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phonegap: Tutorials

PhoneGap project structure
Simple Web Service Consumption with PhoneGap and XUI
Debugging PhoneGap Apps

iOS Tutorials
Getting Started with PhoneGap iOS using Xcode 4

Getting Started with PhoneGap (iOS) - Xcode 3

Safari Web Programming Reference (MUST READ)
Going Native with PhoneGap
(Jonathan Stark, from O'Reilly Book)
Selecting a Mac for development
Building your first mobile application with GeoLocation

Forcing a Landscape Orientation
Integrating with Google Maps on the iPhone
Preventing Scrolling on iPhone PhoneGap Applications
Adding SQL Database support to your iPhone App
Replacing All References to PhoneGap to Reflect Your App's Name
Getting started with Dashcode
Upgrading your iOS PhoneGap Project

Upgrade your PhoneGap Xcode Template for iOS 4

Upgrade your PhoneGap Xcode Template for 3rd Party Library Linkage Problems

How To Setup And Use NativeControls In PhoneGap

Android Tutorials
Quickstart with Eclipse
Quickstart with the Terminal using droidgap

Getting started with Android PhoneGap in Eclipse
Getting started with
PhoneGap Eclipse PlugIn for Android
(plugin does PhoneGap configuration)
Video Demo:
Intro to AppLaud Eclipse Plugin for Android

Getting Ready to Deploy to Android Market (Android)
Additional Tips and Useful Links for Taking an App to Market
(Eclipse-based IDEs)

Hide the scrollbar in Android
Hiding the status bar at the top in Android
Forcing landscape mode in Android
How to show and hide soft keyboard in Android
Back button handler
Media Player: Use PhoneGap Media API and jQuery Mobile
Add PhoneGap Accelerometer to Media Player
Create an App with the PhoneGap Barcode Scanner Plugin

jQuery Mobile Plugin for Google Maps v3: Route Finder App
Dynamic Markers, Geocoding and jQuery Google Map Plugin for Google Maps v3

Twitter: jsOAuth and Child Browser Plugin for non-PIN OAuth Access to Twitter REST API
PhoneGap & jQuery based XML feed reader
Video Demo:
How to Add a PhoneGap Plugin to a Project

BlackBerry Tutorials
Getting Started with PhoneGap BlackBerry WebWorks (OS 5.0 and higher)
How to Create a PhoneGap Plugin for BlackBerry WebWorks (OS 5.0 and higher)
How to Debug a PhoneGap Plugin for BlackBerry WebWorks

Geolocation on PhoneGap BlackBerry WebWorks
Getting Started with PhoneGap (BlackBerry 4.x)

Setting your Application Icon (BlackBerry)
BlackBerry Quirks

Windows Phone 7
Jesse's Blog @
Glen Gordon's MSDN-PhoneGap blog

Colin Eberhardt's Adventures in .NET
Developing Windows Phone 7 HTML5 apps with PhoneGap
A Simple Multi-Page Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap Example
Handling the back-stack in Windows Phone 7 PhoneGap applications
Tombstoning with PhoneGap for Windows Phone 7 (and KnockoutJS)
Suppressing Zoom and Scroll interactions in the Windows Phone 7 WebBrowser Control
FastClick for WP7 – Improving Browser Responsiveness for PhoneGap Apps

David Rousset MSDN blog
Tutorial: how to create HTML5 applications on Windows Phone thanks to PhoneGap

Windows Mobile Tutorials
Getting Started with PhoneGap (WiMo)

Introduction to Web Runtime
Getting Started with PhoneGap (Symbian/WRT)
Testing your PhoneGap application (Symbian/WRT)
Getting Started with PhoneGap (WRT on Sony Ericsson Satio)
Supported Nokia Devices (Devices with WRT 1.1)
Getting Started with PhoneGap (Qt for Symbian)

HP Palm webOS
Getting started with PhoneGap on webOS
Getting started with PhoneGap on webOS
Palm: Cross-platform Development with PhoneGap on webOS
PhoneGap Einführung
(German) (0.9.1)
PhoneGap-webOS (0.9.5+) Tutorials

N900/Maemo port announcement

Handling Shake Events

Using PhoneGap Offline
Building A Self-Contained Application (iPhone)