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Fiction Programs



Growing Up Online (Frontline)

DVD 004.67 Gro

End Spyware Forever!

DVD 005.8 End

Internet Predators

DVD 025.4 Int

The People’s Palace

DVD 027 Peo

The Real National Treasure: An Inside L
ook at the Library of

DVD 027.573 Rea


Sentimental Productions, a magazine on DVD

DVD 070.5 SR

Page One : Inside the New York Times

DVD 071.3 Pag

Philosophy of mind: Brains, consciousness and thinking…

DVD 128.2 Gri

Haunted Hollywood

DVD 133.1 Hau


DVD 133.1 Hau


DVD 133.1 Pol

Lost Book of Nostradamus

DVD 133.3 Los

Nostradamus: 2012 (Hindsight if 20/20. Foresight is 2012.)

DVD 133.3 Nos

Ancient Prophecy

DVD 133.33 Anc

Salem Witch Trials

DVD 133.43 Sal

Primal Fear: Our deepest fears revealed

DVD 152.46 Pri

Secrets of Body Language

DVD 153.69 Sec

Mansome: It’s More Than Handsome...It’s

DVD 155.332 Man

How Serious is This?

DVD 155.9 How

Humor Your Stress

DVD 155
.9 Hum

The Joy of Stress

DVD 155.9 Joy

You Can Heal Your Life

DVD 158 You

I Am: What if the solution to the world’s problems was right

DVD 170.47 Sha

in front of us all along? the shift is about to hit the fan

Cute Lawyer
Tricks (
Massad Ayoob

DVD 174.3 Cut

The Mystery of Love

DVD 177 Mys

Science and religion

DVD 201.65 Sci

KJV Signature Edition
Complete Old & New Testament

DVD 220.5 KJV

The Star of Bethlehem & Mystery of The Three Kings

DVD 220.8 Sta

Really Bad Girls of
the Bible

DVD 220.92 Rea

The Bible’s Buried Secrets

DVD 220.93 Bib

God in America: How Religious Liberty Shaped America
PBSDVD 220.973 God

In Search of Easter

DVD 226 Eas

Matthew, The Book of (New International Version)

DVD 226.2 Mat

Gospel of John (Based on the Good News Bible)

DVD 226.5 Gos

Acts, The Book of (New International Version)

DVD 226.6 Act

Luther: gospel, law, and reformation

DVD 230 Car

Jesus: The Lost 40 Days

DVD232.9 Jes



The First Days of Christianity

D 232.92 McK

Satan: Prince of Darkness

DVD 235.4 Sat

Heaven: Beyond the Grave

DVD 236 Hea

Seven Deadly Sins

DVD 241.3 Sha

25 Days Until Christmas (A Family Advent Calendar)

DVD 242.3 25

The Gift of Jabez

DVD 242.722 Gif

The Law of E
xpectation: You Can Expect Great Things

DVD 248 Law

America’s Godly Heritage

DVD 261.7 Ame

Undaunted: The early life of Josh McDowell


Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years

DVD 270 Chr

The Templar Code

DVD 271.79 Mar


of Perdition: story of Polygamy’s exiled youth

DVD 289.3 Son

Eckhart Tolle: Awakening in the Now

DVD 291.44 Tol

Eckhart Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat

DVD 291.44 Tol

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

DVD 294.3 Ten

the Tsoknyi Nangchen nuns
of Tibet

DVD 294.365 Ble

Continuous Journey

DVD 294.6 Con

Inside Islam

DVD 297 Ins

My Trip To Al
Qaeda (Behind the scenes of the war on terror)DVD 297 Wri

Inside Mecca

DVD 297.352 Ins

Scientology: An Overview

DVD 299.936 Sci

ital Nation

DVD 302.231 Dig

Inside 9/11 (National Geographic)

DVD 303.625 Ins

Fahrenheit 9/11

DVD 303.625 Moo

The 11

Hour: Turn Mankind’s Darkest Hour into its Finest

DVD 304.2 Ele

Up Heartbreak Hill (Native American documentary)

DVD 30
5.23 Up

Planet in Peril

DVD 304.28 Pla

Living Old: the Modern Realities of Aging in America

DVD 305.26 Liv

Half the Sky: Turning oppression into opportunity for women

DVD 305.4209 Hal

Arctic Son

DVD 305.8 Arc

Beltway Unbuckled

DVD 306.
2 Bel

The Secret Life of Geisha

DVD 306.742 Sec

The XY Factor: History of the Wife (The History Channel)

DVD 306.872 XYF

Urbanized: a documentary

DVD 307.1216 Urb

Keys to Good Government:According to the Founding FathersDVD 320.52 Key

The Foundat
ions of American Government

DVD 322.10973 Fou

Freedom Riders : Could you get on the bus?

DVD 323.1196 Fre

Guerrilla Guide to Politics

DVD 324.65 Gue

Solomon Northup’s Odyssey: 12 Years as a Slave

DVD 326 Sol

Ambassador: Inside the Embassy


327 Amb

Mandate: the President and the People

DVD 327.73 Man

Freakonomics: The Movie

DVD 330 Fre

Capitalism: A Love Story

DVD 330.122 Moo

Clean Water Starts in your Backyard

DVD 331.91 Cle



Learn Personal Finance

DVD 332.024 Lea

Suze O
rman’s Money Class

DVD 332.024 Orm

Stay Rich Forever & Ever with Ed Slott

DVD 332.024 Sta

No Impact Man (Can you save the planet without driving

DVD 333.72 No

your family crazy?

River of No Return: Honeymoon adventure in Idaho’s wild

DVD 333.78 R

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

(6 dvds)

DVD 333.783 Nat

Solar Energy: Saved by the Sun

DVD 333.792 Sav

Crude Impact

DVD 333.82 Jan

Born To Be Wild

DVD 333.95 Bor

The Whale Warrior: Pirate for the Sea

DVD 333.9595 Wha


DVD 338.19 Foo

Inside Job: The Global Economic Crisis of 2008

DVD 338.542 Ins

Hog Heaven: the Story of Harley

DVD 338.7629 Hog

Free Money for Everybody

DVD 338.97302 Fre

American Government (Teaching Systems)

DVD 342.73 Ame


Conversation/Constitution: Judicial Independence

DVD 342.73 Con

Key Constitutional Concepts

DVD 342.73 Key

Our Constitution: a Conversation

DVD 342.73 Our

Video Resources on the Constitution

DVD 342.73 Vid

Obama’s Deal: Inside the Battle for H
ealth Care Reform

DVD 344.022 Oba

Hot Coffee: Is Justice Being Served?

DVD 346.73 Hot

Jury selection: Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Company

DVD 347.73 Jur

Fort Knox: Secrets Revealed

DVD 352.4 For

Secret Access: the Presidency

DVD 353.1 Sec

rica At War volumes 1

DVD 355 Ame

The Battle History of the United States Military

DVD 355.009 Bat

The War Memorials

DVD 355.1 War

Inside the Pentagon

DVD 355.6 Ins

Missing in MiG Alley

DVD 358.4 Mis

America’s Greatest Victories

DVD 355.42 Ame

Modern Warfare

Korean War; Vietnam War

DVD 355.8 Mod

6 Day War; Yom Kippur War

DVD 355.8 Mod


DVD 355.8 Mod

Falklands: Lebanon

DVD 355.8 Mod

Persian Gulf War

DVD 355.8 Mod

Terrorism and Spec
ial Forces

DVD 355.8 Mod


DVD 355.8 Rob

Spy in the Sky

DVD 358.4 Spy

The B
2 Stealth Bomber

DVD 358.42 B

US Navy Carriers: Weapons of War


USS Wisconsin: the Last Battleship

DVD 359.3252 Wis

Lost Subs:
Disaster at Sea

DVD 359.93 Los

Rx for Survival

DVD 362.1 Rx


DVD 362.1 Sic



Organ Donation

DVD 362.1783 Org

Marijuana: A Chronic History

DVD 362.29 Mar

Best Boy

DVD 362.3 Bes

Through Deaf Eyes

DVD 362.4 Thr

psey (A film by Barbara Brancaccio & Josh Zeman)

DVD 362.829 Cro


Dead in 5 Seconds

DVD 363.12 Tur

Flying Cheap: Is Air Travel Safety Being Compromised?

DVD 363.124 Fly

Cold Case Files

DVD 363.25 Col

The Real “CSI”

DVD 363.25 Rea

Real Untouchables

DVD 363.25 Rea

Inside the U.S. Secret Service

DVD 363.28 Ins

Bowling for Columbine

DVD 363.33 Moo

Biblical Disasters (History channel)

DVD 363.34 Bib

Hurricane Katrina: The Storm that Drowned a City

DVD 363.3492 Hur

ivors of the Firestorm

DVD 363.37 Sur

Earth Days

DVD 363.7 Ear

Environmental Problems and Solutions

DVD 363.7 Env

A Global Warning?

DVD 363.7 Glo

Alter Eco (Planet Green)

DVD 363.7 Gre

Dive!: Living off America’s Waste

DVD 36
3.72 Div

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

DVD 363.738 Rac

Global Warming: What’s up with the Weather?

DVD 363.7387 Glo

An Inconvenient Truth

DVD 363.73874 Inc

Mob Hitmen

DVD 364.1 Mob

Origins of the Mafia

DVD 364.106 Ori

The Brandon Te
ena Story

DVD 364.152 Bra

Paradise Lost: Child murders at Robin Hood Hills

DVD 364.152 PL1

Paradise Lost 2: Revelations

DVD 364.152 PL2

Breaking Vegas

DVD 364.172 Bre

Freemasonry Revealed

DVD 366.1 Fre

Stop Bullying Now!

