Searching for Online Success

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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Searching for Online Success

Novartis’ search engine optimization program

The Challenge

Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. recently redesigned their corporate Web site and wanted to
make it easier for their target audience to find their site and farm anima
l health information.

was given the task of improving the rank of Novartis’ site in search engine
listings to better serve beef, dairy and swine producers and veterinarians.

The Solution

Research shows that

90 percent of Internet users
either guess a URL when looking for
information or use a search engine like
Google and Yahoo

to find answers to questions, and to
locate specific products and/or services. The primary goal of

search engine optimization
is to obtain a rank as high a
s possible in the search listing because research shows that users
usually will not follow links that go beyond the first two pages in the listing.


optimized keywords and phrases that were relevant to Novartis’ farm animal
health business to
improve Novartis’ site ranking. Our search engine optimization (SEO) program

Researching, analyzing, consulting and selecting appropriate keywords to optimize.

Incorporating keyword, title, code and content changes to maximize search engine

Creation of cybermarketing pages using proprietary techniques to maximize organic
search engine placement.

Regular monitoring the search rules and

of search engines and making the
necessary modifications and re
submissions to keep the sit
e at or near the top of search
engine rankings.
This process is ongoing.

The Results

A total of 11 keywords and phrases were optimized and submitted to the top five search engines

Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves and AOL

for a total of 60 possible listi
ngs. Since the
program’s inception in June 2004:

User sessions increased 241 percent from 3,553 to 8,592
per what? Month?

Total pages viewed on the site increased 290 percent from 11,278 to 32,803
per month?

58 percent (35 out of 60) of the possible sear
ch term listings ranked in the top 10 results.
At the start of the SEO program, only 7.5 percent (3 out of 40) were in the top 10.

83 percent (50 out of 60) of the possible search term listings ranked in the top 25 results.
At the start of the SEO program,

17.5 percent (7 out of 40) were in the top 25.