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Jun 13, 2012 (5 years and 11 months ago)



The Kit Group proves its worth as the leading uniform supplier to the
security industry

Leading uniform supplier, The Kit Group, has taken the security industry to another level
by not only providing two of the country’s most prominent security companies the best in
durable uniforms but the Vendor Management solution.

The Kit Group has recently signed a multimillion Rand deal with ADT to supply their full
range of uniforms and accessories and in addition, the unique Vendor Management
system. ADT is the world’s and South Africa’s leading and largest security company with
over 650 Armed Response vehicles patrolling the country’s streets 24/7.

This is the first time a security company is moving beyond the traditional method of
controlling the distribution of its uniforms to its guards, with the expert technology of the
management system. The cost of distributing uniforms and accessories can become
exorbitant if it is not properly managed or maintained. The Vendor Management solution
enables ADT to adapt to its needs in a proactive manner and on a continuous basis.

The Kit Group will also bring to the table exceptional product development such as
breath-easy materials and moisture management materials to adapt to the climates of
each of the country’s provinces. In addition, it will train all ADT staff across the country
on the maintenance of their equipment and uniforms to ensure that the client’s image is
preserved and more importantly to save on costs.
“We are very excited about this partnership as our dynamic vision and product offerings
combined with their vision and needs make for a good collaboration going forward,” says
The Kit Group CEO, Joe Pereira. “The global financial crisis has brought about many
companies to re-evaluate the distribution of its uniforms. Through our superior quality
materials and maintenance training, we are able to educate security guards on how to
make their uniforms last longer, which ultimately saves on costs,” says Pereira. “The
Vendor Management solution will enable the company to monitor trend consumptions in
order to manage their budget more effectively,” he says.

The Kit Group has also been contracted by Protea Coin for the past 12 months to supply
their uniforms and implement the Vendor Management system. After reviewing its
market requirements, Protea Coin with the aid of The Kit Group, shifted gears to develop
a range of high-end products with materials that have been researched and proven to be
optimally fit for the climate and durable in the working environment.

The Protea Coin Group is the leading provider of integrated risk reduction solutions to
various industry sectors in South Africa. Since being established, the group transformed
from being a provider of manned guarding to now being an industry leader in the
provision of integrated risk reduction solutions in the private security industry in South
CEO of Protea Coin, Jorge Ferreira says, “We are proud to be associated with The Kit
Group as it is the only supplier in the market that currently offers a holistic service
solution. Protea Coin is extremely impressed with The Kit Group’s drive to continuously
be innovative and improve their service offerings to ensure optimal supply excellence.
The value we have received over the past year is high quality products and the ability to
develop and design products that suit each individual’s needs. In addition, the Vendor
Management system will add a significant control component which will in turn improve
costs – an essential prerequisite in the current economic situation.”

The Kit Group envisages a number of technological advances in the coming months that
will benefit each and every client. In the near future, Pereira hopes to introduce new
finger print technology that will capture each security guard’s measurements,
dimensions and details so that when receiving new uniforms the uniform manager is
able to quickly and efficiently obtain his details.

“We are extremely pleased to be associated with two of the biggest security companies
in South Africa. We are committed to continually developing our products and services
that will take the supply and management of uniforms in the security industry to new
levels of uniform excellence,” concludes Pereira.
About The Kit Group
The Kit Group is South Africa's leading uniform solutions specialist with over 42 years
experience in the workwear and security wear industries. The uniform solutions function
offered by The Kit Group includes the conception and design, the manufacture, supply
and management of uniforms and accessories using the latest IT software to all industries
including: industrial & mining, security, corporate & leisurewear, traffic, fire and
emergency services as well as medical.


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