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Mobile Trends and Marketing Presentation Links and References
- curated by Francis Shepherd
Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011
6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011 Mashable | The Social Media Guide
5 Predictions For ThePublic Relations Industry 2011
5 Predictions for the Public Relations Industry in 2011 Mashable | The Social Media Guide
10 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2011
20 predictions for the next 25 years | Society | The Observer
40 for the next 40
Future Of Space | Preparing Government For The Future | Protecting Critical Infrastructure | Uncommon Knowledge
85 social media infographics for ad agency new business « FUEL LINES Fueling Ad Agency New Business …
Top Twitter Trends in 2010 ∙ Twitter
Apple in 2011: 10 things to expect | News | TechRadar UK
Apple Mobile Market Domination Extending to 2011: Report - Midmarket - News & Reviews -
11 Marketing Predictions for 2011 | B2C Marketing Insider
2011′s breakout terms in Mobile Media predict the year to come in phones, tablets | Poynter.
2011′s breakout terms in Mobile Media predict the year to come in phones, tablets | Poynter.
Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends (Feb 2011)
Consumer Trends to Watch in 2011
Digital Brand Expressions - Offi
cial Blog: Marketing Trends for 2011
eMarketer Presentations
How the Web Will Make Winners and Losers in 2011 - DailyFinance
Lab42Television-Infographicbig1.jpg 480×1340 pixels
MediaFuturist: Alvin Toffl
er: 40 key trends, the next 40 years
MediaPost Publications Printer Friendly
Printable View
Report: The Top 5 Trends of 2010
Second Thoughts: My Predictions for 2011
The Disrupters: Forces Driving Change in 2011
Top 10 Technology Products 2010 | The Top 10 Blog
2011 Horizon Report | NMC
Apple dominates US digital music market with 66.2% share
How Social Media is Changing the Business of Television
Top iPhone Developer Discusses the Future of Media Apps [VIDEO]
my-digital-life-2.jpg 5247×3447 pixels
Apple iPad 3 and iPhone Nano Rumors
The World is Watching: The State of Online Videos ( | Marketing News Group
worldwatching.png 1000×1605 pixels
Apple explores merging cloud content with locally stored media library | Advertiser Talk
Content Is Everywhere - The Changing Tide Of The Internet | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and…
DEBATE: Will The Internet Kill Off The TV Set?
7 Ways To Stream Web Content To Your TV
MediaShift . The Future of TV (According to Hulu) | PBS
radio_living_room.jpg 805×900 pixels
Transmedia Victoria » Presentations
Transmedia: the experience of the future? - The Scavenger
Future Exploration Network
Media Statistics
6a00d83451b2c969e20134828e7439970c-pi 605×454 pixels
20 Excellent HTML5 Video Players |
20 Facts about Social Media that will make you go wow ! | Mccollins Media
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web
20% of All Peak Traffi
c Due to 3.5M Netfl
ix Data Hogs? -
65 Terrifi
c Social Media Infographics | pamorama
Adaptability | Organizational Sustainability | Open Innovation Model | Change Drivers
40% of All Tweets Come From Mobile
50 Wonderful Infographic Videos and Posters |
2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical - eMarketer
2011_Retail_Predictions.png 1000×3410 pixels
2011′s breakout terms in Mobile Media predict the year to come in phones, tablets | Poynter.
101101-SC-EDU.png 900×2480 pixels
balance-your-media-diet.jpg 630×737 pixels
Future of the Internet IV | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
Apple TV: Streaming and Renting From Devices | Walt Mossberg | Personal Technology | AllThingsD
Apple's iPad: Disruptive product of the year | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News
Are you a content consumer or creator? « Brian Solis Brian Solis
Bruce Sterling - Professor of Internet Studies and Science Fiction - Lectures
Building a Better Burger? Try Social Listening for Product Development | Nielsen Wire
Eleven 3D Printing Predictions For the Year 2011
Facebook = high school reunion, Twitter = digital kindergarten -
Factsheet: The U.S. Media Universe | Nielsen Wire
media-universe-lg.png 1200×790 pixels
FCC makes Net neutrality rules offi
cial | Signal Strength - CNET News
FCC report fi
nds 68 percent of US broadband connections aren't really broadband -- Engadget
Finding Journalism's Social Media Sweet Spot - Advertising Age - MediaWorks - What Is the Future of Media?
Future of Streaming and the Many Reasons Jeff Bewkes Is Wrong (TCTV)
Future Of The Newsstand, iPads On Wall Street & Google eBooks (Tech Headlines) - PSFK
Future Sees iPad As A Bookazine Vehicle For Now | paidContent:UK
Generations and Gadgets - Pew Research Center
IPad Ripple Effect: The Unfolding Future of Video Transcoding Technology
iPad swiftly becomes the dominant medium for reading and entertainment | Trends in the Living Networ…
iPad-one-year-later-infographic.png 859×2356 pixels
Learning With Another Dimension
media-universe-lg.png 1200×790 pixels
online-tv-mark-2.png 800×4296 pixels
Report: Newspapers make big gains in online video streams | ZDNet
Technology and Television – How are Americans Watching TV in 2011?
Ten media trends for 2011
TV.jpg 645×600 pixels
Mobile Megatrends 2011 | VisionMobile :: blog
Enterprise 2.0
2011: The Enterprise Resets
Apple Just Had One Of The Most Impressive Years In Business History
Amazon integrates Apple iPhone, iPad and Android with cloud | eCampus News
Apple's iPad at work: Consumerization, security and support | ZDNet
Apple's IPad Finds a Place in the Enterprise - PCWorld
Apple's iPad Revolution, One Year Later [INFOGRAPHIC]
Apple's Mac Is Roaring Back - Business - Motley Fool -
Apple's popular devices enhance business outreach
California Gold Rush 2.0: Are Twitter and Facebook Overvalued?
Can Social Media Help Corporation Innovate?
Enterprise Mobility Trends: What are your 3-5 top trends for enterprise mobility management in 2011?
