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Job Purpose:

Responsible for the
provision and technical support of the ICT network to
users throughout the fire and rescue services including architectural design, functionality and

The ICT Network Team are responsible for all aspects and components of the
ICT network
including; Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Wireless, and network

Principal Accountabilities:

The purpose of this Job Description is to indicate the general level of responsibility of
the post. The de
tailed duties may vary from time to time without changing the
general character or level of responsibility.

Operational/Customer Service:

Responsible for the design, management, development and documentation of all
aspects of the ICT network, inc
luding connectivity, security, resilience and
capacity to ensure it is capable of meeting the requirements of each Service

Responsible for the life cycle planning, installation, testing, upgrading, control
and management of all configuration items of the

ICT network, including all
documentation, software, hardware and firmware assets, including information
relating to their dependencies and relationships. Ensure all records are complete,
current and accurate.

Ensure that appropriate action is taken to i
nvestigate and resolve all reported
incidents and problems associated with the ICT network in line with Service Level
Agreements. Ensure that such incidents and problems are fully documented. Co
ordinate the implementation of remedies and preventative meas
ures to address
such incidents and problems

Project manage ICT network related projects through the complete project
lifecycle from project initiation to end project review, undertaking proactive
monitoring of costs, timescales and resources throughout.


the assessment, analysis, documentation and implementation of all
changes to the ICT network, adhering to published Change Control processes.
Maintain complete, current and accurate records of all changes to the ICT

Design, implement, m
aintain and test strategies, procedures and contingency plans
for all aspects of the ICT networks of the Services ensuring that the ICT network
can be restored in a timely fashion in the case of a disaster. Organise regular
testing of disaster recovery pla
ns and document outcomes

Ensure that the ICT network is kept secure from internal and external threats and
all privileges are proactively managed. Ensure all security breaches are
investigated. Maintain complete, current and accurate records of all areas
of ICT
network security

Develop, review, document and improve operational processes and procedures
that cover all areas of the ICT Network Team’s responsibilities that are fit for
purpose, complete, accurate and current and are in line with ISO 27001 and

to work flexibly at both Fire Service Headquarters and undertake visits
to all sites of both Fire Services to provide a very responsive ICT support service
to all end users

Provide out of hours emergency call out service overnight

and at weekends and
public holidays on a rota basis to provide 24 x 7 x 365 support.

Actively manage customer requirements and expectations via regular
communications at all levels and implementation of action plans to improve the
customer ICT experience

to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Develop and maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders, 3rd
party suppliers and other partner organisations to implement and maintain ICT
network services.

To ensure the security and
protection of the ICT infrastructure and
communications systems against improper or fraudulent use.


To support and participate in the formulation of standards and procedures for
quality management and customer care expectations.


To be responsible for the development and maintenance of official promulgations
relating to the references and responsibilities of the post.

To establish and maintain an appropriate administrative and audit system for data,
information and record
s relating to the function of the post.

Health, Safety and Welfare

To implement and promote the Fire and Rescue Service health and safety policies
within the scope of responsibility of the post.

To develop a healthier and safer environment through t
he management of Health
and Safety and Occupational Health.

Equal Opportunities

To practice and promote fair and equal treatment of staff and customers
throughout the course of performing all duties contained within this job

To ensure t
he development and progression of equality within the sphere of
responsibility of this job description, and the fair and equal treatment of all
employees and customers.


To attend training courses, seminars, meetings and functions appropriate to the


To attend incidents and exercises to review communications and information
systems where necessary.

To support and participate in the formulation of standards and procedures for
quality management and customer expectations.

To undertake other dut
ies of a similar level and responsibility as may be required
from time to time.

To hold a full driving license and be able to drive to all remote sites

This Job Description is current as to the date shown below. It is liable to variation by

to reflect or anticipate changes to the job.