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17 Sept 2008



Ms. Robinson

Anne Bancrof


6 June 2005

Anne Bancroft

Bancroft was born Anna Maria Louisa Italiano in
the Bronx
New York
, the daughter of Mildred, a telephone operator,
and Michael Italiano, a dress pattern maker. Her parents were both children of


Bancroft graduated from
Christopher Columbus High School

in the Bronx in
, and attended the
Academy of Dramatic Arts
, the
Actors Studio
, and the
American Film Institute's

Directing Workshop for Women at
. After appearing in a number of live television dramas under the name Anne Marno, she was told to change
her surname for her film debut in
Don't Bother to Knock

in 1952.

In 1958 she appeared opposite
Henry Fonda

in the

production of
Two for the Seesaw
, for which she won a
Tony Award
, and another in 1962 for
The Miracle Worker
. She took the latter role back to
, and won the
Academy Award for Best Actress

in 1962.

A highly acclaimed television special, "Annie: the Women in the Life of a Man" won her an

award for her
singing and acting. Bancroft is one of a very select few entertainers to win an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony award.

Other major film roles were in
The Pumpkin Eater
7 Women
, and what is unquestionably her best
known role, that of
the married Mrs. Robinson, a woman who seduces a much
younger recent college graduate, played by
, in the film
The Graduate
. Ironically, Bancroft was only 36 years old when she played opposite the 30
old Hoffman. Although Bancroft is now iconically identified as Mrs. Robinson, she was not the first choice for the role;
Patricia Neal

(who had recently suffered a stroke),
Doris Day

Jeanne Moreau

turned it down. Bancroft was
ambivalent about her appearance in
The Graduate
; she stated in several interviews that the role overshadowed all of
her other work.

In 1980, she made her debut as a screenwriter and director in
, in which she starred along with
Dom DeLuise
Bancroft was also the original choice to play Joan Crawford in the 1981 movie
Mommie Dearest
, but backed out at
the 11th hour, and was replaced by
Faye Dunaway
. She was also a front
runner for the role of Aurora Greenway in
Terms of Endearment
, but declined in order to act in the remake of
To Be or Not to Be


U.S. House passes bill allowing offshore

Sept 16 (Reuters)

The U.S. House of
Representatives passed legislation Tuesday
that lifts a longstanding ban on offshore oil
drilling, opening most of the U.S. coastline to

The package proposed by Democrats would
give states the option to allow drilling
between 50 and 100 miles (80 and 160 km)
off their shores. Areas more than 100 miles
from the coast would be completely open to
oil exploration and drilling.

The House voted 236 to 189 in favor of the

Until recently, Democratic leaders in Congress
strongly opposed lifting the moratorium on
offshore drilling, saying drilling would have
only a small impact on gasoline prices in the
immediate future.

But as gasoline prices rose to levels above $4
a gallon this summer, public opinion shifted in
favor of offshore drilling. Republicans made
removing the ban on drilling a key campaign
issue for their party in this election year.

With the moratorium facing expiration on
Sept. 30 and voter sentiment changing,
Democrats supported repealing the ban as
part of a larger energy package.

House Republicans, however, strongly
protested the Democrats' package, calling the
bill a "sham" and a "hoax.

The bill faces a possible veto from the White

"At a time when American families are in need
of genuine relief from the effects of high fuel
prices, this bill purports to open access to
American energy sources while in reality
taking actions to stifle development," the
White House said in a statement.

Opponents of the bill say since the bill does
not include a revenue sharing plan, states will
not have an incentive to open their coasts to
exploration. Another complaint is that the
requirement that drilling occur at least 50
miles away from the U.S. coast closes a great
deal of the outer continental shelf where oil
may be located.

Democrats countered that their package
would open 319 million acres (129 million
hectares) to 404 million acres (164 million
hectares) off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to

"This legislation is a result of reasonable
compromise that will put us on a path to
energy independence by expanding domestic
supply," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Mobile's 'Gphone' to be unveiled next week

The long awaited "Gphone," a mobile device built on
Google's Android software, will finally be unveiled next
week in New York.