Firms to buy 10 million tablets in 2011: Deloitte | Reuters
Global CIO: Apple iOS Crushes Google Android In Enterprise -- InformationWeek
Survey: Enterprise iPad use widespread | MacNN
How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media? / Flowtown (@fl
IPads Are Latest Weapon in Medical Sales -
Report: High-Impact Collaboration in the Enterprise — GigaOM Pro
Report: The Real-Time Enterprise — GigaOM Pro
Special Issue: iPad in Healthcare | mobihealthnews
Survey on iPad in enterprise: Thumbs up! | ZDNet
Survey: Enterprise iPad use widespread | MacNN
Tablets Will Rock the Enterprise This Year
Tech That Will Matter in 2011
The New World of Enterprise Collaboration: Tech News «
Top 3 Technology Trends For SMBs In 2011 -- InformationWeek
Top 10 Enterprise Products of 2010
top-50-social-companies.png 1180×2805 pixels
When the CEO gives iPads to all: One CIO's story | Topics | Macworld
Michael Marlatt's recruitDC Generation Mobile-12.2.10 | Beyond Recruiting 2.0 | Mobile Recruitment
iOS Apps vs. Web Apps
6a00e55225079e88340147e2144eff970b-pi 540×827 pixels
10 memorable milestones in tablet history | News | TechRadar UK
10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2011
11 Marketing Predictions for 2011 | B2C Marketing Insider
10 Things to Learn Next Year
80 Percent of Fortune 100 Companies Onboard with iPad | Apple Stock Watch | The Mac Observer
Google Translate app hits Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch | Technology | Los Angeles Times
Escape the App Store: 4 ways to create smartphone Web apps - Computerworld
HTML5 how-to: InfoWorld's expert guide | Developer World - InfoWorld
10 Predictions For Electronic Music Making In The Next Decade » Synthtopia
17 Leading EHR Vendors -- InformationWeek
46% of iPad Users Say They Are Now More Productive » ocb - Citrix Community
2011: Second Wave of Childrenʼs Mobile Apps Is Coming | GeekDad |
The Super Bowl of Social Media? Maybe Next Year - Advertising Age - DigitalNext
7 Ways Mobile Apps are Enriching Historical Tourism
5 Marvelous Mobile Apps for Music Discovery [MASHABLE AWARDS]
10 Best iPad Apps for Business
Appleʼs App Store Downloads Top 10 Billion
AppleInsider | Apple's App Store on pace to surpass total iTunes music sales by March
Book of Tens: The Coolest IPad Apps of 2010 - Advertising Age - Special Report: The Book of Tens 201…
Flipboard: Future is HTML5, RSS & New New Advertising: Tech News «
Google Mobile App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Insights on the Emerging Mobile App Economy | Nielsen Wire
IPhone App for Doctors to View Medical Scans is First Cleared by U.S. FDA - Bloomberg
iPhone App Scans Product Barcodes for Self-Checkout at Stores (Mashable) | Marketing News Group
Lifehacker Pack for iPhone: Our List of the Best iPhone Apps
More than 60 apps have been downloaded for every iOS device sold | asymco
The 50 best mobile apps - Telegraph
The 10 best entertainment apps - Telegraph
Scobleizer on CinchCast - Woz's favorite iPhone apps. - 128549
The 19 Most Wired iPhone and iPad Apps of 2010 | Gadget Lab |
The State of Mobile Apps | Nielsen Wire
Top Five iPhone 4 Apps for College Students
Why mobile apps will get you out of the house in 2011
World Mobile Applications Market - Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast (2010 - 2015): MarketsandM…
2010: The Year In Gaming
Apple iOS: Master of the social gaming universe - Fortune Tech
Mike Musgrove - They're Apps to Make Money -
Games coming to Apple TV in iOS 4.3? | TiPb
Is the Apple TV about to take on Xbox Live?
Mobile gaming myths debunked - iPhone/iPod News at GameSpot
Mobile gaming myths debunked - Screens at GameSpot
Forbes India - The New Reality of Gaming – MRI predicts video gaming skills
Games Dominate iPhone Apps (But Not iPad) - PCWorld
cation - Cheat Sheet | Software |
gaming_stats.jpg 700×2180 pixels
Gaming's fi
rst-person history lesson: 1958 to 2008 edition (video) -- Engadget
Google Code Blog: HTML5 Games, Jammed
Guess Who Microsoftʼs Kinect is Making Rich?: Tech News and Analysis «
How Apple's iPhone changed the world of mobile gaming | TG Daily
Incredible HTML5 Games | Admix Web
Interactive Window Display is the Future (3 pics + video) - My Modern Metropolis
iPhone Development Books 3: Games & Unity 3D | markjnet
iPhone Development Costs
Is Gaming in Your Future Marketing Plans? (Speaking of Real Estate) | Marketing News Group
The Most Creative Games for iPad | Inspired Magazine
Report: In-Game Purchases To Blow Mobile Games Revenues Past $11 Billion By 2015
World Mobile Applications Market - Advanced Technologies, Global Forecast (2010 - 2015): MarketsandMarkets
Serious Games, Debriefi
ng, and Simulation/Gaming as a Discipline — Simulation Gaming
The evolution of iOS gaming - Computerworld Blogs
The state of Mac gaming | Games | Game Room | Macworld
Video game addiction - Infographic by
Video Game Stats [infographic]
yearendgaming-a.jpg 1000×2500 pixels
3D Technology & Augmented Reality
3D Mobile Devices
3D without glasses: the gadgets coming in 2011 | News | TechRadar UK
How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business | Social Media Examiner
Apple Wins a Patent for a Futuristic 3D Stereoscopic Display & More - Patently Apple
New Scientist TV: Giant 3D loom weaves parts for supercar
3D movies on a 3G cellphone | TG Daily
Via NFC: Japanese Social Network Mixi First To Let Users “Share” Real-World Items
Smart Vidente - Key Concepts
IPCity - Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments
Smart Vidente - Links
Augmented hype? Mobile's next big thing - Reuters
Augmented reality ads on the rise around Europe | Science & Technology | Deutsche Welle | 18.01.2011
Augmented Reality for Mobile Safari on iOS 4.2 [Gyroscope] | Touch Reviews
Augmented Reality capability found in Mobile Safari browser | BGR | Boy Genius Report
Augmented Reality on Your Phone -
Augmented reality vs “architecture fi
Augmented reality: Is this our future? [video] | ITworld
Augmented Reality: t-shirts with movies | Beyond The Beyond
BBC - London Luton Airport introduces holographic announcers
Computer Vision & The Mobile Web | Hidden Creative
Glasses-free 3D Still Years (and Years) Away - Executive Insight | Blog on TWICE
IBM Expects to See Holographic Phone Calls, Air-Powered Batteries by 2015 - Bloomberg
Imagination, Apple's Mobile GPU Partner, Buys Ray Tracing Company | Touch Reviews
In Smartphone Era, Point-and-Shoots Stay Home -
Infographic: 2011 Retail Predictions
Juniper Research: Revenue from augmented reality apps and services to approach $1.5 billion by 2015
Latest Best Thing Ever: Trimensional 3D Image Scanner For iOS | Cult of Mac
Linking the Real World to the Web: 3 Emerging Technologies Compared
Location Lucrative: Check-in Services Boast Coveted Demographics | Fast Company
locationhistory.jpg 645×1890 pixels
Impressive interactive 3D ads launch for the iPad
Cooliris | 3D Immersive Ads
On This Day: The Mother Of All Demos, When the World Met Interactive Computing | Motherboard
QR Codes – Marketing Fad or Useful technology?
