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Oct 1, 2013 (5 years and 9 months ago)


Informatics Program Planning and Related Information from the UNC

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Certificate and Degree Programs

(Brad Hemminger 2008


At UNC we planned a Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) program in 2001. While the long
range plan was to offer a PhD degree granting program, the program started initially with a PhD level
certificate which was awarded in conjunction with the
PhD degree from their home department. I have
included a brief flyer which announces (and summarizes) the certificate program, and our application to
UNC for the PhD degree program.

Also attached is the final proposal to UNC for our degree granting
ogram (2007).

There are many things to take into account when planning and building such a program. I think the BCB
program can serve as a model in many ways for a campus wide informatics program. Both involve a
significant number of departments from di
fferent parts of campus. Both would initially be providing a
service to these departments by offering courses to their students, and allow them to concentrate in a
related topic (some specialization of informatics). Both ultimately plan to offer PhD lev
el and potentially
masters degrees from their own standalone programs.


Initial Stages….

Executive committee
: small core group of about 4 to do the main work to help make this a reality
. After
start of program, generally this is chair
s of subcommittees to meet on regular basis to oversee the

Planning Group
: Larger f
ull group with representation from all participating academic units

to help in
planning and development.

Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee:

initially develop

and contin
e to update the curriculum for the program

Admissions Committee
: To handle admissions and advertising for the program.

Administrative support
: whether the program is only a few courses or a full blown MS and PhD gr
standalone program you will need an administrative support person.
Handles interactions with
students, updating communications materials.

Program Director
: Person in charge.
Oversees committees, final decisions, responsible for developing of
nning proposals to become degree granting academic unit.

: An absolute must is to have a high quality website for external marketing as well as internal
communications. (
BCB website

Promotional materials
: ne
ed flyers or similar to be able to distribute to undergraduate institutions and
possibly high schools if attracting undergraduates. (see attached)

Training Program
: Consider w
hether to have a training program to fund students in this program.
ing sources of support for students.