DVD 371.
58 Sto

Misunderstood Minds: Searching for Success in School

DVD 371.9 Mis

Waiting for Superman (Director of An Inconvenient Truth)

DVD 379.1 Wai

Germantown Board of Education Minutes

DVD 379.1531 Ger

Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

DVD 381.149 Wa

Dream Trains, Short Hops & Whistle Stops

DVD 385 Dre

White Pass & Yukon Route

DVD 385.0978 Whi

High Country Rails: Colorado, home of America’s most

DVD 385.09788 Hig

Spectacular Historic Mountain Railways

Promontory: Utah’s Greatest Moment in Rai
lroad History

DVD 385.3 Pro

The Years of Steam: The History of American Railroads

DVD 385.36 Yea

The Unsinkable Delta Queen

DVD 386.22 Uns

Haunted Lighthouses of the Great Lakes

DVD 387.155 Hau

Lighthouses of Lake Michigan

DVD 387.155 Lig

ouses of the Great Lakes

DVD 387.155 Lig

United States Lighthouses

DVD 387.155 USL



America Betrayed (Ruin of America’s Infrastructure)

DVD 388 Car

The Mark of Cain

DVD 391.65 Mar

The Undertaking

DVD 393 Und

The History of St. Patrick’
s Day

DVD 394 His

Great Festivals

DVD 394.26 Gre

The Haunted History of Halloween

DVD 394.26 Hau

Touring Great Festivals of Europe

DVD 394.2694 Tou

I Do: Do
Yourself Wedding Planning

DVD 395.2 IDo

Martha’s Complete Weddings

DVD 39
5.2 Mar

Wedding Planning for Dummies

DVD 395.2 Wed

Vampire Secrets

DVD 398.45 Vam

Zombies: A Living History

DVD 398.45 Zom

Basic Sign Language

DVD 419 Bas


Two’s Company (Teaching Systems)

DVD 428.1 VOC

Learn English as a Seco
nd Language

Pronouns, Adjectives, Present Tense

DVD 428.2 ESL

Prepositions, Questions, Time

DVD 428,2 ESL

Regular & Irregular, Past, Adverbs

DVD 428.2 ESL

Possessives, Verb + Infinitive, Past

DVD 428.4 ESL

Everyday German

DVD 438


Everyday French

DVD 448 Fre

Everyday Italian

DVD 458 Ita

Learn Italian with Victor (Level 1)

DVD 458 Lea

Learn Spanish with Victor (Levels 1 & 2)

Everyday Spanish

DVD 468 Spa

Spanish for Everyone

DVD 468 Spa

Nova Scienc
e Now 2009 Episodes 1

DVD 500 Nova1

God, the Universe and Everything Else

DVD 500.3 God

EZ Math Trix

DVD 510 EzM

Algebra DVD Pack (Standard Deviants)

DVD 513 Alg

Fundamental Mathematics

(Teaching Systems)

DVD 513 Fun

Understanding Com

DVD 515 Pag

Stargazing (
PBS 5 disc explorer collection)

DVD 523 Sta

Ultimate Space Collection

DVD 523 Ult

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking

DVD 523.1 Haw

The Universe

DVD 523.1 Uni

Solar Max

DVD 523.7 SoL

Sunrise E
arth (Discovery channel)

DVD 523.7 Sun

Lost at Sea: the Search for Longitude

DVD 526.6209 Sob

Disneynature: Earth

DVD 550 Dis

Earth Collection: Discovery Channel

DVD 550 Ear

Planet Earth (5 discs)

DVD 550 Pla

Angry Planet (5 discs + boo

DVD 551 Ang

Fire Mountain: The Eruption & Rebirth of Mount St. Helens

DVD 551.21 Fir



Mount St Helens: Back from the Dead

DVD 551.21 Mou

Supervolcano (Discovery Channel)

DVD 551.21 Sup

Warnings From the Ice

DVD 551.34 War

Blue Planet: S
eas of Life (Discovery channel)

DVD 551.46 Blu

Disneynature: Oceans

DVD 551.46 Dis

Under the Sea (IMAX)

DVD 551.46 Und

Water Life: the most valuable resource on our blue planet

DVD 551.46 Wat

Journey to 10,000 BC

DVD 560 Jou


Predators (National Geographic)

DVD 560 Pre

Dinosaurs Unearthed (National Geographic)

DVD 567.9 Din

Essential Dinosaur Pack (Discovery Channel)

DVD 567.9 Ess

Dinosaur Planet (Discovery channel)

DVD 567.91 Din

The four
winged Dinosaur

DVD 567
.91 Fou

Chased by Sea Monsters

DVD 567.937 Cha

Moment of Impact

DVD 571.1 Mom

Nature: Incredible Life (6 dvds)

DVD 571.1 Nat

DNA: Secret of Photo 51

DVD 572.8 DNA

Where Did We Come From? (Nova)

DVD 576.83 Tsy

Life After People

DVD 576.84 Lif

Mysterious Life of Caves

DVD 577.5 Mys

Shark Mountain

DVD 577.52 Sha

America’s Underwater Treasures parts 1&2

DVD 577.7 Ame

Michel Cousteau
Ocean Adventures)

Life (
narrated by Oprah Winfrey)

DVD 578.4 Lif

Visions of t
he Sea (Photography by Al Giddings)

DVD 578.77 Vis

San Diego Zoo

DVD 590.744 San

Nature: Extraordinary Animal Behavior

DVD 591 Ext

Amazing Journeys

DVD 591.568 Ama

Jane Goodall’s When Animals Talk

DVD 591.59 Jan

The Elephant in the Livin
g Room

DVD 591
.6 Ele

Ocean’s Deadliest (Animal Planet)

DVD 591.6 Oce

Last Chance to See: Animals on the verge of extinction

DVD 591.68 Las


DVD 595.7 Ant

Bees: Tales From the Hive

DVD 595.7 Bee

The Unknown World

DVD 595.7 Unk

Silence of the Bees

DVD 595.79 Sil

Icy Killers: Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon Sharks

DVD 597.3 Icy

Birds (Nature)

DVD 598 Bir

Birds, Birds, Birds

DVD 598 Bir

Extraordinary Birds (Nature)

DVD 598 Ext

Winged Migration

DVD 598 Win

arch of the Penguins

DVD 598.47 Mar

Penguins: The Birds that wanted to be Fish

DVD 598.47 Pen

Pale Male: He won the heart of New York

DVD 598.944 Pal

Nature: Yellowstone

DVD 599 Nat

Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale

DVD 599 Wol



The Cove

DVD 599.53 Cov

Tall Blondes: The Wondrous world of Giraffes

DVD 599.638 Tal

The Wild Horse Redemption

DVD 599.665 Wil

Elsa’s Legacy: The Born Free Story

DVD 599.757 Els

The White Lions (PBS)

DVD 599.757 Whi

Living With Wolves

99.773 Liv

Bears (Nature)

DVD 599.78 Bea

Bears of the Last Frontier (PBS)

DVD 599.78 Bea

Fortress of the Bears

DVD 599.78 For

Glacier Park’s Night of the Grizzlies (PBS)

DVD 599.784 Gla

Pandas (Nature)

DVD 599.789 Pan

Kusasi & Snowfl

DVD 599.8 Kus

Chimpanzees (Nature)

DVD 599.885 Chi

The Human Spark (with Alan Alda)

DVD 599.93 Hum

The Family That Walks on All Fours

DVD 599.94 Fam

Tech (The History Channel)

DVD 600 Dig

Modern Marvels: Technology (Candy /

DVD 600 Mod

Modern Marvels: Technology (The Manhatten Project/

DVD 600 Mod

More Engineering Disasters)

Modern Marvels: Technology (Monster Trucks/ James

DVD 600 Mod

Bond Gadgets)

Modern Marvels :Technology (The World’s Longest

DVD 600


Bridge / Walt Disney World)

Accidental Inventions

DVD 609 Acc

James Bond Gadgets (The History Channel)

DVD 609 Jam

Mothers of Invention (The History Channel)

DVD 609 Mot

Incredible Human Machine (National Geographic)

DVD 611 Inc

e Health Naturally

DVD 612.3 Dig

Where Did I Come From

DVD 612.6 Whe

The Brain Fitness Program (PBS)

DVD 612.82 Bra

Brain Fitness:
Volume 1 (
Discs 1, 2, 3, & 4

DVD 612.82 Bra

Brain Food for Health, Memory and Mood

DVD 612.82 Bra

The New
Science of Learning: Brain Fitness for Kids

DVD612.82 New

Vision (Mystery of the Senses)

DVD 612.84 Mys

Hearing (Mystery of the Senses)

DVD 612.85 Mys

Smell (Mystery of the Senses)

DVD 612.86 Mys

Taste (Mystery of the Senses)

DVD 612.87 My

Touch (Mystery of the Senses)

DVD 612.88 Mys

How To Live Forever (*Results May Vary)

DVD 613 How

Slow the Aging Process

DVD 613 Slo


Inside the Atom (Teaching Systems)

DVD 613.2 Che

Childhood Obesity: Reversing the Trend

DVD 613
.2 Chi

Controlling Blood Sugar for Health, Weight Loss,

DVD 613.2 Con

And Balance

Food and Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy, Active Kids

DVD 613.2 Foo



Achieving Weight Loss

DVD 613.25 Ach

Weight Loss (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 613.25

I am Not a Target

DVD 613.6 Tar

Ground Tactics (Escape to Get Safe v.3)

