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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



Electronic newsletters help you to disseminate news through email rather than
paper, helping your company to stay green. The right software for distributing
newsletters will enable you to manage your list for bounce backs, unsubscribe,
and or
ganizing clients into different classifications.

The success of your newsletter campaigns can be measured through newsletter
software that shows you how many people opened your email, clicked on a link,
and what pages were visited the most. Subscription b
oxes on your site
automatically add subscribers to your newsletter database.

PlaceVision will create a template for e
newsletter distribution in distribution
software that matches the look and feel of the site. We will then train staff on
how to utilize t
he template to add content and schedule distribution. If a client
list already exists, we will import the list into the software and create categories
for each client type.

Search Engine Optimization

A site needs keywords, page descriptions, a sitemap, a
nd a search engine
strategy to be optimized and visible to top search engines.

Basic Search Engine Tracking

The content management system will have the keyword, page
description, and page title slots you can fill in for each page. We will
attach Google An
alytics to your site to track traffic and page views. If
your business does not appear in Google Maps business directory, we will
add it.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

PlaceVision will conduct the keyword research and put key optimization
content in
to each page of the site. This includes specific keywords,
appropriate page titles, and descriptions that help search engines
determine the key content on each page.

A linking strategy with partners and other methods of boosting site visibility
will be ut
ilized and outlined in a SEO plan.