Political Party Project

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Nov 8, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Political Party Project

Presented By:

Jake Bevard

Background Information

The Party Name: “Gasoline is Too Dang High

Party Symbol:

Main Issue:

High Gas Prices

Political Issues

High Gas Prices

Today gas prices are basically
controlled by the price of Oil in the Stock Exchange
and the Middle East. Our party tends to get rid of the
high gas prices by getting rid of the effect of the
Exchange on products and let the Oil companies set
their own prices. Also we promote offshore drilling off
of American waters to decrease our dependency on
foreign oil. This change could have positive economic


Our party believes taxes should be different for
the rich and different for the poor.

Political Issues

he taxes for the rich should be based on their
income. This is already known as an income tax.
The rich people will pay a higher tax because they
have more money to pay taxes with. The tax would
not be substantially high but it would be a higher
percentage as compared to the poorer people. The
poorer people will pay a smaller tax if their income
is small.

3. Gay Marriage

Our party believes you can marry
anyone, any sex, if you want to as long as it is legally
a marriage.

Political Issues

4. Defense

Our party believes that America
should be safe on the inside as well on the
outside. Our party believes that America should
be a strong military force in all of the branches
of military. We believe funding should be
increased for the Boarder Patrol force to keep
possible threats to the American people out of
our country. Funding should also be increased
for state police to keep our citizens safe and in

Target Voters

Any citizen no matter if they are a Democrat or a
Republican. As long as they share the same beliefs as
our party so that if they share our beliefs they will
connect to our party and vote for our party.

Our party is mostly a moderate party, we want change
on certain issues but do not want to change others.

We would like to target the moderate American citizen
to get their support

because we believe we connect
with the voter based on their issues and the way we
handle those issues.

Presidential Candidate

Mr. Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson supports

sex marriage and

finds that there is no reason why you cannot marry the same
He believes in personal freedom which would greatly reflect the
views of the “Gasoline is Too Dang High” Party.

His vice president candidate

would be Mr. Jimmy

He approves of same

marriage and he supports

the fact that “Gasoline is too dang high.” He also supports the
military due to the fact he is a Vietnam Veteran.


States where our Presidential Candidates will
appear will include Texas, California, Florida, and
New York.

These states contain a high number of electoral
votes which could help with to possibility of
winning the Presidency.

Texas is a great location because it has 38
electoral votes. Also our candidates will possibly
win votes in the blue collar society of Texas which
will ensure our party with receiving Texas’s vote.

Public Appearance

California is also a great location because the
economic crisis they are facing right now would
have the many unemployed people supporting
our political party. Also California is known for
their outbursts and desires for same

Florida is a good location because they have 29
electoral votes which can assist our quest for
Presidency. They have a good working force
which will aide us in our support for the new tax

Public Appearance

New York will be the last major appearance in our
campaign. The state has been known to support
sex marriage. This will be our target for
support for same
sex marriage and the military
support. As every American knows New York was
the epicenter of the 9/11 Attacks and with our
policy on military we hope to gain their support
on our military policy

One final reason to pick these states is because,
in every state, the gas is too high.

Public Appearance

With every campaign, we will allow all
possible types of media because we want our
beliefs to be recognized as fast as possible and
in great numbers.