HbbTV services and devices at IBC 2011

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Jun 24, 2012 (6 years and 10 months ago)


HbbTV services and devices at IBC 2011

ACCESS Hall 13 / Booth 115
ACCESS showcases its NetFront™ Browser HbbTV Edition running on iDTVs and set-top boxes, which is
widely deployed in Germany, France, Spain, etc. NetFront Browser HbbTV Edition is built upon the industry-
leading heritage of ACCESS NetFront Browser, the most widely available embedded Internet browser in the
world today. NetFront products, including NetFront Browser, have shipped in over one billion devices around
the world, including digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, mobile handhelds, game consoles, etc. NetFront
Browser HbbTV Edition also supports CE-HTML, HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL features.

ANT Software Limited Hall 4 / Booth C98
ANT will be demonstrating its complete ETSI compliant HbbTV platform at IBC 2011. The ANT Galio HbbTV
Platform is a mature solution for HbbTV which has been successfully deployed into the German HbbTV market.
The demonstration will also feature HD+ InterAktiv functionality.

Arion Hall 4 / Booth A71
Arion will be showcasing its HbbTV-compatible set-top box, together with ACCESS' leading NetFront™ HbbTV

AwoX Hall 2 / Booth C33
Demonstration of AwoX MOORE, a STi7162 set-top-box able to playback broadcast content including HbbTV

CreNova Hall 5 / Booth B15b
CreNova Technology, supplier to worldwide A brand OEMs and Operators has implemented a Opera based
HbbTV retail strategy across Europe, offering set-tops that will enable consumers to access a range of
advanced services, including interactive TV advertising, VOD and catch-up TV.
CreNova bills its set-tops as offering a unique modular system design that allows them to be tailored to meet
individual customer requirements. CreNova now covers the complete bandwidth in reception: from MPEG-4
DVB-S2, -C HD, - T2, Combo- and Twin-Versions as well as Hybrid IPTV Receivers.

Digital TV Labs Hall 2 / Booth A18
Digital TV Labs will be displaying its latest range of HbbTV related testing products, including:
• Ligada iSuite for HbbTV - We will be demonstrating the latest version of Ligada iSuite, which includes
support for the official HbbTV test suite as well as various automation features.
• HbbTV Application Testing Service - This service has been designed especially for application
developers to ensure that their work is interoperable with a wide range of HbbTV receivers, and
includes access to our full Application Testing Lab as well as an advanced HbbTV Receiver 'Zoo'.

DiscVision GmbH Hall 1 / Booth A81 (Aprico booth)
DiscVision presents on the IBC 2011 its hybrid STB / PVR software that is the basis of different receiver
systems that are exhibited there. The systems integrate the DiscVision HbbTV software stack for the support of
contents provided by broadcasters. In addition to this, the software stack also integrates a web portal which
delivers a large number of interactive services to the user. The systems presented on IBC integrate for the first
time the watchmi theme channels which collect linear and non-linear contents and extend the available watchmi
recom-mender system integrated in the receivers.

Eutelsat Hall 1 / Booth D59
Eutelsat shows “KabelKiosk interaktiv” - comprehensive HbbTV services and VOD for cable operators &
FRANSAT HbbTV and PushVOD via satellite.

httv Hall 4 / Booth C60
httv is proud to demonstrate at IBC 2011, its "httvBOX", an innovative software turnkey solution for connected
TVs and STBs. httvBOX is an embedded software solution. It simplifies and unifies access to all types of
content including broadcast, on-demand and OTT programs. It offers an extensive range of functionalities,
including some innovative features such as User based profil UI or personalized Mosaic. httv has supported the
development of the HbbTV standard since its creation and is part of the HbbTV consortium. Its httvBOX is
HbbTV compliant.

Icareus Ltd. Hall 3 / Booth B67
Icareus, the company that offers products for better TV experience, showcases its HbbTV Playout CS100
Carousel, PC 100 Compact Lab and full turnkey EP100 EPG server solutions as well as Interactive applications
and services for HbbTV broadcasters and operators.

Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) Hall 10 / Booth F51
IRT presents a comprehensive HbbTV showcase with applications and various types of receivers and its latest
• Broadcast Server – PC-based transport stream server for DVB, HbbTV and IPTV
IRT’s Broadcast Server (re-)multiplexes in real-time all required programme and service information
and streams the transport data for DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, DVB-T and IPTV.
• HbbTV Test Harness – simplifies the testing and evaluation process
IRT offers a professional solution for the standard complaint testing and self-certification of HbbTV set-
top-boxes and IDTVs.

