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Data Planning Manager

JD Nov 2011


Job Description

Job Title

Data Planning Manager

Job Band


Job Reference



Individual Giving

Database Marketing &





Office, London



Reporting to

Database Marketing &
Analysis Manager

Responsible For

Team of 6

Last Updated

Nov 2011


The British Red Cross is the largest voluntary humanitarian organisation in the world. It
promotes humanitarian values, and provides emergency help to people in short
term crisis in
the UK and overseas. Within the UK, the British Red Cross operates throu
gh 30,000 volunteers
and 2,800 staff.

The Individual Giving team is responsible for recruiting new supporters via printed,
broadcast, face
face and new media. Relationships with these supporters are then
developed so as to maximise lifetime value to t
he charity, predominantly by generating cash
donations, regular gifts, and legacy pledges.

The charity can only deliver its services because of the voluntary income it receives, and well
over half of its net voluntary income is raised by the Individual Gi
ving team. In 2011 the
Individual Giving team aims to raise over £85 million from an expenditure of over £37 million.
Indeed many recent developments within BRC have only been possible because of the
continued success of this area.

The database marketing

team are likely to be implementing a new analysis, reporting and
selections toolset. This strategic project to implement that SAS BI software with a new
marketing data mart is business critical for the increased growth in income of the Individual
Giving t


Reporting to the Database Marketing and Analysis Manager and working within the Individual
Giving team, the post
holder will be responsible for supporting the strategic needs of the
Fundraising Division both at UK Office and for BRCS territory f
undraisers by ensuring high
quality segmentation and analysis of information about supporters and organisations held
within the fundraising database.

The Database Marketing & Analysis team is responsible for selections, reporting and
analysis of supporter
s and organisations in our CRM system (Ascent). The CRM system


itself contains well over 3.5 million contacts with 100’s of millions of fields and tens of millions
of transactions and communications. The tools and processes used by Database Marketing
e this raw information and create accurate marketing communications, produce ad
analysis and standard reporting to ensure monitoring of risk from income and expenditure
while providing marketing analysis and insight to ensure that business opportunitie
s are

The post requires excellent communications skills, as the post
holder liaises regularly with
internal departments and external agencies and suppliers, notably:

Direct and digital marketing teams, for business critical data targeting an
d selections

Legacies including legacy marketing and community legacy marketing

Fundraising systems development, to agree suitable data structures in the operational
database (Ascent) to support marketing activities

IG support, for continued understandin
g of ‘back end’ processes including income
management, data processing/management and supporters care that impact on the data

MIS, to ensure application and hardware support for marketing databases

High value giving and events, for guidance and procedure of data selections for
organisations, trusts, major donors and event participants.

Community fundraising, in 2011 as part of the community fundraising database project it
will be required to offer
selections support to community fundraising.

External database marketing agencies, for 3

party data appending to supporters e.g.
demographic information.

Other internal departments to maximise data planning techniques across BRCS

Database marketin
g & analysis tools suppliers, to maintain an excellent relationship with
external suppliers to ensure a successful implementation and development of database
marketing & analysis tools

Overall Purpose of the Post

This role has overall responsibility for
strategy, planning, technology roadmaps, support and
development of business intelligence systems and application, which will enable improved
profitability of the Fundraising programme and inform the targeting of our marketing
communications with insightfu
l analysis and reporting. To ensure systems are built and
maintained to generate accurate management information and allow monitoring and tracking
of income of over £85million and expenditure of over £37million. Overall to ensure the
individual giving team

has the ability to maximise short, medium and long term net income
streams from Individual Givers.

The main focus for the post holder in the short term will be to provide services to the IG team
and Fundraising teams. However the post holder will be ex
pected to review the
requirements and provide recommendations for future support of other non


Main Duties and Responsibilities


To create the data planning operational plan including implementation plans, budgets,
resourcing and

key time deliverables to ensure excellence in data planning and
maximise efficiency and effectiveness of this area.


To act as the ‘Audience Controller’ for all individual giving activities. This includes
working with campaigns managers to ensure that targ
eting is focused, income
maximised and that overlap of selections is avoided.


To line
manage, develop and motivate direct reports within the data planning team,
and to lead and inspire the entire team


To plan and manage the teams workload ensuring that the

resources and timescales
for execution of selections meet the continued requirements of the direct marketing
and the wider Individual Giving programme.


To undertake and oversee the complex, frequent and large scale selections and
segmentations required to

generate the £85m+ income. The team has responsibility
to generate the targeting, data extracts, analysis and reporting which directly
contribute to a significant proportion of this income and are business critical to the
Individual Giving programme.


lead within the team in ensuring procedures and process maps for selections
exist, are relevant and are up to date and that there are agreed operational level
agreements provided for each area.


To be responsible for setting and ensuring the team meet the
se operational level
agreements and ensure the data planning team has the resources to do the job.