QR Codes As Art
QR Code and Two dimensional Bar Code News
QR Codes in Advertising: QR Codes In Advertising, Today and Tomorrow
The coming wave of augmented reality | Marketplace From American Public Media
The Most Widely Used Mobile Barcode Reader In The World
Will Location-Based Services Ever Go Mainstream? Opportunities Beyond the Location Checkin | Fast Co…
Word Lens - augmented reality word translator launched | News | TechRadar UK
Word Lens + Google Goggles = A Useful Augmented Reality App | Analysis & Opinion |
Word Lens: Coolest iPhone App EVER | EvologyNow
YouTube - Kinect Hand Detection
YouTube - QR Code video from CES
New mobile apps aim to make texting while walking less hazardous |
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Advertising Guidelines | Mobile Marketing Association
Mobile Marketing Association Publishes Expanded Mobile Ad Guidelines | Mobile Marketing Watch
Twitter Plans Price Hike For "Promoted Trends" Ads | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD
Liveblog: Twitter COO Dick Costolo at Ad Age Digital Conference | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD
Digital Advertising Ecosystem 2010

urry_advertisingrevenueshift_vgs-resized-600.png 600×385 pixels

urry_iossocialgames_vs_primetimetv-resized-600.png 600×413 pixels
Hands-On With Appleʼs New iAd Producer: Apple «
How to Defi
ne a 'Good Target' in the Digital Age - Advertising Age - CMO Strategy
Implicitly Explicit | The Kern Organization
Impossible Software – Is This What The Future Of Video Advertising Looks Like? (TCTV)
iPod.gif 1034×689 pixels
It's offi
cial: internet ads surpass newspaper ads | Econsultancy
Mad Men in a digital world | brand-e
Marketers unaware of what makes a good mobile strategy: Forrester - Mobile Marketer - Research
Marketing Shock & Awe with Good Sentiment | The Kern Organization
Mobile Advertising and Marketing – 3rd Edition - Market Research Reports - Research and Markets
Mobile App Market To Grow To Billion - Technology News - redOrbit
Mobile Augmented Reality Attracts Leading Brands as Juniper Research Forecasts $1.5 Billion Revenue …
More Than Half of Mobile Ads are on Smartphones, Says inMobi
Morgan Stanley Mary Meeker's Mobile Internet Report
Overposting Drives Away Facebook Fans
Magic Ad Mirrors Will Soon Greet You In The Airport Bathroom
U.S. Consumers Signifi
cantly More Likely To Respond To Location-Based Mobile Ads Than Other Mobile Ad Types | Mobile Marketing Association
Online Ads Pull Ahead of Newspapers -
online-shopping-consumer-survey.png 900×1851 pixels
Read 360iʼs Mobile Marketing Playbook « Digital Connections – 360i Blog, Digital Marketing Agency
Retail commerce: Atom chaser | The Economist
Richard Edelman - 6 A.M.: The Way Forward for Media
Social Media Alone Is Not PR | B2C Marketing Insider
Study: iPad Users Prefer Ad-Supported Apps - International Business Times
Knowledge Networks Offers 'How People Use Media: iPads - A First Look' Report
Mobile Marketing Guide 2010 | Advertising Age
Why Mobile Ad Networks Are on Cusp of Change - Advertising Age - Digital
Study: More cos. using Facebook,Twitter for marketing -
The “Open Rich Media Mobile Advertising Initiative” Aims To Solve Fragmentation | Mobile Marketing W…
The Curious Brain » HTML5 Gamifi
ed Banner Ad on the iPad
The Future Of Marketing: Ads Get Physical, Digital : NPR
The Future of Performance Marketing: The Evolution (part 1)
Xark!: Imagining the Semantic Economy
Apple - iAd
Apple - iAd - Brands
Here's What Apple's Awesome New "Tron" iAd For The iPad Looks Like (TOUR)
Tron is the First iAd for Apple iPad | Touch Reviews
Appleʼs First iAd For The iPad Previews Today: Tron Legacy :: AppAdvice
Mobile Programming
aboutprogramming04.jpg 1200×3000 pixels
Apple - HTML5
iAd Producer - Apple Developer
Apple - iAd - Developers
Apple A4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apple iOS, Android Are Most Desired Platforms in 2011 - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -
Top iPhone Developer Discusses the Future of Media Apps [VIDEO]
5 Ways HTML5 Is Changing Mobile Advertising
Apple iOS: Master of the social gaming universe - Fortune Tech
Mobile Browsers
Ektron Website Content Management Strategy Guides
Ektron Whitepapers: Web Content Management, CMS, Marketing Optimization
RIP: Symbian -- Engadget
Creating ORMMA Compliant Mobile Apps
Get familiar with HTML5! - Dev.Opera
Getting started with HTML5 mobile web development - O'Reilly Answers
Gliffy Public Diagram - beginner fl
owchart 1
Google Offers Tools for Bringing Websites to TV
How the iPad and iPhone have Changed Web Design
How to Create an HTML5 3D Engine
HTML5 how-to: InfoWorld's expert guide | Developer World - InfoWorld
HTML5ʼs a Game-Changer for Web Apps — GigaOM Pro
HTML5Labs - Home
iOS Developer Profi
les - Apple Developer
Is The Future Of Online Video Viewing More Social?
Is Your Website Ready For the Coming Tablet Explosion?
Mobile 2.0: Design & Develop for the iPhone and Beyond
Safari CSS Reference: Introduction to Safari CSS Reference
Strobe Gets $2.5 Million To Make The Mobile Web Dance With Apple-Like JavaScript And HTML5 Moves
The Best HTML5 Game Yet: A Threat To Flash? | ConceivablyTech
The Evolution of Web Design
The iPadifi
cation of the Web | VentureBeat
The Layar Player - Add AR to your app!