DVD 613.66 Esc

Rapid Preservation Tactics (Escape to Get Safe v.2)

DVD 613.66 Esc

Victim to Victor (Escape to Get Safe v.1)

DVD 613.66 Esc

Live to Tell About It: self
efense techniques

DVD 613.66 Gyr

Man vs. Wild
: Stranded Around the World

(with Bear Grylls

DVD 613.69 Man

Survival Beyond the 10 Essentials

DVD 613.69 Sur

10 Minute Solution

Blast off Belly Fat

DVD 613.7 10B

10 Minute Solution

Fat Blasting Lat
in Dance Mix

DVD 613.7 10L

10 Minute Solution

Fitness Ball Workouts

DVD 613.7 10F

10 Minute Solution

Hot Body Boot Camp

DVD 613.7 10H

10 Minute Solution


DVD 613.7 10P

The All Dumbell Workout

DVD 613.7 All

Denise Austin: Get F
it Daily Dozen

DVD 613.7 AusGe

Denise Austin: Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates

DVD 613.7 AusSh

The Biggest Loser : The Workout

Power Walk

DVD 613.7 Big

Box and Burn: Cardio Kickboxing Just for Women

DVD 613.7 Box

BYOU: The Hot New Dance Workout

D 613.7 Byo

Cardio Force (Anni’s Force Fitness)

DVD 613.7 Car

Core Force (Anni’s Force Fitness)

DVD 613.7 Cor

Dancing with the Stars: Ballroom Buns & Abs

DVD 613.7 Dan

Dancing with the Stars: Dance off the Pounds

DVD 613.7 Dan

Extreme Makeover We
ight Loss Edition: The Workout

DVD 613.7 Ext

Flexibility for Performance (Todd Durkin)

DVD 613.7 Fle

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Fit & Strong

DVD 613.7 FonPT Fit

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Trim Tone & Flex

DVD 613.7 FonPT Trim

Jane Fonda Prime Time: Firm &


DVD 613.7 FonPT Firm

Gliding: For the Active Older Adult with Carey Fraley

DVD 613.7 Gli

Power Half Hour Ab Burner

DVD 613.7 Hor

Jump Force (Anni’s Force Fitness)

DVD 613.7 Jum

Life Force (Anni’s Force Fitness)

DVD 613.7 Lif

Jillian M
ichaels: 6 Week Six
Pack: Flat Abs Fast!

DVD 613.7 Mic

Jillian Michaels: 30 day Shred

DVD 613.7 Mic

Jillian Michaels: Killer Buns & Thighs

DVD 613.7 Mic

Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones

DVD 613.7 Mic

Mom & Tot Workout

DVD 613.7 Mom

Nutrition and Exercise

DVD 613.7 Nut

Personal Training with Jackie: Extreme Timesaver Training

DVD 613.7 Per

Shred it With Weights

DVD 613.7 Shr

Kathy Smith Cardio Knockout

DVD 613.7 Smi

Kathy Smith Great Buns & Thighs Step Workout

DVD 613.7


Kathy Smith Step Workout

DVD 613.7 Smi

The Complete Bottoms Up Gold Plus!

DVD 613.7 Ved

Just Abs! The 6 day Stomach First Switching Routine

DVD 613.7 Ved



Workout: One
one Training with Jackie

DVD 613.7 Wor

Workout! Welcome to the Ultimat
e SweatFest

DVD 613.7 Wor

Chubby Hubby Workout

DVD 613.704 Chu

Beginners II Yoga (Gaiam)

DVD 613.7046 Beg

Power Yoga Strength (Gaiam)

DVD 613.7046 Pow

Shiva Rea: Daily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

DVD 613.7046 Shi

Sitting Fit Anytime (Yoga)

DVD 613.7046 Sit

Strength Building Yoga (Gaiam)

DVD 613.7046 Str

Breath of Life Yoga (Susan Tuttle’s in home fitness series)

DVD 613.7046 Tut

Yoga & Pilates (Louise Solomon’s)

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

DVD 613.7046 Y

Yoga for Arthritis

DVD 613.7096 Yog

Yoga for morning, noon & night with Jason Crandell

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga for tennis elbow and bad knees

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga for the Rest of Us: Easy Yoga for Arthritis

DVD 613.7046 Yog

oga for the Rest
of Us & More (with Peggy Cappy)

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga for Well
being with Jason Crandell

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga Link: Core Integration

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga Link: Hip Helpers

DVD 613.7046 Yog

Yoga Link: Shoulder Shape

DVD 613.7046 Yog

ga Meltdown (Jillian Michaels)

DVD 613.7046 Yog

5 Day Fit Trouble Zone Solutions (Firm Glutes, Tone Thighs

DVD 613.71 5 Day

& Slim Hips)

The Art of Belly Dance: Arabian Sands

DVD 613.71 Art

The Art of Belly Dance: Desert Dreams

DVD 613.71 A

On the Ball: Abs Workout

DVD 613.71 Bal

On the Ball: Pilates Workout

DVD 613.71 Bal

On the Ball: Yoga Workout

DVD 613.71 Bal

Belly Dancing with Jacqueline Chapman

DVD 613.71 Bel

Scott Cole: Best Abs on Earth

DVD 613.71 Col

ott Cole: Chair Strength & Stretch

DVD 613.71 Col

Core Conditioning for Professionals (Todd Durkin)

DVD 613.71 Cor

Crunch: Fat Burning Ab Attack

DVD 613.71 Cru

Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party

DVD 613.71 Cru

Mente Y Cuerpo : Superior Corporal

DVD 613.71 Men

The Method Core Ball Workout

DVD 613.71 Met

Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates

DVD 613.71 Pic

Results Fitness: 10 Days to a Better Body

DVD 613.71 Res

Shape up with Sharon

DVD 613.71 Man

Stretching for Serenity
: in your hom
e (Jennifer Howard)

DVD 613.71 Str

Total Stretch for Beginners with Tamilee

DVD 613.71 Tot

Chair Pilates (Susan Tuttle’s in home fitness series)

DVD 613.71 Tut

Standing Pilates (Susan Tuttle’s in home fitness series)

DVD 613.71 Tut

Joyce Vedral:
Just Thighs & Just Arms

DVD 613.71 Ved

Zumba Fitness: Complete Total Body Transformation

DVD 613.71 Zum

Speed, Agility & Quickness for Professionals (Todd Durkin)

DVD 613.711 Spe



Kathy Smith

Body Boomers Workout

DVD 613.712 Smi

Kathy Smith Lift Wei
ghts to Lose Weight 2

DVD 613.712 Smi

5 Day Fit Chi

DVD 613.7148 5Da

Discover Tai Chi for Back Care

DVD 613.7148 Col

Discover Tai Chi for Balance & Mobility

DVD 613.7148 Col

Scott Cole: Breath & Chi Kung

DVD 613.7148 Col

Step T
ai Chi (with Tiffany Chen)

DVD 613.7148 Ste

Absolute Beginners: Step & Dance Aerobics

DVD 613.715

African Dance Workout

DVD 613.715 Afr

Dance Off the Inches: Dance it off & firm up!

DVD 613.75 Dan

Dance Off the Inches: Fat Burning Jam

D 613.75 Dan

Kathy Smith Latin Rhythm Workout

DVD 613.715 Smi

Power Walk for Weight Loss

DVD 613.7176 Pow

Walk at Home: 5 Day Slim Down

DVD 613.7176 Wal

Relaxation Massage

DVD 613.72 Rel

Food Matters: Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

DVD 615.
535 Foo

Essential Massage & Aromatherapy

DVD 615.822 Ess

Massage practice for Infants

DVD 615.822 Mas

Basic First Aid

DVD 616.0252 Bas

Blunt Force Trauma First Aid

DVD 616.0252 Blu

Gunshot Wound First Aid

DVD 616.0252 Gun

Knife Wound
First Aid

DVD 616.0252 Kni

Cracking Your Genetic Code (gene
based medicine)

DVD 616.042 Cra

The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America

DVD 616.1 Hid

Complete CPR

DVD 616.1025 Com

Heart Health (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 616.12


High Blood Pressure (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 616.132 May

Forks Over Knives

DVD 616.3 For

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Mayo Clinic Wellness

DVD 616.342 May

Solutions for)

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

DVD 616.398 Cro

Killer at La
rge: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat

DVD 616.398 Kil

Super Size Me: A film of epic portions

DVD 616.398 Sup

Diabetes (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 616.4 May

Taking control of Diabetes

DVD 616.4 Tak

The Links to Chronic Kidney

DVD 616.614 Lin

The Patients’ Guide to Active Surveillance for Prostate CancerDVD 616.65 Pat

Healthy Bones & Joints Naturally

DVD 616.7 Hea

Arthritis (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 616.7 May

Loosen Up! With Stretches and Body Mec

DVD 616.722 Loo

Fibromyalgia (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 616.74 May

Insomnia (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 616.8 May

Men Get Depression

DVD 616.8 Men

The Alzheimer’s Project

DVD 616.831 Alz

The Forgetting: a Por
trait of Alzheimer’s

DVD 616.831 For

Autism: the Musical

DVD 616.85 Aut



The Autism Enigma: Are bacteria to blame?