Inverto Hall 1 / Booth B51 (Astra booth)
Inverto will be present on the ASTRA booth demonstrating the Volksbox WEB EDTION HbbTV and HD+
Interaktiv portal.

IP4.tv Hall 13 / Booth 371
IP4TV presents the latest generation HbbTV compliant Hybrid HD DVB IP DVR. Supporting DVB-C or DVB-S2
together with latest conditional access schemes, it enables the best of broadcast experience for the consumer,
with a flexible IP based portal stack, with adaptive streaming and DRM capabilities.

Humax Hall 4 / Booth B70
Across Europe, Humax has been actively involved in many key digital TV initiatives, including the launch of
Germany’s HbbTV service and the UK’s Freesat digital TV service. At the IBC Humax will demonstrate its
newest STB generations with HbbTV plus additional “over the top” features.

Hyperpanel Hall 13 / Booth 115 (Access) & Hall 3 / Booth B20b (Quadrille)
HyperPanel provides, customizes and integrates complete software solutions for satellite, terrestrial, and IP
television set-top-boxes and will be demonstrating Netfront Browser HbbTV profile.

KAONMEDIA CO LTD Hall 1 / Booth B16
Kaon shows a complete range of HbbTV products for MPEG4 HD PVR and PVR ready products with DVB-
T/T2, DVB-C, and DVB-S/S2. On top of HbbTV, HD+ Interactive portal delivers VOD, Game, TV shows, Music,
Youtube, etc available with a single click. High Speed JavaScript Performance by Netfront™ guarantees to
deliver high performance full browsing experience. Marlin and MS Playready DRM are supported, and
Nagravision and Conax CAS are available to support different markets.

Kathrein Hall 8 / Booth C29
Kathrein presents its HbbTV UFS 925 Twin PVR featuring HbbTV services, interactive portal "HD+InterAktiv"
and smart homenetworking.

Logiways Hall 2 / Booth C40d
LOGIWAYS shows its VodAccess™ set-top box integrated with ACCESS’ NetFront Browser HbbTV Edition.

Mstar Hall 5 / Booth C15
Mstar is pleased to announce its first exhibition to the IBC show!
Leveraging on the company's leadership position in the TV market, Mstar has created the Mstar Connected
package of best-in class broadcast and broadband solutions for Connected TV and Set Top Boxes. This
package includes HbbTV support. Mstar Connected is a real end-to-end connected HDTV offering that
accelerates time-to-market and reduces cost with technologies.

Nagra Kudelski Group / OpenTV Hall 1 / Booth C81
NAGRA will have a number of HbbTV demonstration at IBC including:
• HbbTV enabled catchup TV services on Inverto STB and Samsung connected TV, delivered by the
Nagra Federated Head-End (joint demo with Optiva Media)
• OpenTV Spyglass based STB accessing live German HbbTV services

NDS Hall 1 / Booth A71
NDS demonstrates HbbTV Set-Top-Boxes.

Ocean Blue Hall 13 / Booth 115 (ACCESS booth)
Ocean Blue will be demonstrating their HbbTV solution, together with ACCESS’ leading NetFront™ HbbTV
Browser at the ACCESS stand, Hall 13.115. Ocean Blue’s advanced Sunrise DVB core is mature, robust and
has been fully-deployed worldwide. With support for multi-core CPUs and multi-tasking Ocean Blue software
maintains its HbbTV browser agnostic approach to the market and offers various solutions. Ocean Blue can
provide complete turnkey solutions for DVB-C, DVB-S2 and DVB-T/T2. Our Voyager MHEG-5 and the
associated DSM-CC / AIT handler can be provided as modules to work alongside a third party HbbTV browser.

Opera Hall 5 / Booth B47
Opera will be showcasing the Opera browser and HbbTV, HTML5, Opera TV application store, WebGL and
DLNA solutions TVs, STBs and other devices. Stop by our booth to interact with our Opera TV emulator with
debugging tools for TV application creation.

Optiva Media Hall 1 / Booth C81 (Nagravision booth)
HbbTV demo application showing catch-up and VoD screens (catalogues, assets, player...). It will be shown in
two different devices: Inverto STB and Samsung TV set.

