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Nov 14, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Until recently the only way to have a
realistic fight with out damaging your
friends was to rap them in bubble rap
and lay into them with metal rods.

So due to the obvious problems with this
(such as bladder control) the games
consol was invented

This, however lacks the same physical feelings as the

traditional method of bubble rap fighting.

So “the industry” brought us into the realm of Virtual reality.
But as we all know putting on a pair of goggles, and having a
computer reconstruct a matrix in which we react. Visually
doesn’t work, because of the complexity at which our brain’s
work the most we manage to get out of the experience is sea

Arguably, the most
important sense the
human body has is
‘feeling’. Which is not
present in these systems.

So are they really taking us into a virtual reality??

Using existing technology
of muscle manipulation
used in “muscle toners” it
is possible to to have the
simulation of pressure.

By incorporating this
into the lining of a
rubber suit then
supplying a voltage to
localised areas using
metal wires within the
suit. Pressure, there
for feeling would be

Sensors with in
the suit would
information to
an infer
transmitter built
into the soul of
the shoe; which
would re
information to
an external cpu.
This would also
be used to
from the cpu to
induce pressure.

Laser technology.

Sophistication of computer programming. And advancements in A.I.

In virtual reality you fought a
player in his world. With this
technology he will fight in yours.