DVD 616.85 Aut

The Fight Against Pain

DVD 616.0472 Fig

Autism is a World

DVD 616.8982 Aut

The Beautiful Truth: the world
’s simplest cure for cancer

DVD 616.994 Bea

Healing Cancer : From the Inside Out

DVD 616.994 Hea

Back Pain (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 617.564 May

If you have…Hip Surgery

DVD 617.581 If

If you have…Knee Surgery

DVD 617.582 If

ck Px

Knee Hab (Improve knee health & prevent injury)

DVD 617.582 Qui

Menopause (Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for)

DVD 618.175 May

Due Dads: The Man’s Survival Guide to Pregnancy

DVD 618.2 Due

Journey into Live

DVD 618.2 Jou

Kathy Smith Pregnan
cy Workout

DVD 618.2 Smi

Denise Austin: Fit & Firm Pregnancy

DVD 618.24 AusFi

Bringing the Baby Home (Baby’s First Year) vol.1

DVD 618.24 Bab

Pregnancy and Preparing

Baby (Baby’s First Year)

DVD 618.24 Bab

natal Fitness (Fitmom)

VD 618.244 Pre

Due Dads: The Man’s Guide to Labor and Delivery

DVD 618.4 Due

Postnatal Workout (Fitmom)

DVD 618.6 Pos

Generation Rx: Reading, Writing, and Ritalin

DVD 618.92 Inv

Engineering Disasters (Modern Marvels)


DVD 620 Eng


DVD 620 Wes

Radio Bikini

DVD 623.4 Rad

Secrets of the Samurai Sword

DVD 623.4 Sec

Handgun Basics for Self
Defense & Target Shooting

DVD 623.44 Han

Massive Bridges

DVD 624.2 Mas

Extreme Trains: Season One

DVD 625.1 Ext S1

ing an O Gauge Layout

DVD 625.19 Bui

Building Your First Model Railroad

DVD 625.19 Bui

Model Railways

DVD 625.19 Mod

Silent Wings: the American Glider Pilots of WWII

DVD 629.133 Sil

World’s Biggest Airbus: The Airbus A380

DVD 629.133 Wor

rld’s Biggest Airbus: Getting Off the Ground

DVD 629.133 Wor

World’s Biggest Airbus: The Airbus A380 the Race to Build

DVD 629.133 Wor

Who Killed the Electric Car?

DVD 629.22 Who

Car of the Future

DVD 629.222 Car

The Ferrari Experience


629.222 Fer

BMW (Great Cars)

DVD 629.222 Gre

Corvette (Great Cars)

DVD 629.222 Gre

Ferrari/Alfa Romeo (Great Cars)

DVD 629.222 Gre

Benz (Great Cars)

DVD 629.222 Gre

Mustang Cobra GT
40 (Great Cars)

DVD 629.222 Gre

Porsche (G
reat Cars)

DVD 629.222 Gre

Insider’s Guide to New Car Buying

DVD 629.222 Ins

The L.A. Roadster

DVD 629.222 L.A.

Roadsters, Rumbleseats & Country Drives

DVD 629.222 Roa



The Route 66 Rally

DVD 629.222 Rou

Woodies, Woodies, Woodies

VD 629.222 Woo

The Best of Southern California Hot Rods

DVD 629.228 Bes

George Barris: Cruisin’ Back to the 50’s

DVD 629.228 Geo

Fill’er Up: The Glory Days of Wisconsin Gas Stations

DVD 629.28 Fil

Cool Space Stuff: Delivering Destiny

DVD 629.4 Coo

In the Shadow of the Moon

DVD 629.4 In

NASA: The Complete Story (40

Anniversary Collection)

DVD 629.4 Nas

NASA: 50 Years of Space Exploration

DVD 629.4 Nas

The Ultimate Space Experience

DVD 629.4 Ult

From the Earth to the Moon

DVD 629.45


Is There Life On Mars?

DVD 629.45 Is


DVD 629.454 Moo

The Grange Fair: An American Tradition

DVD 630.7473 Gra

American Barn Stories

DVD 631.2 Ame

King Corn: You Are What You Eat

DVD 633.1 Kin

Corn (Modern Marvels)

DVD 633.15 Cor

Garden Maintenance (Green Thumb Guide)

DVD 635 Gar

Gardening with Jerry Baker: Garden Magic

DVD 635 Gar

Gardening with Jerry Baker: Year ‘Round Flower Care

DVD 635 Gar

Gardening with Jerry Baker: Year ‘Round Tree, Shrub &

DVD 635 Gar

Evergreen Care

Jerry Baker’s Garden of Herbal Delights

DVD 635 Gar

Secrets of the Rose Gardener

DVD 635.9 Sec

Annuals & Perennials (Green Thumb Guide)

DVD 635.931 Ann

Horses (Nature)

DVD 636.1 Hor

Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship: Insights

DVD 636.1 Rea

Holistic Horsemanship

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

DVD 636.6 Wil

Cesar Millan: People Training for Dogs(MasteringLeadership)DVD 636.7 Ces Vol. 1

Dogs (Nature)

DVD 636.7 Dog

Dogs for Dummies

DVD 636.7 Dog

Dog Whispe
rer (Season 4: Volume 1)

DVD 636.7 Dog

Dog Whisperer: Cesar’s
Canine Makeovers

DVD 636.7 Dog

Dog Whisperer: Cesar’s Toughest Cases

DVD 636.7 Dog

Dog Whisperer: Power of the Pack

DVD 636.7 Dog

Dog Whisperer: Stories of Hope and Inspiration

36.7 Dog

Puppy Bowl III (Animal Planet)

DVD 636.7 Pup

Through a Dog’s Eyes (Service dogs and lives changed)

DVD 636.7 Thr

The Dog Whisperer: Beginning and Intermediate Dog

DVD 636.70887 Dog


The Dog Whisperer: Solving Common Behavior Problem

DVD 636.70887 Dog

Cats 101 (Animal Planet)

DVD 636.8 Cat

Cats: Choosing, Caring & Training

DVD 636.8 Cat

The Whole Truth About Milk

DVD 637.1 Who

Eggs 101

DVD 637.5 Egg



Deadliest Catch (The Pilot Episode)

DVD 639.2 Dea

The Truth Abo
ut Organic Food

DVD 641.3 Tru


(Modern Marvels)

DVD 641.3373 Cof

The Art of Preparing Smoked Fish

DVD 641.46 Art

Best Food Ever: A Top 10 Countdown to Deliciousness

DVD 641.5 Bes

Julia Child! The French Chef

DVD 641.5 Jul

Raw Food
Made Easy

DVD 641.5 Raw

Good Eats with Alton Brown (Holiday Treats)

DVD 641.568 Bro

Lidia Celebrates America: Holiday Tables & Traditions

DVD 641.568 Lid

The Forager’s Harvest

DVD 641.6 For

Grilling Classics (Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay)

DVD 641.76 Boy

Video Bread Basics: My First Loaf

DVD 641.815 Vid

Video Pizza 2000: Be a Pizza Pro

DVD 641.824 Vid

PowerHouse (

disc collection on a variety of home topics)

DVD 643.7 PH #1

DVD 643.7 PH #2

DVD 643.7 PH #3

DVD 643.7 PH #4

DVD 643.7 PH #5

DVD 643.7 PH #6

DVD 643.7 PH #7

DVD 643.7 PH #8

DVD 643.7 PH #9

DVD 643.7 PH#10

DVD 643.7 PH#11

Picker Sisters (Seas. 1

Tracy Hutson & Tanya McQueen)

DVD 643.7


earn how to Recycle, Reuse & Reclaim

(Renovation Nation)DVD 643.7 Tho

Learn how to Save Water Save Money (Renovation Nation)

DVD 643.7 Tho

Haircutting at Home

DVD 646.724 Hai

Infested (Animal Planet)

DVD 648.7 Inf

Baby’s Home…What Now?

DVD 649.1 Bab

Generation iY: Parenting a Generation of Paradox

DVD 649.1 Elm

The World Around Us: The Brainy Baby

DVD 649.122 Wor

Your Child 6 to 12: Your Last Great Chance

DVD 649.124 You

Breastfeeding: You Can Do It!

DVD 649.33 Bre

Let’s Go P
otty: A Parenting Guide

DVD 649.4 Let

Potty Time (Two Little Hands)

DVD 649.62 Pot

Potty Training Success Guide (Kimberly

DVD 649.62 Pot

Potty Whispering

DVD 649.62 Pot

Caring For Your Parents

DVD 649.8084 Car

Get That Job

DVD 650.14 Get

Secrets of Young Millionaires

DVD 658.4 Sec

Art & Copy

DVD 659.1 Art

The Signs & Rhymes of Burma Shave

DVD 659.18 Sig

Wine for Dummies

DVD 663.2 Win

Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking

DVD 684.08 Fri

Router Jigs and Techni

DVD 684.08 Rou



Carving Techniques and Projects

DVD 684.082 Car

Hand Tools: Tuning and using Chisels, Planes and Saws

DVD 684.082 Han

Applied Finishes

DVD 684.084 Han

Wood Finishing

DVD 684.084 Woo

Biscuit Joinery: Build a Bookc

DVD 684.1 Bis

Making Rustic Furniture

DVD 684.1 Mak

Making Kitchen Cabinates

DVD 684.16 Mak

How It’s Made: Sports

DVD 688.76 How

Building Decks

DVD 690.1 Bui

Flooring (How to Guide)