To create and manage operational level agreement between the assigned function
and the data planning team


To be responsible for communicating, gaining agree
ment for and setting up our
business rules (e.g. regular giver status, active cash status) within the database
marketing tools (SAS) including providing a glossary of information relating to related
business rules and how they apply to the organisation


be responsible for ensuring that our data extracts, communication of data to
agencies and storage/archives adhere to the data protection act and best practice


To work with the line manager as required to develop and achieve the team mission,
objectives and

plans, including participation in team meetings


To ensure that as an outcome of the data planning process supporters are de
duplicated and cleaned against external suppression files in a timely and efficient


To create and develop standard analysis
reports for distribution to BRCS’s managers
and decision makers. Show a strong ability to understand the commercial needs, and
translate the raw data into analysis and information that the business can act upon.



To support the Fundraising systems team in
the implementation of requirements by
providing expertise and resources when required.


To contribute in and support internal projects (SAS, Community Fundraising) to
ensure quality and timelines of deliverables are according to agreed expectations.


To kee
p abreast of developing techniques in the market and to network with key
people within charity and analysis communities so that BRCS benefits from the latest
thinking and cutting edge analysis techniques


To develop and manage appropriate relationships with

external agencies or suppliers
including those tasked to implement and improve the Data Planning programme.


To develop and provide support for other marketing opportunities with other British
Red Cross departments including regional branches.


To undertake

any other reasonable duties as requested by the Database Marketing &
Analysis Manager or Head of Individual Giving.


To uphold the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red
Crescent Movement and to work within the Society’s Equal Opport
unities Policy.


Person Specification

Job Title:
Data Planning Manager



Educated to degree level or equivalent **

A formal Marketing qualification is a distinct advanta来 e.g.
IDM/CIM Diploma

Training on an Enterprise level business intelli来nce tool e.g.
SAS marketing automation, Unica, Faststats or Alterian is


A渠畮摥rst慮摩湧 of Dire捴 M慲k整楮g t散e湩q略猪*

A 扲潡搠慮b 摥m潮獴r慢l攠畮摥r獴慮摩n朠gf
摡t慢慳a m慲步瑩kg t散e湩q略猠a猠慰灬i敤 t漠捯o獵浥s
r散牵etm敮t 慮d ret敮ti潮 捡浰慩g湳⨪

A broad and demonstrable understanding of database
technolo杹 with specific use when storing and manipulating
lar来 datasets (tens to hundreds of millions of


A demonstrable understanding of database and data
warehouse design**

Demonstrable eperience of mana杩ng, motivating and
inspiring a team**

A broad and demonstrable understanding of database
technolo杹 with specific use when storing and manipul
lar来 datasets (tens to hundreds of millions of records)**

Eperience of working within an environment of constant
change often wor歩ng to very ti杨t deadlines and potentially
chan杩ng priorities**



t漠畳攠Mi捲潳oft T潯l猠t漠o渠慤n慮捥c
l敶el (攮朮gE捥c

u灳Ⱐ灩v潴ot慢l敳e Vi獩漠

m慰猬 扲慩湳t潲m 摩a杲gm猠etc)⨪

Demonstrable knowled来 of SAS Enterprise Guide or similar
eperience enterprise reporting and analytical tools e.g. MS
ng Services, Business Objects, SPSS, 呡bleau**

䙡mili慲楴a wit栠摥ho杲g灨i挠慮搠g敯
m潤敬li湧 灡c歡g敳e 攮朮 M潳oi挠潲oA捯牮 i猠敳獥湴楡l

SQL programming s歩lls**

SAS 灲pgrammin朠gkill猠慮 慤v慮t慧e

Str潮g IT/MIS k湯wl敤来 (e.g. 獥牶敲e桡r摷慲a

捯cfigur慴楯n, SAN, Mi摤lew慲攠t散e湯logy 攮朮gIIS,
Web獰s敲e) t漠扥 慢l攠t漠off散瑩e敬y m慮慧e t桥 摡t慢慳a
m慲keti湧 t潯l猠慮搠摡ta mart



Strategic thinking**

Exceptionally numerate**

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with th
e ability
to communicate technical information to a broad range of

Strong analytical ability**

Strong management skills**

Able to research, analyse, manage and manipulate
information from a variety of sources; to evaluate criteria and

constraints; to devise and evaluate options; to
make sound judgements and decisions, and develop
effective solutions**

Able to initiate, launch and establish projects, managing them
from the initial set
up and briefing through to successful
completion, whilst also able and willing to change direction
when required

Takes the initiative in communicating with others (‘up’, ‘
and sideways’), using all available methods appropriately

Strong decision making and problem solving skills **

Allocates the projects and activities identified within the
business planning process to individuals and teams, and
manages and supports in
dividuals as they carry out their
tasks, ensuring that all work is carried out to the required
standard and contributes towards the Society’s objectives.

Provides training and coaching when required, and identifies
other training and development opportunit
ies for individuals
to develop skills and knowledge, taking appropriate risks
when delegating work, tolerating understandable mistakes,
supporting others to learn from these, and accepting
responsibility if problems arise

Self motivated and proactive**

ong team working**


Recognise and value the contribution of others, giving
feedback and support**

Take responsibility for own and team’s decisions and actions**

Demonstrate flexibility and open mindedness**

Understanding of/commitment to equal
opportunities policy
and practice and to the Fundamental Principles

There is a requirement for working beyond normal office hours.

**Minimum short
listing criteria.
N.B. All disabled candidates who meet these criteria must be short
listed for intervie
w in line with our commitment under the two

tick symbol scheme