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President’s Office


UMASS Portal Project


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Question 1

We like to complete our initial planning and requirements gathering
finalizing a choice in
technology platfor

so that nothing slips through the cracks.

We'd like clarification on
whether you have chosen a technology platform already and, if you have, are you open to other

Umass Answer to Question 1

Yes we are set on using Liferay and would prefer
not switching platforms. We are
comfortable with our selection and gearing the functionality to any limitations possibly
imposed by the choice.

Question 2

In our experience, the most successful web projects are lead by a business
focused department
IT playing a supporting part.)

Who is leading your project and what is their focus?

Umass Answer to Question 2

Agreed. In this particular case, we are both the IT shop and the customer (ie business owner).
You will have direct access to UMSO management

at the CIO level and above. There will also
be a focus group of users available.

Question 3

We find "content" to be the most under
estimated part of any web project.

Within your
vendor roles you call for "recommending & creating content"

what kind and

quantity of
content are you expecting the vendor to produce?




Umass Answer to Question 3

As mentioned above we are a broad technical staff. We are not artists, designers or strong in
marketing. The quick answer to the question
is content to us is visual artifacts (graphic
images, iconographs, navigational elements, use of UMass provided video and hi res photos).
I don’t believe we can accurately comment on the quantity, other than we expect the
majority of pages should be takin
g advantage of stock assets created by our collaboration.

Question 4

Would you be able to provide a list of the applications you plan to integrate with Liferay?

Umass Answer to Question 4

Phase 1 will not look to significantly incorporate application int
egration via the portal. If any
is done it will be via URL links and iFrames.

Question 5

Are there any specific integrations not mentioned in the RFP that are needed?

Umass Answer to Question 5


Question 6

Do you plan to need continued support post
roject or do you plan to handle that support

Umass Answer to Question 6

No provided a clean handoff of assets. However there may be opportunity for support when
changing look and feel periodically as well as event based (ex. Seasonal adjustme

Question 7


UMass supply the pictures/artwork?

Umass Answer to Question 7

Some, but we will definitely need some created as well. Particularly, as it relates to the
overall style of the portal.

Question 8


UMass supply all content?

Umass A
nswer to Question 8

Please see answer to

question 7. In short, No.

Question 9

Does UMass

need multi lingual capability?

Umass Answer to Question 9

Not day one, but the applications will be I18N compatible out of the box.

Question 10

Does UMass need sea
rch engine optimization?

Umass Answer to Question 10


Question 11

How many pages do

you anticipate

in this requirement?

Umass Answer to Question 11

Assuming you mean requirement as it pertains to SEO, than none.

Question 12

Can you please share any pr
ocess/Methodology you employ for identifying/categorization of
“Key Messages” (refer section 6.3)? What would be the business process to publish these

Umass Answer to Question 12

None is employed other than use of focus groups. We were looking

for you to bring this to
the project.

Question 1

Are there any specific accessibility standards that need to be followed, can you please share the

mass Answer to Question 13

Nothing outside of what is natively delivered by the application.

on 14

Can you please provide the list of browsers and OS this application should support?

Umass Answer to Question 14


Minimum Requirements for Windows® environments:

Web browsers:


Internet Explorer® (IE) 6 SP2, up to and including IE8


Firefox® 2, up to and including 3.x


Safari® for Windows 3 or up to and including Safari for Windows 5.x

Resolution: Minimum resolution of 800 x 600

Internet Speed: 56K modem with Internet access

JavaScript®: Enabled

Cookies: Enabled

Minimum Requi
rements for Mac OS® environments:

Web browsers:


Safari® 2.x, up to and including Safari 5.x


Firefox® 1.5, up to and including 3.x

Resolution: Minimum resolution of 800 x 600

Internet Speed: 56K modem with Internet access

JavaScript®: Enabled

Cookies: Enabled

Question 15

Can you please share the UI standards that you follow, is there any plan to adopt Web 2.0

Umass Answer to Question 15

We are in the process of evolving UI standards across web applications; the model for this
ardization is the YUI design pattern library. We do intend to adopt a variety of Web 2.0
features, from both the interface and social networking perspective. Liferay 5.2.4 uses the
JQuery library for these type of behaviors. Liferay 6.0 and beyond will
use the Alloy UI
library, developed by Liferay, building on YUI.

Question 16

Can you please elaborate on 8

bullet point in section 6.3 of document

Umass Answer to Question 16

Knowing and learning Liferay as a ven
dor will accelerate the development process.

Question 17

Do you have standards for Maintainability defined, Can you please share same.

Umass Answer to Question 17

No, we expect that to come out of this project.