The WHATWG Blog — HTML is the new HTML5
Two Simple Steps for Implementing a Mobile Website
USA TODAY Augmented Reality
Video: Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad: Online Video News «
WAPL - Wapple Mobile Internet and Mobile Web Development Tools | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
wdatow_infographic_v7_800x4933.png 800×4933 pixels
Layar Reality Browser / Layar Player on IPhone
Future Tech
Apple Patents Holographic TV Screen Technology |
Apple patents magic gloves to use your iPhone in the cold! | 9 to 5 Mac Apple patents magic gloves t…
Apple picks N.C. for $1B data center - Computerworld
Apple Researching Physical Keyboards with Motion Control to Replace Mouse - Mac Rumors
Appleʼs iPad Business Now Bigger Than MacBook Business. Next Up: Entire Mac Business
AppleInsider | Apple continues to investigate solar power for mobile devices
AppleInsider | Apple investigating hover gestures as multi-touch alternative
Normal 9-5 jobs dying off - Business - NZ Herald News
The Future of Mobile Tagging in Marketing, Branding & Communications
Parks Associates forecasts sales of Internet-connectable TV devices soaring to 350 million by 2015
Connected TVs come of Age. Now what do we do with them? | tvfutures
14 Wonders of Modern Engineering: Cutting Edge Science | Scienceray
Japanʼs super-advanced mobile web: Too unique to serve as a global blueprint?
ʻMetaknowledgeʼ essential for leveraging scientifi
c research | KurzweilAI
Tablets and TVs – the Future of Interaction | LG Blog
igargoyle: Head Mounted Displays Archives
Shop | Recon Instruments
BBC News - Futurology: The tricky art of knowing what will happen next
Heads up display makes skiing way cooler than you thought | ITworld
The High Tech Tommorows Of Yesterday - a set on Flickr
Future Shock at 40: What the Toffl
ers Got Right (and Wrong) | Fast Company – Writing new chapter in nano printing
Gesture Technology Teaches You About Nuclear… | Bit Rebels
Google Body Browser Brings Search to 3-D Human Models
hands_free_phone.jpg 1718×888 pixels
handyscope - smart dermatoscope
HowStuffWorks "How Brain-Computer Interfaces Work"
IBM - Watson
IDC Predicts 2011 Personal, Mobile Cloud Boom | SiliconANGLE
IGNITION Presentations
iPad in automobiles - Google Search
Law and the Multiverse | Superheroes, supervillains, and the law
Layar Player Out of Beta | Create Augmented Reality iPhone Apps
Mozilla's Aza Raskin on the marriage of Web and TV
New Media and the Future of Business - Syndicating Brian Solis
PSFK » PSFKʼs Future Of Mobile Tagging
PSFK presents Future Of Mobile Tagging Report
Scott Lowe Blog » Blog Archive » Virtualization meets the smartphone
Smart Pill May Keep Track of How, When Medicine Is Taken - AOL Health
The AI Revolution Is On | Magazine
The Big Shift: The Rise of Cloud Computing: Tech News «
The Future According to Schmidt: "Augmented Humanity," Integrated Into Google | Fast Company
The Future According to Tim O'Reilly - Newsweek
The Future is Now [Infographic] | Grasshopper Group
The Future Of Advertising
The future of app stores - QuirksBlog
The Future of Blogging: Online Collaboration «
The future of cloud computing | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
The Future of Content Marketing in the Age of Information Overload | Smedio | The New Media and Soci…
The future of search: Google will 'just know' says Schmidt | News | TechRadar UK
The Future of Social Shopping - eMarketer
the future of the internet - / omnivore
The Future of TV
The Futurist | World Future Society
The Greatest Recession - Visualizing Unemployment
The Internet in 2020 |
The iPad At 1 Year: The iPod Of Tablet Computing » Synthtopia
The Museum of the Future » DOK Delft, inspirational library concepts
The Newsonomics of tablets replacing newspapers » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of J…
The Virtual Twitterverse That Can Forecast The Real Thing  - Technology Review
The-Future-is-Now-IG.jpg 540×3881 pixels
theater_of_future_0.jpg 2349×3409 pixels
Then and Now: How Technology Has Changed Our Lives
Thought Gadgets: 2010: Year of the fi
Top 10 Reasons to expect the next 10 years to be more exciting than the last | h+ Magazine
Trends suggest industrialized world may be hitting peak travel
Vintage Apple News for 2010 [Year in Review] | Cult of Mac
What Is Artifi
cial Intelligence? -
Autonomous Quadrotor Teams May Build Your Next House | BotJunkie
AVG Blogs | J.R. Smith
Bartering in the Digital Age
BBC News - Crowdsourcing work: Labour on demand or digital sweatshop?
bigcollegegraphic.jpg 900×3048 pixels
By The Numbers: How The Workforce Is Changing: Business Collaboration News «
ce walls are closing in on corporate workers - Los Angeles Times
Normal 9-5 jobs dying off - Business - NZ Herald News
Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind? -
Education World ® Technology Center: Doug Johnson: Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technolog…
Enabling the Web Work Revolution — GigaOM Pro
Estate planning for your digital demise - National Technology |
Generations Online in 2010 | Pew Internet & American Life Project
Facebook generation suffer information withdrawal syndrome - Telegraph
uencers-entrepreneurs-full.jpg 1213×2328 pixels
Gen-X may be forgotten, but they run business - National Startup Business |
How 10 Year Olds Explain Cloud Computing - ReadWriteCloud
How Executives Are Using Social Media | The Future of Work
How to Maintain Your Personal Brand as a Corporate Employee - Smashing Magazine
Meet the Microworkers - BusinessWeek
Most Children Learn Computer Skills Before Life… | Bit Rebels
E-Mail Usage Plummets as Teens Turn to Mobile, Social Networking ( | Online Marketing Strategy News
original.png 1036×2075 pixels
robot_mech_brain.jpg 1428×1065 pixels
robot_pilot.jpg 849×1324 pixels
Technology Replaces Workers - Automation is increasingly reducing U.S. workforces - Los Angeles Time…
The “Human Cloud” and the Future of Work: Tech News «
The Case for the Virtual Classroom
Future-Jobs-O-Matic | Marketplace From American Public Media
The Future of Work Means Rewiring Your Company: Tech News «
The Highest Paying Work From Home Job (Infographic)
The Past, Present and Future Workforce • EffortlessHR Blog
The Robot in the Next Cubicle - BusinessWeek
Top 10: Highest-Paying Jobs In The U.S. | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
We Can Do Better: The Overlooked Importance of Professional Journalism - Smashing Magazine
Customer Experience
5 Ways to Advance Your Customer Experience Effort in 2011
Pillars of Infl
uence | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Social Marketing Compass by Brian Solis and JESS3 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The Roles of the Social Consumer v2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Apple - The Story Behind Apple's Environmental Footprint
GOOD Design Daily: A Fitting Homage to Steve Jobs - Design - GOOD
86 Percent Of iPad Owners Prefer Seeing Advertising In Exchange For Free Content | Mobile Marketing Watch
Andrew Hargadon: The Think/Do cycle
Apple Products Rank Highly in Mind Share for 2010 - Mac Rumors
Apple Q1 2011 fi
gures are the companyʼs best ever » Mobile Computing News
Apple Rules Mobile PC Market With iPad Sales: Apple «
Apple still owns movie downloads - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
Apple to Dominate Tablet Market 2011, 2012 | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD
Apple to Eliminate Retail Box Software Inventory - Mac Rumors
Apple to incorporate NFC into its next-generation iPhone and iPad?
