MetroFlex Anesthesia Carts

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MetroFlex™ Anesthesia Carts

InterMetro Industries Corporation
North Washington Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705
Copyright © 1993 InterMetro Industries Corporation

Advanced Polymer Design
MetroFlexª is constructed of an advanced polymer
material that is solid and rugged, so it will endure tough
challenges day in and day out. And because it will not rust,
corrode, dent, flake, chip or peel, it will provide you with
years of reliable service, and perform longer than any
conventional metal cart.
¥ Flexible: MetroFlex Anesthesia Carts allow you to mix and
match accessories and drawer configurations to meet your
specific departmental needs. Choose from four standard
models or build a cart from MetroFlex components.
¥ Systems Oriented Approach: The MetroFlex system allows
you to buy into a system of cart shells, drawers, and
accessories that can be configured and reconfigured at any
time to adapt to your changing needs.
¥ Organization/Identification: A vast array of specific
anesthesia accessories attach easily to overhead rails,
recessed storage areas, and in drawers.
¥ Overbridge Accessories: Heavy-duty overbridge attaches to
cart body and accepts hanger rails which hold a variety of
accessories including utility hooks, metal and plastic utility
bins, laryngoscope blade holder, and label/tape dispenser.
¥ Drawer Accessories: Drawer organizer kits, vial/ampule
holders, and drawer label strips in five colors are available to
make organization and identification easy.
¥ Recessed Storage Accessories: Sides of carts provide a
recessed protected area to accept tilt-out bins, adjustable
shelf, and wastebasket.
¥ Cleans Easily: Smooth, stain-resistant surfaces with rounded
corners make cleaning easy. Solid polymers will not chip,
peel, corrode, or fade from extensive wipe downs. Drawers
remove without tools so they can be thoroughly cleaned
inside and out.
¥ Durable: Cart shells and drawers are constructed of
advanced polymers that are solid and rugged for years of
durability. Cart will not rust, corrode, dent, flake or chip.
¥ Easily Mobile: Lightweight polymer construction, built-in
hand grips, and 5" (127mm) non-marring poly casters Ñ two
with brakes, make maneuverability easy.
¥ Appropriate Security: Thumb-activated latch/lock system
secures drawers in seconds. Hole in latch/lock accepts
security seal or pad lock.
¥ Identifiable: Five colors of I.D. label strips easily identify carts
for different applications. Clear plastic strips protect labels
from damage while cleaning drawers.
Copyright © 1998 InterMetro Industries Corp.
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Peel Pouch Container Not Included
Peel Pouch Container Not Included
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InterMetro Industries Corp.FAX 717-825-2852
North Washington Street For Product Information, call 1-800-433-2232
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705 For Customer Service, call 1-800-992-1776
InterMetro Industries Corporation
North Washington Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705
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Information and specifications are subject to change
without notice. Please confirm at time of order.
MetroFlex™ Anesthesia Carts

Height Width Depth Pkd. Wt.
Cat. No.Drawers/Shelves (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (in.) (mm) (lbs.) (kg)
MFH4110A15 Four 3" (76mm) drawers 41
1054 33
857 22 559 100 45
One 6" (152mm) drawer
One 9" (229mm) drawer
MFH3111A15 Three 3" (76mm) drawers 41
1054 33
857 22 559 100 45
One 6" (152mm) drawer
One 9" (229mm) drawer
One pull-out shelf
Description MFH4110A15 MFH3111A15
Overbridge with Two Hanger Rails MF510 X X
Universal Clamp MF570 1 1
Short Utility Hook MF571 (Package of four) 1 Pkg.1 Pkg.
Long Utility Hook MF572 1 1
Laryngoscope Blade/Specimen Bag Holder MF575 1 1
Half-Size Metal Utility Bin MF581 1 1
Full-Size Metal Utility Bin MF582 1 1
Label Tape Dispenser MF583 (Holds four rolls) 4 4
Wire Supply Basket MF585 1 1
Plastic Utility Bins (Pack of 6) 1 Pack 1 Pack
Tip-Out Bins (Set of 4) MF214 X X
Wastebasket and Holder MF221 X X
Peel Pouch Container MF240
3" (76mm) Drawer Divider Kit MF113 1 1
6"/9" (152mm/229mm) Drawer Divider Kit MF116 1 1
Vial/Ampule Holder MF131 2 2