Question 18

Should we consider creating Wire
frames for complete site as is exist today or can you provide
us an approximate number of Pages for which we would need to create wireframes for this

Umass Answer to Question 18

No site exists today. We cannot provide a number of pages, but our
expectation is that it will
be less than 100. The expectation is that only the main pages will be wire framed (ex. Home
page and community pages).

Question 19

Can you please suggest what is the different kind of content created today for the site , with
details on volume and frequency.

Umass Answer to Question 19

The Site does not exist yet.

Question 20

What is the SDLC model used by UMass
today can you please share same?

Umass Answer to Question 20

We are open to various models but prefer and use Agile


Question 21

Are there any Social Monitoring/Networking tools deployed by UMass today. Is there Social
networking strategy/guideline in place? Are you planning to implement a social channel in
house for students or planning to utilize the
c social channels as they exist?

Umass Answer to Question 21

Students will not have access to this site. The determination of our social strategies will be
part of this project.

Question 22

Please provide details on Life ray version used by your cur
rent website and also share the
physical/logical architecture of your current implementation

Umass Answer to Question 22

Version is latest version prior to version 6 EE which is not yet out for enterprise release.
Physical architecture is currently being


Question 23

Since your

requirements are at high level,

is it acceptable to provide a Team structure witho
exact number of Team members?

s Answer to Question 23

That’s fine, but we will want to vet them prior to assignment.

Question 24

As we understand you are using Liferay as technology solution, are you facing any
issues/challenges with existing platform? If so then can you please share same? If not then
would you prefer new platform be Microsoft based or Java based ( this is to ensure

you can
utilize your existing staff effectively

Umass Answer to Question 24

Not in production, yet. SharePoint 2007 Portal is a part of the larger Portal solution (for it’s
core collaborative functions). Prefer Java based.

Question 25

Are you open to
conduct a requirement/Feasibility study on Time and Material basis at the end
of which we will provide you a fixed price quote from design to deploy?

Umass Answer to
on 25


Question 2

Can you please provide details on your various environment (D
ev/ QA/ Staging/Production) and
which all of these environments you expect us to include in pricing (Hardware/Software).

Umass Answer to Question 26

We don’t expect any pricing quotes surrounding environment build outs. That is underway.
This is strictly

a contract for content creation and design direction.

Question 27

Are there any 3

party products that portal has to integrate with , can you provide us details for

Umass Answer to Question 27

Yes, mainstream Web 2.0 type of services.

Question 28

What is the expected number of pages for the new Portal?

Umass Answer to Question 28

100 or less to start. Focusing on quality and content targeting.

Question 29

Have requirements, uses cases, and workflows been defined for the Portal?

Umass Answer to
Question 29

Yes, thought has been put into this, but will not be taken past the concept point until a
partner is selected.

Question 30

How many stakeholders should be included in discovery / design sessions for the development
of the Portal?

Umass Answer
to Question 30

1 sponsor, 2 stakeholders and a focus group from a wide array of constituents (initial thought
is 25).

Question 31

Does UMass have a content strategy? If yes, please provide details. If no, then is creating a
content strategy part of the s
cope of this project?

Umass Answer to Question 31

Prefer to develop a lightweight content strategy as part of this project. One does not exist

Question 32

Please describe the approach for providing student services, possibly including workflow
transactions (e.g. the sort that may interface with a Student Information System), as it pertains
to the Portal strategy and therefore the scope of this project.

Umass Answer to Question 32

No student services. Not targeting that constituency.

ion 33

On page 13, section 6.3 of the RFP there is a requirement to "Recommend and create content.”
Please provide details on the types of portal content included in this requirement (
instructional (how to do something on the portal), training, marke

Umass Answer to Question 3

Content will consist mostly of graphical representation of features and links as well as
recommendations of some popular features from other portal experience.

uestion 34

Will the Portal pull content from third party co
ntent providers (e.g.

yahoo, Lexus
Dow Jones,
etc)? If yes, please provide list of third party providers.

Umass Answer to Question 3

Yes, but is unknown as it will be determined as part of the design process.

Question 35

Is there an ap
proval flow required when posting content to portal?

If so, does the content
management system need to have this workflow built out? Please describe the desired
workflow capability.

Umass Answer to Question 35

We will be using the native Liferay functio
nality for the initial content workflow. Business
processes will develop/evolve around this area.

Question 36

Is UMass interested in having the vendor conduct usability testing, interviews and research with
potential end users?

Umass Answer to Question


Yes, there will be interviews for content and functionality, but not traditional usability

Question 37

On page 13, section 6.3 of the RFP there is a requirement to “Recommend key areas where
leveraging social networking tools would be advant
ageous in a professional environment.” Are
there any specific uses of social media that UMass is particularly interested in including

in the
portal (e.g. facebook, tweeter, blogs, wiki, etc)?

