Reinforced Concrete Design Workshop (Advanced)

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Reinforced Concrete Design Workshop (Advanced)
3.00 - 3.30 Afternoon Tea
3.30 - 5.00
Session 4 - Advanced Design of
Detailed Connections (GC)
This presentation provides guidance and best practice
advice covering the prequalification, design, selection and
installation of post-installed and cast-in anchors. It also covers
comparisons between current practice in Australia, such as
the work being undertaken by the Australian Engineered
Fastener and Anchor Council (AEFAC), and internationally
such as the Guidelines for European Technical Approval
(ETAG) and the American Concrete Institute (ACI).
5.00 – 5.15
Feedback sheets and
Certificate of Attendance

The Workshop
This course will address reinforced concrete at an
ADVANCED level for areas not necessarily covered by
AS3600-2009. There are four (4) sessions over the full
day workshop. The workshop is a continuation of the
Reinforced concrete design workshop - “Intermediate
Level” conducted by CCS. This workshop is designed
for engineers who understand the basics of reinforced
concrete design to AS3600-2009 but now wish to hone
their skills to an ‘advanced’ level. It also covers specialized
areas of concrete design that are not covered adequately
in AS3600-2009.
All sessions will provide worked examples, tutorial
exercises and solutions.
8.30 - 9.00
9.00 - 10.30
Session 1 - Flexural ductility and
moment redistribution (SR)
Flexural ductility is valuable because it ensures that a flexural
failure will not occur suddenly or without warning, and it
enables moment redistribution in statically indeterminate
structures. This presentation describes procedures to quantify
the flexural ductility of reinforced concrete sections, and
procedures to calculate the related moment redistribution that
can be achieved in statically indeterminate structures. The
simplified requirements of AS3600 for moment redistribution
are reviewed and procedures are described for explicit
calculations of moment redistribution effects.
Tutorial exercises and solutions will follow.
10.30 - 11.00 Morning Tea
11.00 - 12.30
Session 2 - Refined deflection
calculations to account for creep
and shrinkage effects (SR)
This presentation describes refined deflection calculation
procedures using transformed section analyses based on
effective elastic moduli to account for creep and shrinkage
effects. These procedures are reasonably straightforward
and practicable, and they produce a level of refinement that
is consistent with the limitations of theoretical creep and
shrinkage models. The limitations of the theoretical models
and the associated uncertainties are also described.
Tutorial exercises and solutions will follow.
12.30 - 1.30 Lunch (Provided at venue)
1.30 - 3.00
Session 3 - Reinforced concrete
detailing for seismic resistance (SR)
This presentation describes the fundamental differences
between the structural design rationale to withstand
earthquakes and the design rationale to withstand other types
of structural loading. The importance of structural ductility
is explained with reference to observations from the recent
Christchurch earthquakes, and critical aspects of reinforced
concrete detailing are described and compared with common
Australian practice.
Tutorial exercises and solutions will follow.
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Stuart Reid

BE(Hons) ME PhD
Assoc. Professor, University of Sydney
Stuart Reid graduated from the University
of Canterbury in New Zealand. He
then worked as a structural engineer
in a specialist earthquake engineering
company in Wellington, New Zealand,
before obtaining a PhD from McGill
University, Montreal, Canada). He worked
for the CSIRO, Division of Building
Research in Melbourne, and then in
1985 he took a position at the University
of Sydney where he is currently an Associate Professor in the
School of Civil Engineering.
Gary Connah

BEng (Hons) MIEAust
Technical Manager, Ancon Building Products
Gary Connah graduated from
Loughborough University in the UK in
1996 and has gained extensive experience
in both post installed and cast in anchor
solutions in Europe, Asia and Australasia.
As the ex-chair of the Construction
Fixings Association in UK, he actively
contributed to current anchor Approval
guidelines in Europe and is currently the Chair of the AEFAC
technical committee; an industry initiative seeking to enhance
the specification, selection, design and installation of structural
anchors and fasteners in the Australian construction industry.
• A scientific calculator
• Reinforced Concrete -The Designers
Handbook” 2013 edition by Beletich, Hymas,
Reid and Uno
Professional Development
Attendees may be credited towards IEAust Continuing Professional
Development (CPD) requirements. Members of IEAust are required to
undertake a minimum of 150 hours of equivalent CPD every 3 years.
Further Information
For any further information on this course please contact
Vincent on (02) 9899 7447 or Joanne on mobile 0413 998 031
* Sydney Stamford Grand cnr Herring & Epping Rd,
North Ryde NSW (02) 9888-1077
* Melbourne Hotel Grand Chancellor, 131 Lonsdale St,
Melbourne VIC (03) 9656-4000
* Brisbane Mercure Hotel, cnr North Quay and Anne St
Brisbane QLD (07) 3237 2300
Cancellations made more than 5 working days prior to a course will incur a 20% processing fee of the full registration amount.
Cancellations made 5 working days or less will incur forfeiture of the full registration fee.
Cancellations made more than 5 working days prior to a course will incur a 20% processing fee of the full registration amount.
Cancellations made 5 working days or less will incur forfeiture of the full registration fee.