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Enormously popular

Estimated 2/3 of all U.S. Adults*

71% stay in touch with current friends

50% connect to old friends who’ve lost touch

Estimated 98% of all 18
24 year old who are online and
access social media each month**

75% of online senior adults engage

82% of adults ages 55 to 64

*Pew Research April
May 2011

**Experian Simmons Report, 2011

Social Networking Sites

Facebook and Security Issues


Most popular of all social media sites

800 million users as of December 2011

More than 50% of all users log in daily

Average user has 130 friends


Internet Fraud


Forensic Tools

Is there a way for us to remove the anonymity of
users in social media sites such as Facebook?

Facial Recognition in Use

Carnegie Mellon University conducted experiments to see if an
individual could be identified based on the availability of
select information, both online and offline.

They searched public profile images from online social networks
and compared them to dating sites to determine how accurate the
software was in identification

They collected images of consenting students walking on a
campus, and compared those to Facebook. Students provided
some information and were asked to identify themselves in
offline images.

Researchers gathered personal information previously unknown
from a face by training an algorithm to identify Facebook profile

We use application to identify small sample of
users on Facebook.

Detect an image

How to get started…

We created an account

We created a new

Select method

Upload a picture or url

Call method


Image detects five points
on face with different

Glasses, Smiling, Face,
Gender, Mood, Lips

Save tagged

To name a specific
person (based on
known information):

Change method to

Enter the stored tag id

Look for the user of a
known account.

Train the API to
recognize a face

Providing a username
for a face trains the API
to recognize that known
user on Facebook


Can the API identify a distinct face among many?


More than one ID
stored in API

Multiple Facebook
user IDs are entered
into the API.

Facial Recognition Concerns

Potential for misuse

Privacy issue raised:

Sen. Jay Rockefeller: “While
there may be great
potential for commercial, personal, and law
enforcement users of this emerging technology, its
development also raises numerous questions about
individual privacy”

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