Umass Answer to Question 37

We are open to suggestion, but at
the very least: Wiki, Blog etc …

Question 38

Does UMass have a branding strategy (e.g.

defined look and feel, color palette)? If no, then is
creating a branding strategy part of the scope of this project?

Umass Answer to Question 3

Yes, one exists. We

are not tied to using it and would like to discuss options both including it
or deviating from it.

Question 39

Have personas (e.g. applicant, alumni, students, guest) been defined or will it be created as part
of this project?

Umass Answer to Question

These will be created as part of this project. We do not anticipate that
here will be many.

Question 40

What versions of web browsers will the Portal need to support?

Umass Answer to Question 40

Please see answer to


Question 41

Are ther
e any mobile platforms that need to be taken into account (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android,
Windows Mobile, et

Umass Answer to Question 41

There is the future plan to go mobile, but not in this phase. We would like to keep the option

Question 42

r the clien

side, is there a default javascript framework that should be used or can one be

Umass Answer to Question 42

Please see answer to


Question 43

Will the portal site require/allow user authentication or will the entire si
te only accept
anonymous users?

Umass Answer to Question 43

Guest access will see general access with login required for more secured content (like
posting blog answers).

Question 44

If there are l
gin capabilities, what types of user profile informat
ion will be used to customize /
personalize the user experience and what types of functions will be limited to logged
in users?

Umass Answer to Question 44

AD/LDAP. Using native Liferay for authorization.

Question 45

s there any site functionality that
will be targeted for internal administrative users? If so
please describe the expected capabilities (e.g. user creation / maintenance, content creation /
publication, etc.)

Umass Answer to Question 45

Native Liferay to start.

Question 46

Is there an ex
isting infrastructure (e.g. web/application/database servers, firewalls, etc.) to
support this portal in production or is part of the scope of this engagement to develop the
requirements and coordinate the build
out of the production environment?

Umass An
swer to Question 46

This will be
UMass responsibility

Question 47

Is there an existing test environment to support the integration, quality assurance and
performance test activities prior to production deployment?

Umass Answer to Question


tion 48

What are the service level agreements for the portal site?

Is this site considered to be business critical?

What are the availability requirements (e.g. 24x7)?

When production issues arise, what amount of site downtime is tolerable by the

How many users are expected to use the portal site and what are the peak periods of
activity expected to be?

Umass Answer to Question

Internal use, not considered business critical in this phase and 200 users expected.

Question 49

Are there any additi
onal systems, either internal or external to UMass, that the portal site is
expected to integrate with (e.g. the university’s PeopleSoft HCM and PeopleSoft Finance
systems, a central security / identity management solution, a student information system)?

Umass Answer to Question

Please see answer to


Question 50

Are there any data feeds, either one time or ongoing that are expected to populate the
database supporting the portal site?

Umass Answer to Question

Active directory

Question 51


addition to the use of Liferay, are there any other technology standards that should be
adhered to (e.g. development languages, design frameworks, operating systems, database
platforms, etc.)?

Umass Answer to Question

YUI guidelines.

OWASP for develop

Question 52

Will this portal site be UMass’ first deployment of the Liferay platform or are there other
existing websites / portals that leverage this technology?

Umass Answer to Question

Yes, first deployment.

Question 53

Are there any reportin
g requirements for the portal and if so, what business intelligence /
reporting technologies should be leveraged for their production

Umass Answer to Question

There are none in this phase.

Question 5

Is UMass open to a proposal that addresses the vis
ual design and architecture of the UMass
Portal without the development component?

If so is there an existing visual style that needs to
be adhered to or should that be developed as part of the project?

Umass Answer to Question

Yes, we would consider,
but lack of a development component will hurt vendor’s

There is a legacy Style Guide, but there is latitude there, as well.

Question 55

Does UMass have an estimated count of the number of templates or unique pages anticipated?

Umass Answe
r to Question

Please see answer to


Question 56

Should Usability testing be included in the design of the website or provided as an option?

Umass Answer to Question 56


Question 57

Does the University of Massachusetts have a Liferay i
mplementation or is this Greenfield

Umass Answer to Question 57

Greenfield, with the caveat that some Executive expectations have been set at a broad level

Question 58

If there is a Liferay implementation, are there existing bugs?

Umass Ans
wer to Question 58

Not yet.

Question 59

What other systems would the vendor integrating and testing.

What browser and versions?

Umass Answer to Question 59

Please see answers

to Questions

14 and 4