Apple vs. Microsoft – A Website Usability Study | Webdesigner Depot
Apple: World's 'most desired' brand - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
Apple, Google and Microsoft ? Who Will Be Victorious? | No.1 Daily News
Apple's 'PC' shipments grow by 241 percent in iPad-inclusive Canalys stats -- Engadget
Apple's greatest hits under Steve Jobs | The Industry Standard - InfoWorld
brandposition.jpg 550×410 pixels
At Apple, the Platform Is the Engine of Growth -
CabSense NYC HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store
Customer Strategy Trends to Watch in 2011
Customer Strategy Trends to Watch in 2011
DPA Research Projects | Reynolds Journalism Institute | University of Missouri
End of Privacy: Your Facebook ID is marketers' Holy Grail - Dec. 13, 2010
Facebook | Visualizing Friendships (1)
Five Emotions Invented By The Internet « Thought Catalog | The Power of the Holiday Consumer (Raw Image)
How-Marketers-Utilise-Social-Media-2010.jpg 536×1636 pixels
iPad Spurs Cottage Industry of Digital Book Scanning Japan | Cult of Mac
Is Mobile Affecting When We Read? « Read It Later Blog
Logic+Emotion: The Six Pillars of Infl
Richard Branson on 'Social' Relations
Who Likes What: Social Media By Demographic
TheNewsScape.jpg 1200×845 pixels
smprism2_1680x1050_72dpi.jpg 1680×1050 pixels
Social Commerce: Personalized and Collaborative Shopping Experiences - eMarketer
Social Media 2011: Virtual doorsteps and why your website may not matter as much | ZDNet
Social Media Demographics: Whoʼs Using Which Sites? / Flowtown (@fl
Social Media Is Not A Business Opportunity; It Is A Human Opportunity.
Strategic digital marketing: donʼt be dis(integrated) « electronic museum
The book is dead? Long live the book! - Times LIVE
The Changing Role of Ad Agency Rainmakers « FUEL LINES Fueling Ad Agency New Business Through Social…
The Fortune 500 and Social Media Study, 2010 - Center for Marketing Research - University of Massach…
The Infl
uence of Mobile on Social Marketingʼs Future | Social Media Today
The role of E-tourism in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean - {Travel Daily News}
The Steve Jobs Theory of Customer Relations - Joshua Gans - The Conversation - Harvard Business Revi…
The Wild West: Facebook Advertising Tips 2011Search News Central
The Year Ahead in Media: Digital or Die -
Top 10 Experiential Super Bowl Ads of All Time | B2C Marketing Insider
Top 10 Super Bowl Ads With the Most Twitter Pre-Buzz [Infographic]
Virtual Meetings Offer Marketing Opportunities -
Case Studies
Apple, Campbell's Say iAds Twice as Effective as TV - Advertising Age - Digital
MediaPost Publications The Daily Meets Reality 02/09/2011
Appleʼs iPad Drives 20 Percent Of Financial Timesʼ Online Subscriptions :: App Advice
AppleInsider | Apple's iPhone most popular item on eBay in 2010
AppleInsider | Deutsche Bank very positive on iPhone trial, 'no going back' to BlackBerry
Outdoor Augmented Reality
IPCity - Interaction and Presence in Urban Environments
Viral Video: Volkswagen's 'The Force' Wins Online Battle of the Super Bowl Ads, But What's That Worth? - Advertising Age - Digital
Arriva cellphone tickets let mobiles keep you mobile • The Register
Art Gets Unmasked in the Palm of Your Hand -
Augmented reality vs “architecture fi
BBC News - Six ads that changed the way you think
Being Safe in the World of Social Media | Social Media Today
Best Ipad Campaign 2010 – IBM Smarter Cities
Best Media Apps for the iPad -
BMW Integrates Apple Ipad in Latest Models
Brand Bowl 2011 - Ranking the Super Bowl TV ads - presented by Mullen, Radian6, and
Brands Missing the Boat on Web Video Users
Computer-Aided Dispatch App Comes to iPhone, iPad
Emerging Media News |
Healthcare iPad Deployment To Approach 70% In 2011 -- Health IT Devices -- InformationWeek
Special Issue: iPad in Healthcare | mobihealthnews
How Consumers Are Using Smartphones in Stores [STUDY]
Indiaʼs 2nd largest English daily newspaper launches app « Adobe Digital Publishing
iPad App Marketing Case Study: Flickpad
Journal of Surgical Radiology | Column: The iPad in the Hospital and Operating Room
iPads used by House of Representatives offi
iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is the most expensive phone for $8 million
iPhone 4 History Edition is the worlds fi
rst Dinosaur mobile phone
McDonaldʼs U.K. Gets Contactless Payments - International Business Times
McDonalds samples NFC swipe-tech in UK • The Register
Ford Making Mobile Marketing The Cornerstone of its 2011 Vehicle Advertising | Mobile Marketing Watch
Magic Ad Mirrors Will Soon Greet You In The Airport Bathroom
Pepsi complements Super Bowl sponsorship with mobile channels - Mobile Marketer
Project Magazine for iPad on the iTunes App Store
Rock ʻnʼ Soul Museum ʻcodingʼ new T-shirts for marketing | Memphis Business Journal
Startup Adds Augmented Reality to Location-Based Marketing
Study Shows Social Media Directly Tied Into Brands and Products
Super Bowl XLV Offi
cial NFL Game Program for iPad on the iTunes App Store
TheNewsScape.jpg 1200×845 pixels
Videos Telecoms Analysis Reports from Juniper Research
5 Ways To Measure Facebook Fan Engagement | B2C Marketing Insider
7-secrets-of-social-media-conversion-infographic.png 930×1948 pixels
86 Percent Of iPad Owners Prefer Seeing Advertising In Exchange For Free Content | Mobile Marketing Watch
112001-C5M-APPLEiPAD2.png 960×960 pixels
201005-iPad-by-Region1.jpg 650×456 pixels
App Store Metrics | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The Comprehensive Mobile Advertising Networks Comparison Guide | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Apple wins Superbowl with Verizon iPhone - Computerworld Blogs
Apple's Big Push in Content -
Apple, RIM and HTC Win Big in 2010 Mobile Handset Race, Says ABI Research | Press Release | ABI Research
Mobile Device Market Share Tracker