Mobile invited reporters to "experience the first Android
powered phone" Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., but declined to
elaborate on the launch. Google also declined to

Diagrams of the phone, which is manufactured by HTC
and called "Dream," have been filed with the Federal
Communications Commission, and Google demonstrated
similar phones at developer conferences this year.

"Functionally, it is a good device; the only problem is it is
not very attractive," said Casey Borders, a developer for
Moo Productions who has created a geo
application that will let Dream users engage in real
treasure hunts.

The Dream resembles an iPhone with a screen that
responds to gentle touches and taps, but it is bigger and
clunkier, with a hidden keyboard.

Google unveiled its Android initiative last year when it
announced the Open Handset Alliance, a group of 33
companies that agreed to work with Google to create a
better mobile device. T
Mobile, a unit of Deutsche
Telekom, will be the first carrier to offer a device built on
Android to its subscribers. Other phones are expected to
eventually be offered by other carriers.

One goal of the alliance is to bring
like functionality to cheaper
devices. There has been a good deal of
speculation about whether phones built
on Android software will eventually
challenge Research In Motion or Apple,
whose stock closed Tuesday at $139.88,
down about 30 percent from a high of
$199.83 in December.

Scott Rothbort, president of Lakeview
Asset Management, said he did not
believe the imminent unveiling of the first
Google phone is contributing to Apple's
woes. "I haven't heard any buzz about
the Gphone at all," he said. Rothbort said
he believed Apple is being sold by hedge
funds, which are liquidating their

Stock of Google, which is giving away the
Android code for free, rose 2 percent to
close at $442.92. Google is hoping to
make money indirectly from Android as
more people acquire more sophisticated
devices and are exposed to Google's
mobile advertising.

Daily Spark

Should the US drill
offshore for gas?
Explain your

What was the
reason that the
attacked the

Colonists started taking their



Bacon’s Rebellion

Puritans and Pilgrims

Founding of Plymouth

Bacon’s Rebellion

During the mid
many colonists grew
increasingly unhappy
with conditions in the

The governor’s tight
control over the colony
and his refusal to hold
elections angered the

Poor colonists felt that
members of Virginia’s
assembly were ignoring
their concerns.

Colonist Complaints

Colonists complained
they had to pay high
taxes and they lacked
available farmland

Many began to farm on
land owned by local
American Indians.

By doing this they
ignored treaties
between the
government and local


A group of former indentured
servants attacked some
peaceful American Indians.
They were led by Nathaniel
, a wealthy frontier
planter and relative of the

When the government tried
to stop his group he attacked
them and burned

The uprising was known as
Bacon’s Rebellion.

End of the Rebellion

At one point in time Bacon
controlled much of the

When Bacon died of fever
the rebellion soon ended

the men were hung for their

Because of the harsh
treatment of Native
Americans, colonist had a
difficult time making peace
with the local tribes.

Because the rebellion was
started by indentured
servants more and more
colonists started to depend
on slavery.


There was religious
turmoil in England and
a group known as
Puritans wanted to
purify the Church of

They thought the priests
and bishops had too
much power over
church members. They
believed the Bible was
the most reliable source
of authority.


One extreme group or
sect of Puritans wanted
to separate from the

This group was called

formed their
own church and cut all
ties with the Church of
England. England
began to punish the


The group became
known as the

In 1608 the Pilgrims
left England
escaped to the

The Dutch allowed
them to practice
their religion freely.

A Plan

While religious freedom
was appreciated, they
feared their children
would lose their English

Also, the jobs that were
available to them were
below their abilities.

They returned to
England to apply for
permission to settle in

Founding of Plymouth

Sept 16, 1620 the
Mayflower left England
with more than 100
men, women, and
children aboard.

William Bradford was in
charge of the Pilgrims
but Myles Standish was
hired to organize the


After 2 months of travel they
saw land and realized they
were too far north of their

The decided to establish
basic laws and social rules
to govern their colony.

The document was called
the Mayflower Compact
. It
was signed by all the men
aboard the vessel.

It is the first attempt at self
government in the English

Plymouth Rock

In late 1620 the pilgrims
land at Plymouth Rock
in present day

While struggling to
building their settlement
nearly half the tired
Pilgrims died from cold
and sickness the first