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Oct 29, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



: welcome to
XYZ sms
. We
provide services for communication and connecting with
people with our services like
bulk sms and


We believe in creating world for you, where
you can easily avail our service for sending bulk sms to
promote your

brand or services. We assure for
the guaranteed delivery of the sms, and to all the genuine users, who can help in meeting your
We provide bu
lk sms at lowest possible price across the world.

About us
we started with the aim of revolutionizing PC to mobile messaging across the globe.
at delivering best
communication tools and coverage across the globe connecting around 760

in the world.

With sms gaining popularity, for everything, from s
ending urgent message to someone, to
informing people about things
, sms is high on everything.
sms is easy when it is

send to a small
number of people,

but for large group o
f people, you need a fast service provider. So
to send bulk sms



we try out level best to meet your requirements.

Sms is the best way to market

your services and products.
Businesses are

using it
explore the hidden
ntial of sms. Emails, pamphlets, are old ways of marketing products and services, so in order to
reach to the user of the product and services, messaging is the
way as people
definitely read their
message. Keeping this in mind
and helping people to
reach mas
ses in short time and less cost, we
provide bulk sms service.

Our reliable and high availability infrastructure and excellent human resources
ithin provides you with the great

results in the competitive market

Our bulk sms feature includes:


e excel


Sms scheduling


Store contacts online


Arrange your contacts in group


Send sms in

and any language that you want

We believe in 24*7 support with our round the clock professionals available for you. We have an
experienced team of profes
sionals, who work in the field of international marketing, bulk sms service,
sms gateway connectivity,

gateway connectivity.
The quality parameters of the company are
focused on productivity and deliveries at the right time. We

to optimize ou
r customer's
investment with the aid of the technology, productivity and cost effectiveness solutions and services
that plays an important role in nurturing the relationship with the clients.

Bulk sms
with XYZ sms services, sending sms is simple, fast an
d easy. Generally people use bulk sms
service when they want to send to more than 500 and plus people, because practically it is impossible to
send sms to so many people from phone. Over that, the new TRAI rule has restricted sms limit to 200
per day. In t
his case, if you want to inform many people about the same thing, say any event or
promotion of anything, it is possible through bulk sms only.

To send bulk sms, what you need to do is log on to our website, click on the bulk sms, than give your
details, a
bout how much sms you want to send etc, and pay the amount as per the
message you want to
send. Bulk sms service is generally used for:


Marketing campaigns




Stock market alerts


Discount alerts


Special offers




News alerts


iday specials


Mobile coupons


Product launch alerts


Merchandise tracking




Birthday greetings


And more thing

So with these many benefits, we deliver the best possible services to our clients.
Our Bulk SMS Gateway
handles high load of traffics no

matter what is the size. It is designed using sophisticated algorithms such
as intelligent message queuing and intelligent message prioritization to handle heavy messaging loads
and ensure your bulk messages gets reached in the fastest way possible. It is

monitored con
ensuring maximum out
put at all the times