AppleInsider | More than 2% of world's Web traffi
c comes from Apple's iOS devices
Operating system market share news
AppleInsider | Rush to compete with Apple's iPad places strain on component suppliers
Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community [OCLC - Reports]
Commentary from Carl Grant: Perceptions of Libraries, 2010; A clear call for revolutionary, not evolutionary, thinking in librarianship
What Makes a Lasting Twitter Message? - Technology Review
Are Schools Struggling to Remain Relevant in the 21st Century? Arguing the Case For Technology... - …
The-Future-is-Now-IG.jpg 540×3881 pixels
Best Practices for Maximizing Mobile App Revenue: Tech News and Analysis «
Big-spending Baby Boomers bend the rules of marketing (USA Today) | Marketing News Group
Big-spending Baby Boomers bend the rules of marketing -
Billion Dollar Bonanza: Cyber Monday Surpasses $1 Billion in U.S. Spending as Heaviest Online Shopping Day in History - comScore, Inc
Canalys reports global PC market growth of 19% in Q4 2010 (Canalys research release: r2011012)
CES 2011: Why Apple Will Steal the Show - PCWorld
CHART OF THE DAY: Here's How Much A Unique Visitor Is Worth
Chart-1.png 494×486 pixels
Class Of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School / Flowtown (@fl
CommercialWars.png 650×6352 pixels
D: Dive Into Mobile Conference Coverage | AllThingsD
Danger: America Is Losing Its Edge In Innovation - CIO Central - CIO Network - Forbes
Facebook Isn't (Just) A Destination | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communications Blog -…
Facebook vs. The rest of the World - Power of Data Visualization
February 2010 Mobile Metrics Report « AdMob Metrics
http://www.kenan-fl – 6 trends that will transform the US
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Marketing Management Remains Leader-less - CRM Magazine
GE's Beth Comstock: A New Blueprint for Innovation - The Daily Beast
Generations 2010: Trends in online activities | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Proje… | The World of Data (Raw Image)
Have We Reached a World of Infi
nite Information? / Flowtown (@fl
Holiday Infographic -
Holidays by the Numbers [infographic]
How Does Age Affect Web Use?
Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Social Media Curtain | The Kern Organization
Marketing Shock & Awe with Good Sentiment | The Kern Organization
Perception vs. Reality | B2C Marketing Insider
personalspacehumannetworks2.jpg 989×689 pixels
saupload_appleinterst.jpg 573×433 pixels
SEO-Infographic1.jpg 1200×4920 pixels
Social Media Marketing By The Numbers [Infographic]
Social Media Prisma - ethority weblog
Social Media: Most Dramatic Change in Twitter Culture in 2010 - Advertising Age - MediaWorks: What t…
Social Networks: Past, Present & Future
social-media-landscape.jpg 697×1200 pixels
Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights and its differences - Socialbakers
socialMediaTL_05.png 2000×950 pixels
Study: 60 percent of companies using social media have no plan « FUEL LINES Fueling Ad Agency New Bu…
Study: 89 Percent Of Networking Nonconsensual | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
The Art of the Checkin: From Location to Content to Brand
The Difference Between Friends, Fans and Followers
The Discipline of Social Media Measurement | Brass Tack Thinking
The rise of the surgical shopper as impulse buying declines -
The State of Small Business Online Marketing Budgets (Mashable) | Marketing News Group
The Web Passes Newspapers in Ad Spending For First Time - The eMarketer Blog
TNW_HowPeopleTweet.jpg 550×1231 pixels
Twitter Marketing For Online Businesses | Social Media Mind
twitter-infographics1.jpg 600×600 pixels
Why Email Marketing Is Still In Vogue / Flowtown (@fl
Why Marketing Threatens the True Promise of Social Media
Why the Kids Don't Blog and Grandma's on Facebook | Fast Company
Mobile Stats
Appcelerator IDC Mobile Developer Report, January 2011 | Appcelerator
how-are-mobile-phones-changing-social-media.png 1000×2580 pixels
TNW_The_Great_Rise_of_the_Mobile_Web.jpg 900×1924 pixels
MediaPost Publications Forrester: 2011 Mobile Trends 01/25/2011
Apple, RIM and HTC Win Big in 2010 Mobile Handset Race, Says ABI Research | Press Release | ABI Research
MediaPost Publications Smartphones Lead Mobile Rebound In 2010 01/28/2011
Mobile Device Market Share Tracker
Mobile Device Shipment Market Data
Smartphones & Mobile Devices Research Service | ABI Research
Consumer Technology Barometer: Mobile (Q3 2010)
Mobile Device User Interfaces
Mobile Devices Annual Market Overview
Appleʼs PC market share expected to grow – if you consider iPad a PC | VentureBeat
AppleInsider | Five years of Apple: 2005 iPod to 2010 iPod touch
TNW_The_Great_Rise_of_the_Mobile_Web.jpg 900×1924 pixels
bell_courtesy.jpg 1892×2749 pixels
Biz Break: Verizon iPhone: A 'voracious appetite for Apple products' - San Jose Mercury News
Cisco sees mobile data go through the roof - LTE saves operators from constipation | TechEye
Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffi
c Forecast Update, 2010–2015  [Visual Networ…
Cisco: 'World head over heels for convergence' • Channel Register
Cisco: Puppy cams threaten Internet
ComScore: Hulu Is Watched Twice As Much As The 5 Major TV Networks Online Combined
Consumer Trends to Watch in 2011
Mary Meeker's Latest Amazing Presentation About The Future Of Tech
Facebook leaps into future as smartphones prepare to get smarter | Technology | The Observer
Facebook Statistics in 2010 / Blog by la_noche / Splashnology - Web Design and Web Technology Commun…
Facebook vs Twitter Infographic -
Half of US population to use smartphones by end of 2011 | asymco
Here Are The Mobile Companies To Watch Right Now
How the iPad changed 2010 -
Infographic of the Day: The Blistering Rise of iPad and Tablet Computing | Co.Design