DVD 690.16 Flo


DVD 690
.26 Dem

Tiling Floors

DVD 693.3 Flo

Tiling Countertops

DVD 693.3 Til

Tiling Walls

DVD 693.3 Til

Hand Planes in the Workshop

DVD 694 Han

Installing Doors and Windows

DVD 694.2 Ins

Basic Stairbuilding

DVD 694.6 Bas

g Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

DVD 694.6 Ins

Laying Hardwood Floors

DVD 694.6 Lay

Making Mortise and Tenon Joints

DVD 694.6 Mak

Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors

DVD 694.6 San

Landmarks of Western Art

The Late Medieval World

709 Lan1

The Renaissance

DVD 709 Lan2

The Baroque

DVD 709 Lan3

From Rococo to Revolution

DVD 709 Lan4


DVD 709 Lan5

Impressionism and Post

DVD 709 Lan6

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

DVD 709.01 Cav

Herb &

DVD 709.04 Her

The Art & Practice of Gardening: England, Ireland &

DVD 712 Art


Great Gardens of England: Gardeners Views

DVD 712 Gre

Modern Marvels: Architectural Wonders

The Empire State Building / Eiffel Tower

DVD 720 Mod

ptian pyramids / The Great Wall of China

DVD 720 Mod

Golden Gate Bridge / St. Louis Arch

DVD 720 Mod

Mount Rushmore / Hoover Dam

DVD 720 Mod

Building Gree

(3 discs)

DVD 720.47 Bui

The Greening of Southie (A & E)

DVD 720.47 Gre

House Beauti
ful: Natural Environments

DVD 720.47 Hou

A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside

DVD 725 Pro


The Presidential Memorials

DVD 725.94 Pre

Eiffel Tower

DVD 725.97 Eif

America’s Castles (2 volumes)

DVD 728.8 Ame



Between the Fo
lds (Art of paperfolding)

DVD 736.982 Bet

Popeye: 75

Anniversary Cartoon Collection

DVD 741.59 Pop

Activity TV: Family Crafts and Gifts

DVD 745.5 Act

Craft in America : Family: Is talent inherited?

DVD 745.5 Cra


DVD 745.592 You

Activity TV: Thanksgiving

DVD 745.5941 Act

Knit and Crochet Today!

DVD 746.43 Bar

The Art of Quilting

DVD 746.46 Art

Fireplaces, Fishtank & Lava

DVD 747.9 Fir

Simply Painting vol. 2: The South & Southwest

DVD 751.422


Bomb It: Street Art is Revolution

DVD 751.73 Bom

Exit Through the Gift Shop (
Banksy, Rhys Ifans

DVD 751.73 Exi

Acrylics: the Watercolor Alternative

DVD 751.426 Acr


Leonardo da Vinci (The Great Artists)disc 1

DVD 759 Gre



Raphael (The Great Artists)disc 2

DVD 759 Gre



El Greco (The Great Artists)disc 3

DVD 759 Gre



Rembrandt (The Great Artists)disc 4

DVD 759 Gre



Van Gogh (The Great Artists)disc 5

DVD 759 G

Unlocking DaVinci’s Code: Mystery or Conspiracy?

DVD 759.5 Unl

The True Meaning of Pictures

DVD 770.92 Tru

Digital Photography Made Easy

DVD 775 Dig

Digital Cameras Made Easy

DVD 775 Dig

Through the Lens (National Geographic)

DVD 779 Thr

Bing Crosby, The Legendary

DVD 781.6 Bin

Celine Dion, Live in Las Vegas: A New Day

DVD 781.6 Cel

You’re the One in Concert Paul Simon

DVD 781.6 Sim

Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music

DVD 781.6 Woo

Gypsy Caravan: When the Road Bends…

DVD 78
1.62 Gyp

Chuck Berry: Maybellene (Songs that changed the world)

DVD 781.63 Chu

Aretha Franklin: Respect (Songs that
hanged the

DVD 781.643 Are

The History of Rock ‘N’ Roll

DVD 781.66 His

T.A.M.I. Show (Teenage Awards Music International)

81.66 TAM

Home for the Holidays (Holiday scenes blended with music)

DVD 781.723 Hom

Opera Stories

DVD 782.1 Ope

Susan Boyle: The Making of a Dream

DVD 782.1092 Sus

On Eagle’s Wing: The Scots
Irish Journey by John Anderson

DVD 782.14 On

At the Driv

DVD 782.4 At The

Sentimental Sing
along: Christmas Hymns & Carols

DVD 782.42 Chr

Sentimental Sing
along: Cowboy & Campfire Songs

DVD 782.42 Cow

Sentimental Sing
along: Irish Songs

DVD 782.42 Iri

Sentimental Sing
along: Patriotic Songs

D 782.42 Pat

Sentimental Sing
along: Serenades & Sweetheart Songs

DVD 782.42 Ser

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs Across America

DVD 782.42 Acr

Baby Boost: 48 songs

DVD 782.42 Bab

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of Cherished Childhood

DVD 782.42 Che

mental Sing
along: Songs from the Heartland

DVD 782.42 Hea



Sentimental Sing
along: Songs from the Home Front

DVD 782.42 Hom

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of Love & Laughter

DVD 782.42 Lov

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of Patriotic Pride

DVD 782.42 Pat

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of Praise & Inspiration

DVD 782.42 Pra

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of Road, River & Rail

DVD 782.42 Roa

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of Romance & Ragtime

DVD 782.42 Rom

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of the Holiday Season

DVD 782.42 Hol

Sentimental Sing
along: Songs of the Spirit

DVD 782.42 Spi

Sentimental Sing
along: Whimsical Songs & Melodies

DVD 782.42 Whi

Sentimental Sing
Sweet & Simple Love Songs

DVD 782.42 S

Sentimental Sing
Songs from Far Away &
Long Ago

DVD 782.42 S

Sentimental Sing
along: Sentimental Favorites

DVD 782.42 Sen

The Beatles: I Want to Hold Your Hand (Songs that changed

DVD 782.421 Bea

The Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive (Songs that changed the world) DVD 782.421 Bee

Elvis Presley: Heart
break Hotel(Songs that changed world)

DVD 782.421 Elv

Madonna: Like a Virgin (Songs that changed the world)

DVD 782.421 Mad

Peter, Paul and Mary 25

Anniversary Concert

DVD 782.42164 Pet

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

DVD 782.42166 Thi

Biography: John
ny Cash’s America

DVD 784.092 Cas

War Dance

DVD 784.18 War

The Highwaymen: On the Road Again

DVD 784.52 Hig

The Singer’s Toolbox

DVD 784.9 Sin

You Can Teach Yourself Piano

DVD 786.2 You

You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling

DVD 787.2 Yo

Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

DVD 787.87 Aco

It Might Get Loud

DVD 787.87 It

Give Me The Banjo

DVD 787.88 Giv

How to Play the 5
String Banjo (Pete Seeger)

DVD 787.88 How

You Can Teach Yourself Banjo

DVD 787.88 You

Learn to Play the

DVD 787.89 Lea

You Can Teach Yourself Uke

DVD 787.89 You

You Can Teach Yourself Recorder

DVD 788.36 You

Rock & Blues Harp (Learn to Play)

DVD 788.8 Roc

Play the Blues & Country Harmonica Overnight

DVD 788.82 Pla



PBS (3


DVD 791.3 Cir

Man on Wire (Philippe Petit)

DVD 791.34 Man

Magic Beyond Words: The J. K. Rowling Story

DVD 791.4 Mag

Beatles Diary

DVD 791.42166 Bea

The Mel Brooks Collection (8 dvds)

DVD 791
4275 Mel

Becoming John Ford

791.43 For

Bob Hope at the Movies/Young Bob Hope

DVD 791.43 Bob

Becoming John Ford

DVD 791.43 For

Something’s Gonna Live
Conversations with 6 great artists

DVD 791.43 Som

The Spaghetti West

DVD 791.43 Spa

Elvis at the Movies

DVD 791.4302


Remembering Elvis: A Documentary

DVD 791.4302 Elv



Hollywood Musicals of the 1940’s

DVD 791.436 Hol


Annual Academy Awards Short Films

DVD 791.436 Sho

James Bond Gadgets

DVD 791.4365 Jam

Funniest Moments of the Century

DVD 791.44

Bob Hope on TV

DVD 791.45 Bob

The Comedy Hour (Bob Hope Collection

DVD 791.45

Classic Comedy (9 classic episodes)

DVD 791.45 Cla

Decoded (Brad Meltzer’s)

DVD 791.45 Dec Sea.1

Decoded (Brad Meltzer’s)

DVD 791.45 Dec Sea.2

Rogers: America’s Favorite Neighbor

DVD 791.45 Fre

Game Show Classics (Featuring 6 timeless shows)

DVD 791.45 Gam

The Honeymooners

DVD 791.45 Hon

Jack Paar: As I Was Saying…

DVD 791.45 Jac

Mythbusters (The 3 pilot episodes that started it all

DVD 791.45 Myt

Mythbusters Collection 6 (Discovery Channel)

DVD 791.45 Myt Col.6

Pioneers of Primetime

DVD 791.45 Pio

Pioneers of Television

DVD 791.45 Pio

When the West Was Fun

DVD 791.45 Whe

The Andy Griffith Show

DVD 791.457 A

The Andy Griffith Show

The Best of Barney (9 classics)

DVD 791.457 And

The Best of Bananas Comedy Bunch Volume 2

DVD 791.457 Bes V. 2

The Incomplete Deer Hunter (Jeff Foxworthy Presents)

DVD 791.457 Inc

The Incomplete Deer Hunter 3 (Jeff Foxworthy U
ltimate Predator)

