Installation Slides - Midwest Scale

spyfleaUrban and Civil

Nov 25, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Introduction to a pit
less scale

Genesis II “concrete deck”

The scale to be shown is an
Emery/Winslow Genesis II

Platform is 70’x10’ on a floating
slab foundation

The foundation has (2) 10’

The scale utilizes a heavily
reinforced concrete deck 10”
thick. “Field installed”


Hydrostatic load cells that are
immune to water and lightning

75K load cells requiring only 8 in
the entire scale.

10” heavily reinforced concrete
deck flat top design

Very clean design with few
components under the deck and no
electronic components.

10 year load cell Warranty

Demo and excavation

Demolition of old scale foundation to make ready for “Genesis II” slab foundation

Base slab construction

Base slab being formed with 8” gravel and a 12” concrete pour

Notice reinforcing rods going in

Pouring base slab

Shows 12” pour

Notice how concrete is being vibrated into reinforcing rods

Completed slab

Shows completed slab

Notice re
bar on the ends for tying in the approach slabs

Bridge installation

Building the deck and installing deck re

Notice the approach slabs have also been poured.

The deck is built on the base slab

Deck pour

Weigh bridge being poured using the base slab as the bottom form

Base slab has bond breaker applied so it can be jacked onto the load cells later

Concrete is being vibrated into the re

Deck curing

Shows the deck covered and curing

Protective posts and blacktop approach have been installed.

Bridge installed

Shows 70’ weigh bridge jacked into place “ready to weigh”

Area around the scale has been completed

Complete installation

Shows a side view of the scale

Notice the 6” clearance under the scale and how clean the install has become