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Re: When did Star Trek ban genetic engineering?
From: Phillip Thorne <thorne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>•
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 22:23:32 −0400•
Steve Hall wrote:
[...] Riker's
statement about having the right to control his own body while he
terminated his developing clone was rather heavy−handed and obvious.
On Wed, 17 May 2006, Chris Basken <−> replied:
I guess an argument could be made that his clone was still in the very
early stages (although it didn't look like it) and it was the equivalent
of a first trimester abortion, or something like that...
You might think that a cloning process would recapitulate ontogeny:
fetus etc. But given the speed with which full−size bodies had been
produced, it seems some other method was used.
It may have been an extension of current "tissue engineering"
techniques, whereby a biocompatible scaffolding of the appropriate
shape is made, then seeded with cells −− which are smart enough to
self−organize into appropriate structures given that one hint, and
eventually degrade the scaffold. The technique was developed because,
although it's easy to grow *sheets* of cells in a culture dish, any
*thickness* requires a vascular system.
So, what Riker zapped may have been a Riker−shaped template that was
being slowly pumped full of Riker stem cells growing in an external
Which raises the question... how could he be sure he'd really killed
the clone? The Mariposans could just carve another Styrofoam blank
and plug the hose back in. Did Riker make assumptions about how the
cloning process operated? Did he have no worries about unfamiliar
techniques tripping him up?
Or maybe he just used the magical Starfleet ability to instantly
intuit any alien device and its GUI. (Who says 24th century humans
Re: When did Star Trek ban genetic engineering?
Re: When did Star Trek ban genetic engineering?1
haven't evolved any new abilities? :)
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Re: When did Star Trek ban genetic engineering?
Re: When did Star Trek ban genetic engineering?2