Biometrics for Personal Identification


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Building US/UK Partnerships for Homeland Security Solutions
Biometrics for Personal Identification
David Bainbridge McIntosh
Chief Executive Officer
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Concerns over public safety –crime & terrorism
Concerns over personal safety –theft and fraud
Demand for more and better security
Demand also for speed, convenience and privacy
Need for better, more secure, personal ID
Why –what’s the problem ?
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Proving Personal Identity
What you have
–Passport, ID card, credit card…
What you know
–PIN number, password
Who you are
–Your DNA, fingerprint, or Face ………
Biometrics !
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Specific Problem areas
Border control
Driving Licenses
National security applications
National ID cards
Fraud prevention
Criminal justice
Physical access
Logical access
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Biometrics -some examples
•Face Recognition
•Fingerprinting / scanning
•Voice recognition
•DNA sampling
•Blood sampling
•Iris scans
•Retinal scans
•Hand geometry
•Skin characteristics
•Ear Shape
•Facial Thermography
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1)Non invasive
2)Inoffensive / familiar
3)Face is publicly available
1)Works at a distance
2)Uses standard infrastructure
3)Highly cost effective
Biometrics –“closing the loop”on ID
Face recognition –often preferred, because
Finger and Face both highly effective -separately or together
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Methods & Technologies
Elastic Bunch Graph Matching
Holistic Feature Code
Neural Network
Principle Component Analysis -Eigenfaces
Linear DiscriminantAnalysis -Fisher Faces
Client Specific Linear DiscriminantAnalysis
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Health Warning
Biometrics can provide greatly enhanced security as
part of overall security solutions –but only as a part
The Biometric elements are an important part of the
security tool kit –not a complete solution on their own
Biometrics is not a cure-all !
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Thank You!
David Bainbridge McIntosh.