Allen C-Flex AP-Vantage

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Allen C-Flex AP-Vantage
Artifact-Free Imaging Capabilities on Any OR table!
Ideal For Use With...

Posterior Cervical

Anterior Cervical

Odontoid Screws

Cervical/Thoracic fusions

Occipital/Cervical fusions
All Cervical procedures including:
About The System...
C-Flex AP-Vantage - what to use when imaging matters!

e unique
product design eliminates obstructions, leaving nothing but the patient in the shot. C-Flex AP-Vantage
provides the cleanest possible cervical images on an OR table.
The system can be used for both anterior and posterior cervical surgeries, it includes an OR table adaptor (with
carbon fiber rails) and the C-Flex head positioning system. All the benefits of C-Flex for the OR table with a variety of
different head attachments.
The C-Flex Head Positioner simplifies positioning of the patient’s head by using a “squeeze and position” type of
action. This allows for quicker positioning that keeps the surgery moving. Not only is initial positioning easier, but
intraoperative repositioning is as well. By using the optional leg, added stability is possible. This is especially useful
for intradural surgeries when operating close to the spinal cord.
Key Features & Benefits

Artifact-Free Imaging (Radiolucent)

Squeeze & Position with C-Flex

Carbon Fiber RailsThat Are Radiolucent

Quick & Easy Intraoperative Adjustment

Imaging solution for Odontoid Screw

Added Stability with Optional Leg

Easy Storage, Portability
Artifact-Free Zone
The C-Flex AP-Vantage is the most versatile and easi
est to use radiolucent head positioner on the market. It
connects to any OR table, and produces the cleanest
artifact-free cervical images possible.
C-Flex AP-Vantage Components

C-Flex Head Postioning System Components
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D770403-A1 October 31, 2008
• Device Weight = 9 kg (20 lbs.)
• 227 kg (500 lbs. ) Patient Weight Limit
• Works with the Mayfield Skull Clamp and Mayfield Horseshoe
• Fits OR Tables with Outside Rail Width 508 mm - 648 mm (20” - 25

” )
• Fits Any Accessory Rail Type (US, EU, UK, Denyer, and Japanese)

C-Flex Range of Motion Specs:
• Lateral Adjustment Range 152 mm (6”)
• Height Adjustment Range 711 mm (28”)
• Extension Adjustment Range 229 mm (9”)
• Lateral Tilt + 15º
Concord Position
Optional Leg
Odontoid Screw
Traction Bar
#A-70110 C-Flex AP-Vantage (with C-Flex System)
#A-70111 C-Flex AP-Vantage (without C-Flex System)
• C-Flex AP-Vantage OR Table Adaptor
• C-Flex 45º Head Module
• C-Flex Traction Bar

C-Flex AP-Vantage Adjustable Leg
• C-Flex Base Unit

Starburst Adaptor

Prone Mask Head Module
• Flat Plate Module

Comfort Mask Disposables

C-Flex Clean Cape Disposables
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