By Logan Schwartz and Evan Lim


Nov 1, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


By Logan Schwartz and Evan Lim

Which one is the better pick?

Wind Energy

Wind Energy History

Wind energy has been harnessed for
hundreds of years. At first wind was
used to propel sail
boats. Then Persians
and Europeans used wind to get water
from their wells. Now wind Turbines
generate electricity for homes and

How does a Wind
Turbine work?

Wind turbines mechanics are fairly
complex. Wind rotates the blades to
change wind energy into rotational
energy. With multiple layers of gears to
translate into more speed, the rotational
energy is used to spin a generator. Then
the energy is sent through power

Downside to Wind

Flying animals can get injured by flying
into the blades in motion.

The wind, pressure and density is not

Certain people think that wind
are ugly and don’t support them.

Wind turbines are extremely loud.

Average Wind Force In USA

The Wind Force is extremely strong in the middle of the USA though only
1% of power is made by wind turbines.

Types of solar energy

Solar panels (Solar Cells)

Thermal heating

Solar cooking

Solar Sails

Parts of a solar panel

A semi
conductor is a metal plate that does not transfer electricity very well.

A piece of transparent substance covers the semiconductor.

The two surfaces are hooked up to an electric circuit to transfer the energy.

How does a Solar Panel Work?

A solar molecule will pass through the
glass and strike a photon from the
semiconductor. Then the photon
releases a electron that is then knocked
into the circuit and made into electricity.
Then the other electrons take it’s place.

Solar Cooking

A reflected plate is set up pointed toward the
sun. When the molecules strike the reflected
plate, it angles to a small plate, cooking what
rests on its surface.


Solar Panels

Wind Turbines

The sun is shining more
than wind is blowing.

Solar panels are cheaper
to make than wind

Solar panels don’t make
sound while wind
turbines can make a
noise louder than a rock

Wind turbines can power
an entire town while a
single solar panel can’t
power an house alone.

Wind has been a reliable
source for 1000’s of

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