the box? I have done AD integrations years ago
(into Microsoft) but have not done any with Drupal.

Please refer to the specs again for this info.
BoardDocs is mentioned as an integration point in section 4.1, but then
is not included in the more detailed section in 7.2, is this also just an
RSS feed aggregation? Need more detail on the BoardDocs system.
BoardDocs integration within the scope of this project will consist of
linking to the latest set of publicly available documents within the
BoardDocs system. The URL to the existing BoardDocs system is
Event/Calendar info from Exchange. Also not included in section 7.2,
there is a diagram in Appendix C - that mentions a "Calendar Importer
Script" this is something written? Wanted more specifics on that
integration. If it is an iCal import or some other standard then it
should not be a big issue, as the Date API supports that.

The diagram is to illustrate the desired process from which the
successful bidder will then develop the necessary scripts to perform
the import of data from Exchange. No such script is presently in use.
Overall on integrations, we generally bid on that type of work on
an hourly basis since the true work will not be fully known til under
the hood. Wondering if this would be OK, to include some non-fixed
cost components to our bid? Otherwise, we'll have to bid these 5 items
exceptionally high - not good for anyone.

Bidders may specify supplemental pricing options so long as they
agree to meet the minimum requirements of the RFQ. However, the
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District is not required to evaluate any supplemental pricing, and may
choose instead to ignore the supplemental pricing entirely.
I'm sure you are aware of this, but without the integrations this is a
significantly less expensive project to undertake. I'm inclined to put
two numbers in front of you - one with & one without the content
integrations specified. Would this be acceptable?
Bidders may specify supplemental pricing options so long as they
agree to meet the minimum requirements of the RFQ. However, the
District is not required to evaluate any supplemental pricing, and may
choose instead to ignore the supplemental pricing entirely.
"Training" Wanted to get a sense of the number of site edtiors/admins.
We have quite a bit of existing documentation on drupal's day to day
use, and coordinate training for every client. Was thinking some video
screencast training might be very helpful along with written how-to
guides. This might be overkill if we're talking about 3 or 4 people who
really are using the site - but if it might be 20 or 30, and there is high
transition, it would be worth the time & expense to produce these.

There would be at least 20 individuals in the initial users training.
"Design" Last question was on the design components. From the
Appendix A diagram, it looks like you have a pre-existing layout we
would need to adhere to. As well as the School Districts logo and
general branding guidelines to follow. Section 4.4 made it sound like
a new graphic design was being asked for - but I wanted to verify that.
Is this a port of essentially the existing design into Drupal, or are we
free to create a new graphic design for the site. It will be included as a
line item either way - we can do a straight port of what you use now
(with a few upgrades) or design it from scratch.

The District has worked with a graphic designer and a focus group to
develop storyboard templates that align with our
branding/communications guidelines. These storyboards need to be
translated into template and theme code and implemented as part of
this work. We will work with the contractor to adapt these templates as
needed during this process, but developing a new graphic design from
scratch is not part of the work that is needed.