Original Flat Wiper Blades

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Original BMW Flat Wiper Blades | BMW of North America | VT-A-3, June 2006
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Flat Wiper Blades
A well-functioning windshield wiper ensures
high visibility and remains securely in place
to increase driver safety. While the edges
of Original
Flat Wiper Blades are only
a fraction of a millimeter thick, they are
manufactured to withstand not only the harsh
road environment —soot, exhaust gases,
insects, salt and oil —but also extreme climate
conditions, such as freezing winter and hot
summer temperatures, which can harden
rubber and cause leaching, respectively.
Not to mention the streaking induced by
wet weather and wind that can cause wipers
to flutter or lift off of the windshield. But
thanks to advanced technology and a
high-grade material mix, Original
Wiper Blades can combat most of these
damaging influences.
Main advantages
– innovative, advanced design
– exceptional wiping quality
– Optimized wiper blade with
dual-material technology
– enhanced winter capabilities:
no icing or freezing over
– splash water reduction
– new design with

evodium spring rails
– nearly half the

installation height via
omission of joint parts
– reduced aerodynamically
exposed surface area
– even distribution of

contact pressure
– aerodynamic profile for

superior wiping performance
Quality assurance
Windshield wipers are crucial for keeping the
windshield clear from water, dirt and other
obstructive debris. Carefully developed and
constructed through a high-precision
manufacturing process, Original
Wiper Blades withstand the mechanical,
chemical and thermal loads placed on them
over their entire lifetime.
TesTed FOr eNVirONMeNTAl iNFlueNCes

To meet
standards, Original
Wiper Blades must resist acids, bases and
leaching over the entire duration of wiping,
and cannot be appreciably influenced by
strong light irradiation or high ozone values.
The innovative design of the Original

Flat Wiper Blades eliminates whistling noises
with the removal of scoring and gaps between
the rubber and metal, while also improving
aerodynamics with a compact design and
integrated metal brackets. in addition, it
features a tempered, weldable evodium steel
band with high tensile strength and good
ductility for joint-free construction. Flex rails,
manufactured from the evodium steel band
through complex reforming processes, form
the backbone of the Original
Fat Wiper
Blade. steel consistency and additional

processing allow the contour to make an
optimal fit for the windshield curvature.
TesTed FrOM +80 ºC TO
−30 ºC

Thermal requirements are continuously
evaluated. in these Comprehensive

laboratory and on-road tests, temperatures
+80 ºC to −30 ºC
are created to
ensure a proper wiping performance for
all weather conditions.

At low temperatures, when the rubber is
harder, the wiper lip must tilt securely at
the point of inflection. The Original

Flat Wiper Blade is
even at
−10 ºC.
eatures and BeneFits in depth
By eliminating joint components, the design of the Original
Flat Wiper Blade cuts
installation height nearly in half. An integrated, aerodynamic spoiler creates a fluidic-optimized
profile—decreasing surface area and keeping wiper-induced noise to a minimum. The extremely
flat design evens contact pressure for improved visibility in challenging conditions, better
prevention against wear, increased resistance to stubborn dirt and debris, and heightened
stability—even at high speeds.
The custom fit and external evodium flex rails of the Original
Flat Wiper Blades
complement windshield curvature to ensure an even distribution of contact pressure over
the entire length of the wiper blade. Balanced force distribution and an aerodynamically
optimized profile provide exceptional wiping performance, serving to increase visibility at
all speeds and in all weather conditions. risk of streaking is dramatically reduced.
during their average lifespan, Original
Flat Wiper Blades clean a surface equivalent to
approximately sixty football fields. The wiper blades cover a distance of nearly
km, while
water, snow and dirt are eliminated in over
wiping cycles.
Flat Wiper Blades are made from two different types of rubber: hard, natural
rubber for the micro double-edge to provide continuous and thorough cleaning performance,
and soft, synthetic rubber for the spine to enable an especially smooth wiping motion.
The durability and wear resistance of this dual-component technology guarantee exceptional
cleaning performance over the entire operating lifetime and facilitate a proper tilt of the wiper
lip in all climate conditions.
evodium spring rails replace conventional hinge and bracket construction. Because the metal
frame and joint are removed, icing of the bracket system no longer occurs. And, due to their
closed design, Original
Flat Wiper Blades deliver superior performance capabilities,
even in wintertime.
For remarkably easy replacement, Original
Flat Wiper Blades are attached to the wiper
arm through a special plug connection. Meanwhile, the wiper blade’s sleek structure integrates
elegantly into the vehicle design.
in conjunction with an extremely flat design, the innovative bracket construction on Original
Flat Wiper Blades prevents water from collecting on the windshield.
Original BMW Flat Wiper Blades | BMW of North America | VT-A-3, June 2006
BMW advantages
innovative, high-tech

exceptional wiping quality
reliable cleaning

Optimized wiper blade with
dual-material technology
enhanced winter

splash water reduction

Flat Wiper Blades
Maximum convenience