A new type of antenna that makes use of plasma consisting of only electrons. It could revolutionise high-speed wireless communications, miniature radar and even energy weapons.

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new type of antenna that makes use of plasma consisting of only electrons. It could revolutionise
speed wireless communications, miniature radar and even energy weapons.


World Community Grid is making technology available only to public and not
profit organizations
to use in humanitarian research that might otherwise not be completed due to the high cost of the
computer infrastructure required in the absence
of a public grid. As part of our commitment to
advancing human welfare, all results will be in the public domain and made public to the global
research community.


The Ibis T5000™ Biosensor System interrogates common sequences among classes of organisms for
diagnostic use. Despite the enormous class diversity of organisms, Ibis scientists have carefully
selected and curated genetic sequences t
hat allow this interrogation to produce powerful results for
surveillance, epidemiology, forensic, and biological research.

For example, bacteria have highly conserved sequences in a number of genomic locations, including
the universally conserved regions
of ribosomal and other non
coding RNAs and essential protein
encoding genes. These conserved sequences can serve as priming sites for sequence amplification in
PCR tests. When the regions between these conserved PCR primer
binding sites contain sequences
hat are variable depending on the class of organism, the base compositions of the PCR products can
be used as identification markers.

Mass spectrometry rapidly determines the precise weights of the nucleic acids present and the A, C,
T, and G content (i.e.
, base composition) of each amplicon. The base compositions of the PCR
products are used to help identify the organisms present.

In addition to broad
range organism identification, the Ibis T5000 Biosensor System can be used with
specific assay kits from I
bis Biosciences to provide strain genotyping information, for

and other non
diagnostic purposes.

Ingenix’s Disease Precursor Identification software, now marketed as Ingenix

Health Impact, helps
prevent serious, costly and difficult
manage diseases

like cancer and diabetes

by identifying
underlying risk factors before the illness begins to develop or progress. By analyzing historical, de
identified medical data, the Di
sease Precursor Identification tool pinpoints the precursors to disease
with high accuracy, enabling early, sometimes life
saving, intervention.

Air® technology was develope
d to expand plastics while still in solid state. As opposed to
conventional foaming techniques, this allows for very precise control of bubble size and placement,
and eliminates the need to use potentially harmful foaming agents.

A method for reducing the

cost of recycled plastics by adding a gas that expands the length and
width of solid polymer sheets.

Conventional wheelchairs are unsuited for the rough roads an
d long distances faced by the disabled
in developing countries.

The LFC’s unique lever drive train enables users to travel faster than
conventional wheelchairs on tarmac and off road like no other mobility aid available.

Each "lens" is actually a set of two lenses, one flexible and one firm. The flexible lens (near the eye)
has a transparent distensible me
mbrane attached to a clear rigid surface. The pocket between them
holds a small quantity of crystal clear fluid. As you move the slider on the bridge, it pushes the fluid
and alters the shape of the flexible lens. Changing the shape changes the correction.

This mimics the
way the lenses in your eyes used to perform when you were younger.

This allows you to choose the exact correction that works best for you at any distance and under any
lighting conditions. The result: clear, undistorted vision over a wide

field of view: no zones, no lines.

The NOMAD® Pro joins the family of award
winning Aribex

NOMAD handheld dental X
ray systems,
the most advanced systems on the market today. The NOMAD Pro offers an enhanced user
interface, preset and programmable exposure settings, and additional time
saving features. Its
lighter weight and cordless design imp
roves dental radiography speed, convenience, and efficiency.
One NOMAD Pro does the work of multiple conventional X
ray systems, making it extremely
economical. The leading technology of NOMAD Pro provides the highest level of safety, quality, and
care for your dental practice.

Pivot is an experimental technology that allows people to visua
lize data and then sort, organize and
categorize it dynamically. The result is that correlations, exceptions and trends become immediately
apparent in ways they can’t when information is stuck in rows and columns.

The program is designed to provide a much

more natural way for humans to digest large palettes of
information without losing their way

an idea that anyone who has analyzed giant spreadsheets
may welcome. And while it has something in common with spreadsheets and many other
technologies, Flake s
ays Pivot is so new and different that it’s difficult to even picture what it does
without seeing it in action.

Pacific Biosciences is proud to introd
uce the revolutionary third generation DNA sequencing system:
the PacBio RS. Our system incorporates novel, single molecule sequencing techniques and advanced
analytics to reveal more biology in real time. We call this SMRT™ (Single Molecule Real Time)

The PacBio RS conducts, monitors and analyzes biochemical reactions at the individual molecule
level, according to your specific protocol and experiment design. Long readlengths, intuitive
operation and absolute throughput flexibility combine to
deliver the data you need, faster than
previously possible.

Video Synopsis is BriefCam’s award
winning technology for the rapid review of recorded video.
BriefCam products fulfil the global unmet need to browse

video, investigate and identify incidents
and take action.

The Embedded Viewer lets Milestone users take full advantage of BriefCam’s VS
Online, which receives real
time feed from the Milestone XProtect video management software
(VMS). The BriefCam server

processes the data to produce a database that can be called on to create
a video summary on demand

all without exiting the XProtect environment and Smart Client

Unity Technologies is revolutionizing the game industry with Unity, its breakthrough development
platform for creating games and interactive 3D, like training simulations and medical and
architectural visualizations, on the web, iOS, Androi
d, consoles and beyond.