DVD 791.457 Inc 3

The Jeff Foxworthy Show (Complete 1


DVD 791.457
Sea. 1

Tonight: 4 Decades of the Tonight Show (15 discs + booklet)

DVD 791.4572 Ton

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey

DVD 791.53 Bei

Unknown Chap

DVD 792.02 Unk

Bill Engvall’s New All Stars of Country Comedy V. 1 & 2

DVD 792.23 Bil V. 1 & 2

Make ‘Em Laugh: the funny business of America

DVD 792.23 Mak

Company:Amusicalcomedy(RaulEsparza&StephenSondheim)DVD 792.6 Com

Margaret Cho: Assasssin

DVD 792.7 Mar

Margaret Cho: Beautiful

DVD 792.7 Mar

Every Little Step (The journey of a “A Chorus Line”)

DVD 792.8 Eve

Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance

DVD 792.8 Jof

Fuego! ‘Spanish Passion”

DVD 793.3 Fue

How to Dance (Like a Rock St

DVD 793.3 How

Steppin’ Out Ballroom Dancing

DVD 793.3 SteB

Steppin’ Out Latin Dancing

DVD 793.3 SteL

Steppin’ Out Nightclub Dancing

DVD 793.3 SteN

Swing Dance with Teresa Mason

DVD 793.3 Swi

Ballroom Dance for Beginners

DVD 793
.33 Bal

Do You Want to Dance? Intermediate level

DVD 793.33 DoYou

David Copperfield: Illusion

DVD 793.8 ILL

Science of Magic

DVD 793.8 Sci

Easy Magic (Joel Ward’s)

DVD 793.8 Eas



Party Tricks Revealed!

DVD 793.8 Par

Anyone Can Juggle

DVD 793.87 Gir

Cardshark Secrets: How to catch a Cheat!

DVD 795.4 Car

Howard Lederer “Tells” All

DVD 795.4 Tel

Howard Lederer’s More Secrets of No
Limit Hold ‘Em

DVD 795.412 Mor

Howard Lederer’s Secrets of No
Limit Hold ‘Em

DVD 795.412 Sec

oward Lederer’s Secrets of Texas Limit Hold ‘Em

DVD 795.412 Tex

Blackjack w/Hit card, Slots, Craps, Winning Strategies

DVD 795.423 Bla

One Thousand Sports Bloopers & Antics

DVD 796 One

Over the Edge: Boards

DVD 796 Ove

Skills & Drills: Basketball


DVD 796.323 Bas

Skills & Drills: Basketball (beginning)

DVD 796.323 Bas

Div.1 Boys Basketball Final

DVD 796.323 2012 Div.1F

2012 Div.1 Boys Basketball Semifinal

DVD 796.323 2012 Div.1S

Steve Nash MVP Basketball: Fundament
als of Basketball

DVD 796.323 Nas

Steve Nash’s 20 Minute “Real Time” Basketball Workout

DVD 796.323 Nas

America’s game, the Super Bowl Champions I

DVD 796.332 Ame I

America’s game, the Super Bowl Champions II

DVD 796.332 Ame II

America’s game, the Supe
r Bowl Champions XXXI

DVD 796.332 Ame XXXI

Super Bowl XLV Champions : Green Bay Packers

DVD 796.332 Sup

Youth Football: Offenses & Defenses

DVD 796.332077 You

W: The History of Wisconsin Football

DVD 796.33263 W

The Novice Coach (Soccer) vol. 1 and

vol. 2

DVD 796.334 Nov

Positive Parenting for Youth Soccer

DVD 796.334 Pos

U.S. Youth Soccer: Skills School

DVD 796.334 Soc

Improve Your Tennis in 38 Minutes

DVD 796.342 Imp

Golf for Dummies

DVD 796.352 Gol

Golf’s Grand Design: The Histo
ry of American Golf Course

DVD 796.352 Gol


Interlink Golf Systems

DVD 796.352 IGS

The 59
minute Baseball Practice

DVD 796.357 Fif

Learn from the Pros

Baseball Fundamentals

DVD 796.357 Fun

Defensive Drills

DVD 79
.357 De

Hitting Mechanics

DVD 796.357 Hit

Offensive Drills

DVD 796.357 Off

MLB Bloopers Doubleheader

DVD 796.357 MLB

The First Olympics

DVD 796.48 Fir

Everest: 50 Years on the Mountain


796.52 Eve

Everest: Beyond the Limit

DVD 796.
522 Eve (A,B,C)


DVD 796.54 Sum

Dare to Dream: The Alan Kulwicki Story

DVD 796.72 Dar

Full Throttle Adrenaline vol 1 & 2

DVD 796.72 Ful

Long Way Down

DVD 796.75

Long Way Round

DVD 796.75

Race to Dakar




The 50 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History

DVD 796.812 50

Before They Were Stars

DVD 796.812 Bef

Edge: A Decade of Decadence

DVD 796.812 Edg

WWE: The Story of Edge: You Think You Know Me

DVD 796.812 Edg

The Greatest Cage Matches of

all Times

DVD 796.812 Gre

Greatest Superstars of the 21


DVD 796.812 Gre

The John Cena Experience (World Wrestling Entertainment)

DVD 79
.812 Joh

The Ladder Match 2

Crash and Burn

DVD 796.812 Lad

OMG! The top 50 Incidents in WWE Histor
y (3 dvds)

DVD 796.812 OMG

Over the Limit 2011

DVD 796.812 Ove

Randy Orton: Evolutin of a Predator

DVD 796.812 Ran

WWE Rey Mysterio

DVD 796.812 Rey

The True
tory of Wrestlemania

DVD 796.812 Tru

The Very Best of Monday Nitro

DVD 796
.812 Ver

WWE Raw & Smackdown: The best of 2011

DVD 796.812 WWE

Wrestlemania XXVI

DVD 796.812 WRE26

Wrestlemania XXVII

6.812 WRE27

World Wrestling Entertainment Royal Rumble 2010

DVD 796.8123 WWE

Jim Braddock: Boxing’s Real Cinderella S

DVD 796.83 Jim

Fencing: Basic Beginner Training

DVD 796.86 Fen

Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier: 1 The New Way To Ski

DVD 796.93 Har

Total Immersion Swimming: Perpetual Motion Freestyle in

Ten Lessons

by Terry Laughlin

DVD 797.21 Lau

Blue Angel
s: A Year in the Life

DVD 797.54 Blu

Get started: Horseback Riding

DVD 798.2 Bor


DVD 798.2 Hor

Primal Dreams

DVD 799.215 Pri

In Pursuit of the King

DVD 799.2765 In

King of the North

DVD 799.2765 Kin

Majestic Whit

DVD 799.2765 Maj

Learn Writing Basics

DVD 808.02 Lea

Learn Public Speaking

DVD 808.51 Lea

Death of a Salesman

DVD 812.54 Dea

The Eccentricities of a Nightingale

DVD 812.54 Ecc

For Colored Girls

DVD 812.54 For

Hogan’s G

DVD 812.54 Hog

The Last of Mrs. Lincoln

DVD 812.54 Las

Uncommon Women and Others

DVD 812.54 Unc

How to Tell a Joke

DVD 817 How

Jeff Dunham: A Very Special Christmas Special

DVD 817 Jef

Cody! An Evening with Buffalo Bill

DVD 818
.4 Cod

The Augustan Poets

DVD 821 Aug

The Romantic Poets

DVD 821 Rom

The Victorian Poets

DVD 821 Vic

King Lear

DVD 822.33 Kin




DVD 822.33 Mac

Playing Shakespeare (4 discs)

DVD 822.33 Pla

The Comedies of William Shak

As You Like It

DVD 822.33 Sha

The Merchant of Venice

DVD 822.33 Sha

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

DVD 822.33 Sha

The Taming of the Shrew

DVD 822.33 Sha

The Tempest

DVD 822.33 Sha

The Histories of William Shakespeare

Henry IV p
art I

DVD 822.33 Sha

Henry IV part II

DVD 822.33 Sha

Henry V

DVD 822.33 Sha

Richard II

DVD 822.33 Sha

Richard III

DVD 822.33 Sha


4 Romeo and Juliet (Teaching Systems)

DVD 822.33 Sha

The Tragedies of William Sha

Anthony and Cleopatra

DVD 822.33 Sha


DVD 822.33 Sha


DVD 822.33 Sha

Julius Caesar

DVD 822.33 Sha

King Lear

DVD 822.33 Sha


DVD 822.33 Sha


DVD 822.33 Sha

Romeo & Juliet

DVD 822.33 Sha

Timon of Athens

DVD 822.33 Sha

Titus Andronicus

DVD 822.33 Sha

William Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies

DVD 822.33 Sha

The Great Courses: Literature & EnglishLanguage

6 DVDs

Why Shakespeare?