Rovi Hall 5 / Booth A31
At IBC 2011, Rovi will be exhibiting its HbbTV compliant TotalGuide Solution and Rovi Entertainment Store.
TotalGuide is an advanced media guide that uses descriptive information and rich multimedia data to help
consumers discover various types of content. TotalGuide can be deployed as an HTML based application, and
is compatible with any HbbTV compliant device.
Rovi Entertainment Store is a white-label offering that includes full range of premium content, new movies and
next-day TV programs, and technologies that enable businesses to quickly launch digital distribution services to
end consumers. Available as a web offering, Rovi Entertainment Store can be used on HbbTV devices and

SES ASTRA / ASTRA Platform Services GmbH Hall 1 / Booth B51
SES affiliate ASTRA Platform Services presents their HbbTV service portfolio and shows use cases of HbbTV
satellite applications from HSE 24 and SPORT 1.
HD Plus presents "HD+ InterAktiv" an interactive portal solution with digital content applications such as news,
weather, sports, music based on HbbTV standard for hybrid STBs. HD Plus is a technical platform from SES
ASTRA for encrypted broadcasting and reception of commercial free TV programmes in HD quality via satellite.

Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. Hall 3 / Booth C56
Exhibited is a HD DVB-T & DVB-S2 Combo with HbbTV. Support for Twin tuner PVR / optional CA (NDS/
Viaccess/ Nagravision) / Linux and Media Player.

Sichuang Changhong Network Technologies,Co.,Ltd Hall 6 / Booth A29E
Sichuang Changhong Network Technologies will present HD DVB-T box with HbbTV,HD S2 Twin tuner PVR
box with HbbTV,HD IP-box and DVB-S/T/C with CAS(Nagravision,Conax,Irdeto and NDS).

Shenzhen State Micro Technology Co.,Ltd. Hall 1 / Booth F86
Demonstrated is the SMiT HbbTV set-top-box,with DVB-C/T/S+IP functions, following HbbTV standard.

SmarDTV Hall 1 / Booth C81
SmarDTV will host a demo of an HbbTV compliant DVB middleware from iWedia company. The iWedia turnkey
software solution for hybrid set-top boxes featuring Comedia HD DVB stack, HbbTV engine, and DLNA
compliant Digital Media Player is running on SmarDTV's iDECODE HD, a Pay-TV HD D-to-A converter in a
chip, suitable for DVB- T2/C2/S2 and IP networks. SmarDTV is a member of HbbTV Consortium from the
beginning and is actively participating to HbbTV Certification Group and HbbTV Testing Group.

STMicroelectronics Hall 1 / Booth F36
ST will be showing an MIT-xperts HbbTV portal from Astra based on an STI7108 platform.

S&T (Strategy & Technology) Hall 1 / Booth C31
S&T will show its products for HbbTV :
• RedKey3: Digital TV receiver client software that implements the HbbTV specification. RedKey3
integrates the hugely successful NetFront Browser from ACCESS with HbbTV signalling and S&T’s
proven DSM-CC client.
• TSBroadcaster2 HbbTV: The second generation of S&T’s DSM-CC Object Carousel for DVB
platforms, now includes full support for broadcast carousel playout of HbbTV applications and
generation of associated AIT signalling with ASI or IP transport stream output.

TDF Hall 1 / Booth B79
The TDF demo illustrates the HbbTV efforts in France by showing a VoD catalogue HbbTV application. It also
shows new extensions to HbbTV like MPEG DASH adaptive streaming, common encryption and common file
format for Marlin and Play ready DRMs.

TechniSat Hall 1 / Booth A44
TechniSat, the German producer of premium set-top-boxes and IDTVs presents its new set-top-boxes for
satellite and cable DIGIT ISIO and DigiCorder ISIO as well as its IDTV MultyVision ISIO. With the TechniSat
ISIO range of products you can receive more than TV programmes in SD and HD quality. The new and intuitive
internet functionality provides free browsing by the integrated Opera browser, HbbTV, video-on-demand, media
libraries, and access to IP-based interactive services. Moreover, TechniSat respectively offers the ISIO Live!
portal, which lets you call up and use numerous services, such as internet radio or videos which explain
important functionalities of the products. The MultyVision ISIO also supports Flash.

TechnoTrend Görler Hall 1 / Booth A58
TechnoTrend Görler presents its HbbTV set-top box portfolio, TT-micro S855 HbbTV and the future models TT-
select S865 HbbTV and TT-select S955 HbbTV PVR, and shows HbbTV services, interactive portal “HD+
InterAktiv” and smart home networking.

Vestel Hall 13 / Booth 131
VESTEL is exhibiting leading HbbTV compliant set-top boxes and IDTVs, together with ACCESS' leading
NetFront™ HbbTV Browser and DLNA integrated Solution.

Additional information about HbbTV : www.hbbtv.org

Contact: press@hbbtv.org