Service: TeraGrid User Portal

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Dec 7, 2013 (5 years and 1 month ago)


Service: TeraGrid User Portal

Main user portal for TeraGrid users, consists of Liferay portal framework using tomcat and
MySQL database. Depends on TGCDB, MyProxy, GridPort Information Repository (GPIR), IIS MDS
Services, File Manager Services, Change Pass
word Service, Password Reset Service, Karnak
Service, QBETS/NWS prediction service, TG Ticketing REST service, INCA

Servers: 1 production server at TACC, 1 backup server at TACC, 1 backup server at IU, 1 QA
server at TACC

Hardware: Dell Virtual machines wi

Staffing: 2.5 FTEs staff that work on this project are Rion Dooley, Maytal Dahan, Steve Mock,
Matthew Hanlon, Patrick Hurley, Praveen Nuthulapati, all based at TACC

Contracts: Liferay licens
e contract until November 2011

Service: TeraGrid User Por
tal Mobile

Mobile version of TGUP, written in PHP, JavaScript, CSS

Servers: 1 production VM at TACC, 1 backup VM at IU

Dependencies: TeraGrid User Profile service, IIS services, TeraGrid News, GPIR, TeraGrid MDS,

Staffing: Rion Dooley,

FTE’s inc
luded as part of TGUP

Additional notes:

Multiple cron jobs maintaining information cache and performing job monitoring.

Service: GPIR

Internal repository used to handle virtual organization/resource information for TeraGrid. New
resources are registered

in GPIR and MDS data is ingested and stored in GPIR. TeraGrid User
Portal depends on GPIR for its resource monitor. GPIR uses postgreSQL database running on a
TACC server.

Servers: 1 production server at TACC with local caching at each TGUP instance in ca
se the
service is unavailable

Hardware: Dell Virtual machines with RHEL

Staff: Maytal Dahan

Service: Secure Password Services

password reset and change password services

These run on an isolated secure server with restricted access and restricted firew

Servers: 1 production secured server at TACC

Hardware: Dell Virtual machines with RHEL

Staff: Praveen Nuthulapati, Maytal Dahan as part of TGUP funding

Service: TeraGrid File Services

$SHARE, Virtual File System, Service for TGUP File Manager

st of services that manage TG file services, this includes the $SHARE, the applet on TGUP and
the virtual file system.

Servers: 1 production service running the TGUP file manager backend service, 1 production
service running $SHARE with disk space for each

TG user provided by corral disk at TACC, 1
production VM running VFS

Hardware: Dell

Dependencies: TGCDB

Staffing: Rion Dooley as part of TGUP funding

Additional notes:

All DNS management is done by NCSA

All services have nagios monitors plus additional
cron scripts to monitor update, disk
space, errors in log files, etc.

specific iptables configuration for each service to enable “friendly” urls

Service: TeraGrid UserProfile Service

Service providing user
specific information about the TeraGrid such as
available resources,
allocation, user profile, jobs, collaborators, etc.

Servers: 1 production server, 1 backup server. Both piggyback on the

IIS servers info1
) and info2 (@Indiana)

Dependencies: TGCDB, IIS

Staffing: Rion Dooley as part of GIG an
d TGUP funding

Additional notes:

Requires more work than the rest moving to XD

Funded out for additional development through the end of TG

One of the core dependencies for the above services and several other gateways