DVD 822.33


Inside Tolkien’s ‘Fellowship of the Ring’

DVD 823.912 Tol

Inside Tolkien’s ‘Hobbit’

DVD 823.912 Tol

Inside Tolkien’s ‘The Return of the King’

DVD 823.912 Tol

Inside Tolkien’s ‘The Two Towers’

DVD 823.912 Tol

The War of the Worlds: The Re
al Story

DVD 823.912 War

J. R. R. Tolkien

DVD 828 Tol

Expo: Magic of the White City

DVD 907.4 Exp

Muse of Fire

DVD 908 Mus

The Cultural History of the Western World

DVD 909 Cul

Conquest of America

DVD 910 Con

Reader’s Digest Cla
ssic Collection

Ancient Splendors (Journeys of a Lifetime)

DVD 910.2 Anc

Australia the Beautiful

DVD 910.2 Aus

Imperial Splendors (Journeys of a Lifetime)

DVD 910.2 Imp

Journey of a Lifetime

DVD 910.2 Jou

Mysteries of the Ancient World


910.2 Mys



Scenic Cruises of the World

DVD 910.2 Sce

Ultimate Cruise Collection


DVD 910.202 Ala

Eastern Caribbean

DVD 910.202 Ecar

Western Caribbean

DVD 910.292 Wcar

Hawaii & Tahiti

DVD 910.202 Haw


DVD 910.
202 Mex

Northern Europe

DVD 910.202 NEur

Around the World in 72 Days

DVD 910.4 Aro

Real Pirates of the Caribbean

DVD 910.45 Rea

Return of the Pirates (History Channel)

DVD 910.45 Ret

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

DVD 910.452 Wre

vil War Gold

DVD 910.9 Civ

Green Paradise: The most beautiful natural places on Earth

DVD 910.9033 Gre

Titanic at 100:Mystery Solved(The Truth Will Finally Surface)DVD 910.91634 Tit

Titanic: Born in Belfast

DVD 910.91634 Tit

Titanic: The Definit
ive Documentary Collection

DVD 910.91634 Tit

Titanic’s Achilles’ Heel (History Channel)

DVD 910.91634 Tit

American Adventures (History Channel Classics

5 dvds)

DVD 910.922 Ame

Rick Steve’s Europe: 10 new shows 2011

DVD 914.04559 Ric

Rick Steve
’s Europe: Great Britain

DVD 914.1 Ric

Touring England / Touring Scotland

DVD 914.11 Tou

Discovering Ireland

DVD 914.15 Dis

Rick Steve’s Europe: Ireland

DVD 914.15 Ric

Discovering England

DVD 914.2 Dis

England (Globe Trekker)

914.2 Eng

Wondrous Kingdom: The British Isles

DVD 914.2 Won

Travel With Kids: London

DVD 914.21 Tra


DVD 914.3 Wor

Rick Steve’s Europe: Germany

DVD 914.3 Ric

United Germany

DVD 914.3 Uni

Czech Republic

DVD 914.37 Wor

iscovering France

DVD 914.4 Dis

Rick Steve’s Europe: France & Benelux

DVD 914.4 Ric

Touring Italy / Touring France

DVD 914.4 Tou

Visions of France


DVD 914.4 Vis

Travel With Kids Paris

DVD 914.435 Tra

Brava Italia (
Proud tra

Beautiful life


Eternal country

DVD 914.5 Bra

Discovering Italy

DVD 914.5 Dis

Mediterranean Magic: Italy & Greece

DVD 914.5 Med

Rick Steve’s Europe: Italy

DVD 914.5 Ric

A Year in Italy

DVD 914.5 Yea

Corsica, Sicily & Sardinia

(Globe Trekker)

DVD 914.58 Glo

Discovering Spain

DVD 914.6 Dis

Rick Steve’s Europe: Spain & Portugal

DVD 914.6 Ric

Portugal & the Azores (Globe Trekker)

DVD 914.69 Glo



Russia (Globe Trekker)

DVD 914.7 Glo

Rick Steve’s Europe: Eastern Eu

DVD 914.7 Ric

Europe to the Max: Wondrous Europe: Denmark,

Sweden, Norway

DVD 914.8 Max

Iceland & Greenland (Globe Trekker)

DVD 914.912 Glo

Discovering Greece

DVD 914.95 Dis

China to the Max: Shanghai Hong Kong

DVD 915.1 Chi


Visits: China

DVD 915,1 Chi

Touring China / Touring India

DVD 915.1 Tou

Walking the Bible

DVD 915.6 Wal

Turkey (Globe Trekker)

DVD 915.61 Glo

Hidden Turkey

DVD 915.61 Hid

Thailand, Malaysia & Laos (Globe Trekker)

DVD 915.93 Gl

Vietnam (Globe Trekker)

DVD 915,97 Glo


DVD 915.97 Wor

Indonesia (Globe Trekker)

DVD 915.98 Glo

Discovering Egypt

DVD 916.2 Dis

From Egypt to Israel

DVD 916.2 Fro

South Africa

DVD 916,8 Wor

Cruise Mexico

D 917.2 Cru

Mexico: The Royal Tour

DVD 917.2 Mex

Mexico to the Max

DVD 917.2 Mex

Cruise Panama Canal

DVD 917.2 Cru

Travel with Kids: Mexico

DVD 917.256 Tra

Cuba Today!

America’s Great Road Trips and Scenic Drives

DVD 917.3 Ame

Camp A
merica’s Parks: Utah, Hawaii, California

DVD 917.3 Cam

The Wonders of the Appalachians

DVD 917. 4 Won

Travel With Kids: New York

DVD 917.47 Tra

Walt Disney World: Happiest Celebration on Earth

DVD 917.593 Hap

The Story of Lake Cumberland

17.6912 Sto

Travel With Kids: Caribbean

DVD 917.729 Tra

American Rockies

DVD 917.8 Ame

Kingdom of the West: Yosemite, Yellowstone & Glacier NP/

DVD 917.8 Kin

Land of the Red Rocks: Utah, Arizona & Colorado

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the C
orps of Discovery

DVD 917.8 Lew

Bryce, Zion & North Rim of the Grand Canyon

DVD 917.92 Bry

Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets

DVD 917.92 Gra

Northwest to the Max

DVD 917.95 Nor

Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight

DVD 917.9799 Des

e Alaska

DVD 917.98 Cru

Discovering Alaska

DVD 917.98 Dis

Extreme Alaska: Denali National Park

DVD 917.98 Ext

Sarah Palin’s Alaska (TV program)

DVD 917.98 Sar

Surprises of the Great White North: Alaska & Canada

DVD 917.98 Sup

Touring Ala
ska / Touring Hawaii

DVD 917.98 Tou



Amazon Adventures

DVD 918.1 Ama

A Traveler’s Guide to Brazil

DVD 918.2 Tra

Peru (Globe Trekker)

DVD 918.5 Glo

Ecuador (Globe Trekker)

DVD 918.66 Glo

New Zealand to the Max

DVD 919.3 New

g Asutralia / Touring New Zealand

DVD 919.3 Tou

New Zealand

DVD 919.3 Wor

Australia to the Max

DVD 919.4 Aus

Discovering Australia

DVD 919.4 Dis

The Island Continent: Australia / In the Middle Kingdom:

DVD 919.4 Isl



DVD 919.4 Pil

Sydney (Globe Trekker)

DVD 919.441 Glo

Disney Parks: Where Dreams Come True

DVD 917.59 Dis

Tahiti : Best of Travel

DVD 919.604 Tah

Discovering Hawaii

DVD 919.69 Dis

Hawaii to the Max

DVD 919.69 Haw

Travel w
ith Kids: Hawaii: the Big Island

DVD 919.69 Tra

Cruise Hawaii & Tahiti

DVD 919.96 Cru

Alias Nick and Nora

(William Powell & Myrna Loy)

DVD 920 Ali

Chriss Angel Mindfreak: The Most Dangerous Escapes

DVD 920 Ang

Women in the White House

DVD 920
.72 Wom

John Adams

DVD 921 Ada

John & Abigail Adams

DVD 921 Ada

The True Story of Alexander the Great

DVD 921 Ale

Johann Sebastian Bach

DVD 921 Bac

Ludwig van Beethoven

DVD 921 Bee

Ray Bradbury: an American Icon

DVD 921 Bra

Capone: Scarface

DVD 921 Cap

Frederic Chopin

DVD 921 Cho

Cleopatra: Destiny’s Queen

DVD 921 Cle

Buffalo Bill Cody

DVD 921 Cod

Bobby Darin: Beyond the Song

DVD 921 Dar

Leonardo da Vinci

DVD 921 DaV

Claude Debussy

DVD 921


Antonin Dvorak

DVD 921 Dvo


DVD 921 Ein

Elizabeth: The Acclaimed Saga of England’s Virgin Queen

DVD 921 Eli

The Queen Behind the Mask

DVD 921 Eli

The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of

DVD 921 Fri

Milton Friedman

he True Story of Che Guevara

DVD 921 Gue

George Frideric Handel

DVD 921 Han

Unguarded: He lived the dream and the nightmare

DVD 921 Her

Bob Hope: America’s Entertainer

DVD 921 Hop

Howard Hughes: The Man & the Madness

DVD 921 Hug



Howard Hugh
es: The Real Aviator

DVD 921 Hug

Life & Times of Pope John Paul II

DVD 921 Joh

“Lion of the Senate”

Edward M. Kennedy

DVD 921 Ken

King: Go beyond the dream to discover the man

DVD 921 Kin

The Jerry Lee Lewis Chronicles

DVD 921 Lew

Narnia &
Beyond: The Chronicles of C. S. Lewis

DVD 921 Lew

Hawaii’s Last Queen

DVD 921 Lil


DVD 921 Lin

Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob

DVD 921 Luc

Dolley Madison: America’s First Lady

DVD 921 Mad

Felix Mendelssohn

DVD 921


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

DVD 921 Moz

Barack Obama

DVD 921 Oba

President Barack Obama

DVD 921 Oba

Napoleon (PBS)

DVD 921 Nap

Les Paul: Chasing Sound!

