What's Mandreel?

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Jun 24, 2012 (5 years and 11 months ago)


What's Mandreel?
Mandreel is a new technology to make C/C++/Objective-C work on platforms don't allow those

languages natively.
Currently Mandreel supports the execution of those languages on C#, JavaScript and

ActionScript platforms, among those platforms there is XNA (Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live

Indie Games) and Web Browers.
Thanks to this, Mandreel becomes a suitable tool to convert tools and games from platforms like

iOS or Android to Windows Phone 7 or Xbox Live Indie Games.
What benefits can you get?
Mandreel is optimum and recommendable in situations where you want to reuse your existing

C/C++/Objective C code base on C# and JavaScript based platforms (Windows Phone 7 or

Xbox Live Indie Games, Web Browsers)
For these cases, using Mandreel you can minimize development costs because you don't have

to rewrite the code base for these new platforms. For example, with Mandreel you automatically

get an exact copy on C# of the original source code without performance penalties and allows to

sync it as many times as you need in the case you need to modify the original source code.
When used for C#, all the generated source code is managed C# and it supports .NET

framework along with .NET compact framework (included on Windows Phone 7 systems).

Silverlight and XNA platforms are supported.
Furthermore, not only you get an automatic C# implementation of the original source but it

allows interoperability between the 2 languages (for example, you can make calls from C# to

C++ and vice versa) thanks to that you get an agile working environment.
When used for JavaScript, you get a html5 version of the original source.
How does it work?
Through an installer the developer gets all the needed tools. Once the installation is finished you

are ready to use Mandreel on that machine.
Mandreel works like a standard compiler. For projects or libraries you want to reuse, makefiles

are created and through the make progress you convert the original input files(.c,.cpp..mm) into

C# files or js files.
In order to use those generated C# files, it's enough to create the desired project on Microsoft

Visual Studio (for example a XNA project for Windows Phone 7) and add those files to the

Porting services
Furthermore, if you don’t have the time or the required team to realize the conversions, and

even so you want to convert an existing C/C++/Obj-C application, the Mandreel development

team also offers an application conversion service with affordable prices due to its technology

and experience.
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