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Nov 20, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Computer and Network Security

RC4 Encryption Simulator

Dr. Ron Rymon

: Hands
on experience implementing an encryption algorithm.

Statement of Work
Implement a
functional utility
that simulates

on and decryption
using the RC4 stream


The implementation shall expose all steps and calculations in a way that can improve a student’s
understand of RC4. Ideal implementation will use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that shows and
continuously updates the input, output, and the int
ernal data structures within the algorithm. A text
implementation is also acceptable, so long as the process is well explained. In any case, try to not just
dump data on the screen, but rather try to think of pedagogical ways to highlight the algorithms st
and how they combine to produce the cipher.

You can use either Java
, C#,

or C++. The exercise shall be submitted

. However, I highly
recommend that
each of you

implement the main functions on his/her own.

The due date is
December 26

ions by
December 19

will receive a 5
% bonus. Late
submissions will be penalized 2 points per day.

Another Potential Bonus
: Depending on the quality of the submissions, I may
ask to
use one of the
implementations in future years. If your implementation is

chosen, you will earn a bonus of 10 points
in return for the rights to use it.


a plaintext file p.txt with the message in ASCII format

a ciphertext file c.txt, in a Radix
64 format;

a key file k.txt, wit
h the key in Hexadecimal format

Other para


The application shall allow to encrypt/decrypt and shall show all steps

: Please submit
electronically (compressed!) to
ilan dot atias at gmail dot com

executable version of the software, with one or more examples in separate f

the source code for the software, including a brief programmer documentation, indicating the
main classes, functions and interfaces;

Please submit a hardcopy of the source code + docs in class on
the due date

: You can find the exact spe
cification of RC

in Schneier’s book “Applied Cryptography”

Good Luck!