DVD 921 Pau

Giacomo Puccini

DVD 921 Puc

Maurice Ravel

DVD 921 Rav

Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Remembered

DVD 921 Rea

Teddy Roosevelt: An American Lion

DVD 921 Roo

Franz Schubert

DVD 921 Sch

Robert Schumann

DVD 921 Sch

Pete Seeger: The Power of Song

DVD 921 See

George Segal: American Still Life

21 Seg

Bugsy Siegel

DVD 921 Sie

Don’t call me Bugsy

DVD 921 Sie

Igor Sikorsky: Recollections of a Pioneer

DVD 921 Sik

Russell Simmons (a biography)

DVD 921 Sim

Pyotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky

DVD 921 Tch

Tim Tebow: Everything in Between

DVD 921 Teb

Tim Tebow: On a Mission

DVD 921 Teb

Antonio Vivaldi

DVD 921 Viv

How to Create Your Own Family History Video

DVD 929 How

Finding Oprah’s Roots: Finding your own

DVD 929.1 Fin

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


929.1 Fin

Faces of America

DVD 929.20973 Fac

Are We Alone in the Universe?

DVD 930 Are

Secrets of Ancient Empires

The First Armies

DVD 930 Arm

The First Beliefs

DVD 930 Bel

The First Cities

DVD 930 Cit

The First Civilizations

DVD 930 Civ

The First Merchants

DVD 930 Mer

Secrets of Lost Empires II

(3 dvds)

DVD 930 Bar

Easter Island & China Bridge (disc 1)

Pharoaoh’s Obelisk & Roman Bath (disc 2)



Medieval Siege (disc 3)

The Seven Wonders of the World

DVD 930 Se

The Real Tomb Hunters



Egypt Eternal

DVD 932 Egy

Into the Great Pyramid

DVD 932 Int

The Mummy Who Would be King

DVD 932.014 Mum

Last Stand of the 300

DVD 938 Las

The Dark Ages

DVD 940.1 Dar

Agincourt: King
Henry’s Triumph [Medieval Warfare]

DVD 940.1 Med

The Crusades [Medieval Warfare]

DVD 940.1 Med

The War of Roses: To Bosworth Field [Medieval Warfare]

DVD 940.1 Med

World War I

American Legacy

DVD 940.3 Ame

American Doughboys, Heroes of WWI

D 940.3 Dou

The Great War, 1918

DVD 940.3 Gre

The Bielski Brothers

DVD 940.53 Bie

The Children of Chabannes

DVD 940.53 Chi

The Hidden Child

DVD 940.53 Hid


Century Flashbacks: The Home Front

DVD 940.53 Hom

1940’s House

940.53 Nin

The War (Ken Burns)

DVD 940.53 War

The World at War (11 discs)

DVD 940.53 Wor 1

I’m Still Here: Real Diaries of young people who lived

DVD 940.531 I’m

During the Holocaust

Hunting Hitler (The true story of the Wolf’s lair assassina

DVD 940.54 Hun

plot as seen in Valkyrie, the movie)

The Pacific(Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg &Gary Goetzman)DVD 940.54 Pac

Victory at Sea (26 episodes of the groundbreaking series)

DVD 940.54 Vic

Voices From Hitler’s Army

DVD 940.54 Voi

World War

II in the Pacific (Reader’s Digest)

DVD 940.54 WW2

Band of Brothers

DVD 940.5421 Amb

Internment Camp Crystal City, Texas circa 1945

DVD 940.5472 Int

Wisconsin World War II Stories parts 1

DVD 940.5481 Wis

True Whispers: The Story of the Navaj
o Code Talkers

DVD 940.5486 Tru

The 1900 House

DVD 941.08 Nin

Queen & Country

DVD 941.085 Que

Arthur: King & Country

DVD 942 Art

Manor House

DVD 942 Man

Days of Majesty

DVD 942.082 Day

The Monarchy

DVD 942.082 Mon

The Hi
tler Youth

DVD 943.086 Hit

Freedom Without Walls: Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

DVD 943.155 Fry

The Italian Renaissance: Parts 1, 2, 3 (6 dvds)

DVD 945 Bar

Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration of Antiquity’s

DVD 945 Tuc

Greatest Empire: Par
ts 1, 2, 3, (6 dvds)

Inside the Vatican

DVD 945.634 Ins

The Other 1492: Ferdinand, Isabella, and the Making of an

DVD 946.03 Rui




Into the Fire: American Women in the Spanish Civil War

DVD 946.081 Int

The Vikings: Merchants, artisans & bold co

DVD 948.022 Vik

China From the Inside

DVD 951 Chi

China’s First Emperor

DVD 951 Chi

The First Emperor of China

DVD 951 Fir

Mysterious China trilogy

DVD 951 Mys

Wisconsin Korean War Stories part I & 2

DVD 951.9042 Wis

The Him

DVD 954.96 Him

Mystic Iran

DVD 955 Mys

Six Days in June

DVD 956.04 Six

21 Days to Baghdad

DVD 956.7044 Twe

Jerusalem: Between Heaven and Earth

DVD 956.94 Jer

The Temple Mount is Mine

DVD 956.94 Tem

The True Story of C
harlie Wilson

DVD 958.1045 Tru

Hell and Back Again

DVD 958.1047 Hel

Restrepo (Sebastian Junger


Tim Hetherington

DVD 958.1047 Res

The Vietnam War

DVD 959.704 Vie

Vietnam in HD:

the war we know
, i
t’s the war they

DVD 959.7043 Vi

The Devil Came On Horseback

DVD 962.4 Dev

Botswana: in the footsteps of the No. 1 Ladies Detective

DVD 968.83 McC

Geronimo and the Apache Resistance

DVD 970 Ger

Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus

DVD 970.01 Mag

All About the States (
7 discs) (The History Channel)

DVD 973 All

America’s Explorers and Pioneers

DVD 973 Ame

Our American Landscape

DVD 973 Our

Trail of Tears: A Native American Documentary Collection

DVD 973 Tra

Great Monuments of America (4 dvds)

DVD 973.03 Gr

The Presidents: Washington to Bush (3 volumes)

DVD 973.099 Pre

Setting the Record Straight:AmericanHistory

inBlack & WhiteDVD 973.0496 Set

The Great Indian Wars

DVD 973.0497 Gre

The First Ladies

DVD 973.099 Fir

Colonial House

DVD 973.2

The War That Made America

DVD 973.26 War

Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West

DVD 973.46 Lew

America and the Civil War

DVD 973.7 Ame

The American Civil War: An Introspective look at the war

DVD 973.7 Ame Discs 1

Between the States (History
Channel) (14 discs) DVD 973.7 Ame Discs 8

Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided

DVD 973.7 Abr

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

DVD 973.7 Ass

The Civil War: a Film by Ken Burns

DVD 973.7 Bur

Gettysburg (The History Channel)


973.7 Get

Ulysses S. Grant (PBS)

DVD 973.7 Gra

Lincoln and the Civil War (History Classics)

DVD 973.7 His

Robert E. Lee (PBS)

DVD 973.7 Lee

Sherman’s March

DVD 973.7 She



Famous Figures of the Civil War (History Channel

5 dvds)

DVD 973
.7092 Fam

Stealing Lincoln’s Body

DVD 973.7092 Ste

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War

DVD 973.8 Rec

The Spanish
American War

DVD 973.8 Spa

The Great Depression

DVD 973.916 Gre

Riding the Rails

DVD 973.916 Rid

The Dust Bowl (PBS by
Ken Burns)

DVD 973.917 Dus

Surviving the Dust Bowl

DVD 973.917 Sur

Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement

DVD 973.92 Eye

Vol. 1

The Fabulous 60s

DVD 973.922 Fab

1968 with Tom Brokaw

DVD 973.923 Nin

The Sensational 70s

DVD 973.924 Sen

Courage and consequence: my life as a conservative

DVD 973.929 Rov

The 9/11 Commission Report (History Channel)

DVD 973.931 9/11

The 9/11 Hijackers
Inside the Hamburg Cell(History Channel)DVD 973.931 9/11

Operation Homecoming


973.931 Ope

Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure

DVD 973.932 Mon

Desperate Crossing: the Untold Story of the Mayflower

DVD 974.4 Des

Times Square

DVD 974.71 Tim

Johnstown Flood

DVD 974.877 Joh

Hatfields & McCoys: An American Fe

(A & E Biography)

DVD 975.44804 Hat

Pocahontas Revealed

DVD 975.5 Poc

The Alamo

DVD 976.403 Ala

Sears Tower

DVD 977.3 Sea

Wisconsin Barns: Touchstones to the Past

DVD 977.5 Wis

(Ken Burns Presents) The West

DVD 978 Bur


DVD 978 Fro

Texas Ranch House

DVD 978 Tex

Butch Cassidy and the Outlaw Trail

DVD 978.02 But

Colorado Cowboys: Ride along on the largest horse drive

DVD 978.02 Col

The Way West: How the West Was Lost & Won 1845

DVD 978.02 Way

The Re
al West
Cowboys & Outlaws: Buffalo Bill &

DVD 978.02 Real1

Wild Bill Hickok

The Real West
Cowboys & Outlaws: Legendary Cowboys

DVD 978.02 Real2

& The Law From Behind The Tin Star

The Real West
Cowboys & Outlaws: The James Gang &

DVD 978.02 Real3

The Te
xas Rangers

The Real West
Cowboys & Outlaws: The Ten Most Wanted

DVD 978.02 Real4

& The Guns that Tamed the West

The Great San Francisco Earthquake

DVD 979.4 Gre

Wild Rio

DVD 981 Wil

Ghosts of Machu Picchu

DVD 985.37 Gho

Australia revealed

DVD 994 Aus