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W E B 1 8 0
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P a g e


Lab 0

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Intro to PHP


What does PHP stand for? Is PHP a client side or server side scripting language?

PHP stands for Pre
Hypertext Processor and is a Server side language. This means that the script
can only function
while a server runs and reads the script. You couldn’t view the script through
the source code.


What is meant when we say that scripting languages are event based?

Event based languages mean that there are functions written in the language waiting for a
action to take place to appropriately react to. This gives the user a personalized experience
while viewing a website with this script written to it.


What does WAMP stand for and why do we need it for PHP?

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP
. This is used to act as a server so the
author can detect how the script is acting because it is a server based language.


If use a view source code feature in Firefox or Internet explorer, will I be able to see PHP code?
Why or why not?

The PHP code w
ill not be viewed as written because even though the script is written in a
certain format it will only be displayed as HTML. This in turn gives the viewer only the capability
to only use the script now view it.