Infographic: Shocking Cellphone Usage Numbers - My Modern Metropolis
Infographic: The Evolution of CRM (Social Studies Blog)
infographic-mobile-use-while-watching-TV1.jpg 1024×631 pixels
iPad accounts for 8 percent of global mobile PC shipments
iPad By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]
iPad could grow to 2 percent of North American web traffi
c | Electronista
iPad Internet Traffi
c to Nearly Triple in 2011 - HotHardware
iPad may replace textbooks and playbooks - Education - Macworld UK
iPad reading could cut into TV's time - CNN
Making it up in volume: How profi
t and volumes traded-off in the fourth quarter | asymco
Mobile broadband users seen hitting 1 billion in 2011 | Reuters
Mobile Marketing Association launches new mobile initiatives
Mobile Trends 2020
Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
Mobile Year in Review 2010 on Vimeo
The history of Apple's iPod: An infographic. -
Opera: State of the Mobile Web, November 2010
Opinion: The iPad and the centenarian | E-Readers | iOS Central | Macworld
Pew: 85% of US adults have cellphones, 4% have tablets | Electronista
Politics goes mobile | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
Royal Pingdom » Mobile OS usage splits the world (chart)
Seth's Blog: One way to look at the internet, mobile, web and tablets
Smart Gorillas
socket_phone.jpg 917×1571 pixels
Spam 3.0, The Evolution of Search and the Future of SEO
Spam-Infographic.jpg 612×9187 pixels
State of the Apple iPad 2011 | Touch Reviews
State of The Browser Market |
Survey: Rise of Two-iPad Homes | Cult of Mac
Tablet Commerce Expected to Explode in 2011 [STATS]
Tablet sales to nearly triple in 2011: Gartner (WSJ) | Marketing News Group
Tablets Become Fastest-Growing MEMS Market in 2011
Tablets crowd gadget show, chasing iPad's tail - Yahoo! Finance
Tablets Emerging As A Signifcant Growth Area For AT&T | paidContent
Tablets Will Grow As Fast As MP3 Players - Forrester Research
The 12 key elements of iPad media strategy | Trends in the Living Networks
The Data Digest: Who Uses Location-Based Services? | Forrester Blogs
The Data Digest: Why Young Consumers Like Tablets | Forrester Blogs
The history of Apple's iPod: An infographic. -
The Tablet Takeover (Infographic)
The Tech That Got People Talking on Twitter in 2010
The Ubiquitous Computing Revolution Infographic | Personal Computing Revolution, Mobile Devices & Ta…
ubiquitous-computing-101213d-02.jpg 600×1974 pixels
Verizon Wireless Has Record Sales On First Day Of iPhone 4
Video: The Year In Mobile Recapped (in 180 Seconds): Tech News «
Yahoo: 86% Use Mobile Devices While Watching TV
Year in Review: 10 Trends in Mobile Technology -
Year of the Tablet, or the Year of the iPad? -
Your Computer Is Going Away (Graphic) | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developer…
YouTube - The Growth of Mobile: Stats and fi
gures that will shock you!
YOUTUBE-NATION-12-2.png 1000×1605 pixels
Apple could disrupt mobile payment industry, analysts say - Computerworld
Apple Aims To Take NFC Mainstream; Perhaps The Greatest Trick Theyʼve Ever Pulled?
Apple eyes pay-by-iPhone - Computerworld
Apple Hints NFC Chips Might Come To iPhones, iPads - International Business Times
Apple iPhone 5, iPad 2 could have wave-and-pay features | Technology | Los Angeles Times
Direct Commerce Systems and Services: Mobile Payment Options
A Story That Nobody Will Talk About: Amazon Is Ditching Texas Because Of A Fight Over Taxes
Cyberthieves expected to go after smart phones
Digital activists now have the tools to change the world. Expect disruption – Telegraph Blogs
Early results are in: 2011 is year of epic hacking - Computerworld Blogs
eBookSales.jpg 704×404 pixels
Eighty-one percent of CMOs expect social investments to return revenues (Brafton) | Marketing News G…
Forget Journalism School and Enroll in Groupon Academy - Elizabeth Weingarten - Technology - The Atlantic
Foursquareʼs incredible 2010 growth spurt [infographic] - Holy Kaw!
Free shipping and Apple's iPad help spark record online holiday sales - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
Free Shipping Day Punctuates Heaviest Week of U.S. Online Spending in History as Four Individual Days Eclipse $900 Million - comScore, Inc
How the Mac App Store Changes Everything
How the Mac App store could blow up the software market - Fortune Tech
Juniper: One in six phones to have NFC by 2014 • NFC World
New Storefront Coming for Tablet-Based Magazines [REPORT]
Prediction No. 4 (Mobile Wallets) Already Coming True
Small Business News: Direct Marketing Diorama
Technology could turn cellphones into wallets | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Dalla…
The asymmetric competition between Google and Apple app stores | asymco
The Daily Bark » Mobile Warming: Hot Trends in m-commerce
The Groupon Story - One Billion The Hard Way | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communicatio…
The history of coupons [infographic] - Holy Kaw!
The History of Marketing / Flowtown (@fl
The History of Social Networking
The More You Tell, the More You Sell | The Kern Organization
The Most Brilliant Marketing Moves Of 2010
The State of B2B Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Up-and-Coming Mobile Shopping Sites for Your Phone - Advertising Age - Digital
What Happens When Three Savvy Shoppers Hit the Mall, Smartphones in Hand - It's Your Money -…
What Would Don Draper Do In A Digital World? - comScore, Inc
Internet Stats
110111-GOM-LTE.jpg 900×2183 pixels
Facebook vs. the rest of the world | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
We will be here - Map of the Future - | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
America-Hungry.jpg 600×846 pixels
American Internet Use Catches Up With TV Use -
Americans & TV: How Social Media Users Watch Video [INFOGRAPHIC]
And Now We're Running Out Of Trans-Ocean Fiber Capacity...
