The following three terms: classifications, taxonomies and

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Classifications, Taxonomies, Ontologies, Thesauri

The following three terms: classifications, taxonomies and
ontologies are often confused.

This is caused by a trend to use the most fashionable of the three
terms “ontology”.

Classification: Definition

Webster definition:
systematic arrangement in groups or
categories according to established criteria.

An example of a classification would be the division of all plants in
the classes decorative and non

Taxonomy: Definition

Longman definition:
the process or a system of organizing things
into different groups that show their natural relationships,
especially plants or animals

Webster definition:
orderly classification of plants and
animals according to their presumed natural relationships

A taxonomy can described as (hierarchical) classification of items
created according to data internal criteria.

Ontology: Yet Another Definition

"The term

has many meanings and shades of meaning. In
the contest of this work*, we refer to what is sometimes called a
"structural" ontology

a machine readable set of definitions that
create a taxonomy of classes and subclasses and relationships
between them.“

Web Ontology (WebONT) Working Group Charter at

Classifications and Taxonomies: Comparison

Taxonomies are classifications that:

have hierarchical structure

list items that are organised according to their natural

Taxonomies and Ontologies

Most ontologies could be described as taxonomies + definitions +
various properties and relations (rather than just taxonomic, i.e.,
is_a, relations)

Thesauri and Ontologies

Nowadays, thesaurus most commenly means a listing of words
with similar, related, or opposite meanings.

"A formal definition of a thesaurus designed for indexing is:

a list of every important term (single
word or multi
word) in a given
domain of knowledge; and

a set of related terms for each term in the list.“*

"In Information Technology, a thesaurus represents a database or
list of semantically orthogonal topical search keys.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, a thesaurus may sometimes be
referred to as an ontology.“*

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Gray wolves are dogs. Dogs are carnivore. Carnivores are
mammals. Mammals are animals.

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