Periodic Table of the Internet by Wellington Grey | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
TNW_How_Big_is_the_Internet.jpg 800×1926 pixels
Apple/Macintosh - 2010 Sees Apple at Pinnacle of Tech Industry
Future of the Internet IV | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project
The History and Evolution of Social Media | Webdesigner Depot
The-Future-is-Now-IG.jpg 540×3881 pixels
The Cost to Connect | Intuit Small Business Blog
AwesomeEvolutionoftheInternet.jpg 540×3460 pixels
Click! A Brief History of Computing - Photo Gallery - LIFE
Cloud computing fundamentals
Cloud Computing: 2011 predictions -
Cloud Computing: 2011 Predictions
collegestudenttimeuse-r3.gif 800×2897 pixels
Column Five Media – Socialcast Infographic: Education 2.0 - Infographic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Interactive Infographics
Comment: The year that Twitter came of age - Telegraph
Content Is Everywhere - The Changing Tide Of The Internet | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and…
Content Management System CMS Reviews, CMS News, CMS Analysis
Conversation Agent: The Digital Big Bang and the Attention Conundrum
Facebook-vs.-Twitter-Infographic.jpeg 800×1761 pixels
Fortune 100 Companies [infographic]
How The World Has Changed: 2000 vs. 2010…
IG-SN-1000px.jpg 1000×11225 pixels
Internet Usage in America by Household |
internet-environment-infographic.jpg 504×5148 pixels
Internet-Users-on-the-Rise.jpg 634×649 pixels
Investors pumped $233M into mobile health in 2010 | mobihealthnews
linkedin-demographics-2011-infographic.jpg 2000×4500 pixels
Map of the Decade, ExaTrends of the Decade, and the Zeitgeist for 2011 - Trends in the Living Networ…
New-Twitter-Accounts.jpg 504×424 pixels
Royal Pingdom » Internet 2010 in numbers
Short Sharp Science: Info-streams create cybermap of the world
Six Social Media Trends for 2011 - David Armano - The Conversation - Harvard Business Review
State of the Internet Report
State of the Internet: Summing up 2010 (Infographic)
Technology That Rocked The Working World In 2010
Teens and Their Mobile Phones / Flowtown (@fl
The 2010 Social Networking Map | Bit Rebels
The Aging of America - Interactive Graphic -
The Boom of Social Sites (Infographic)
The History of Twitter and What it Means to Tweet | Social Media Mind
The Social Media Effect
The Social Media Vacuum (Social Studies Blog)
The social side of the internet | Pew Internet & American Life Project
Tweetage Wasteland : Internet by the Numbers: Itʼs Getting Crowded in Here
Twitter & Facebook: A History of Social Media Valuations - Deal Journal - WSJ
Twitter Is More than Just Noise | MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog
Web 2.0 tag cloud.png 804×604 pixels
webbot_infographic_lge.jpg 1050×4614 pixels
What Does the Future of the Internet Look Like? « Thought Catalog
What Twitter's Trending Topics Told Us About the World in 2010 [CHARTS]
What Would 10 Petabytes Look Like? [Infographic] - ReadWriteCloud
who-uses-twitter.png 1000×1980 pixels
Why 2011 will be the year of social-media convergence
George Martin working with The Beatles, Abbey Road studios 1967 | Flickr - Photo Sharing…
LifeMap | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Apple Outsider » iAd and the Web
65 Terrifi
c Social Media Infographics | pamorama
Apple-Infographic-1.jpg 605×3650 pixels
Appleʼs iPad Revolution – One Year Later [Infographic]
AppleInsider | Adobe prepping "Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing” for iOS, Android development
Designing Books for a Digital Age -
Despite Apple's Flash Ban, Over 1200 Flash-Based Mobile Advertising Campaigns Projected to Run on iOS in 2011
dick_tracy_watch.jpg 822×520 pixels
Do Emotional Images in Advertising Pull at Heart Strings? -- NEW YORK, Nov. 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --
E-books are good news for the literary world -
E-Mail's Big Demographic Split -
Eight Absolutely Interesting HTML5-based Apps | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and D…
What Makes Good Information Design? - My Modern Metropolis
Facebook = high school reunion, Twitter = digital kindergarten - / Comment / Opinion - Silicon Valley visionary who put Apple on top
Google is from Mars, Apple is from Venus
How Do You Transform Good Research Into Great Innovations? | Co.Design
How I Use Visualization To Drive Creativity
How Infographics Must Look | Top Design Magazine - Web Design and Digital Content
How to get better at UI design
How to Use MIDI to Make an iPad More Musically Connected, Productive: Video, Resources
Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth | Health Tech - CNET News
North Carolina father's app lets disabled son 'speak' thru iPad - San Jose Mercury News
sleep-is-awesome.png 750×3260 pixels
Steve Jobs named "CEO of the Decade" - Tops MarketWatch list
Steve Jobs: Design perfectionist - The Apple II (1) - FORTUNE
steve_jobs_product_portrait.jpg 600×633 pixels
Technology Innovators | Conversations on Innovation | VentureBeat
The Hidden Art of Achieving Creative Flow | zen habits
The Showcase of Visually Enticing Infographics | DesignFloat Blog
What's Your Personal Data Worth? | Blog | design mind
iPhone Data
2011 iPhone production targets raised up to 50 percent | 9 to 5 Mac 2011 iPhone production targets raised up to 50 percent | Apple Intelligence
2011 Predictions in Medicine, Healthcare, Technology and Innovation « ScienceRoll
GO-IPAD-GOLD-RUSH-R81.png 1000×1423 pixels
The History of the iPhone [INFOGRAPHIC]
Virtual Assistants
10 Greatest Time Saving Inventions in History | GlobeTask Virtual Assistant Services - The Best Way to Reclaim Your Time
Appleʼs Next iOS Improves Interface, Adds New Gestures | Gadget Lab |
7 Ways To Incorporate Crowdsourcing Into Your Business
Crowdsourcing and the future of working on your own terms
CrowdsourcingLandscape_v1.jpg 3507×2480 pixels
A 21st-Century Field Guide: The Green Life
Marketing Technologist
8 things every marketing technologist should know - Chief Marketing Technologist
Rise of the Marketing Technologist - Chief Marketing Technologist
Creative Technologist Job, Attention Partners - Mashable Jobs
Denied AdMob, Apple Buys Competing Ad Platform Quattro Wireless For $275 Million
George_Martin.jpg 3106×2393 pixels
Marketing_Technologist_Expertise.png 908×971 pixels
Business Intelligence & Performance management
10 Steps to 21st Century BI & Performance Management -- InformationWeek
Current, Planned, and Hoped-For-Uses of BI
All sizes | Current, Planned & Hoped-For BI | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Get Business Intelligence Ready for the Real-Time Web: Tech News «
MicroStrategy Ramps Up Business Intelligence For iPad, iPhone - PCWorld Business Center
The Broadband Plan and the Power of Data Driven Thinking: Tech News «
Visual Business Intelligence - Infographics—Itʼs time to put them to the test
When BI (Business Intelligence) turns to BS - - Motor Age - Automotive training, certifi
cation & par…