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Java Practical
Practical Course

Course Description:
This course will introduce Java programmers to the Swing
package. The Swing package, extending the AWT, provides
efficient and easy-to-use tools for manipulating graphics.
Students completing this course will have the ability to create
fully-functional, customizable, graphical user interfaces.

Who Should Attend:
This course is designed for Java programmers of any level.

Java programming experience is required. Experience with the
AWT is helpful, but not required.

How to enroll:
Contact us on
or +27 21 418 4874

Benefits of Attendance:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
· Describe the key features of Swing
· Contrast the use of Swing and the AWT
· Add components to a JFrame using the ContentPane
· Write Swing Applications using Swing components such
as JLabel, JButton, JTextField, JTree, etc.
· Implement keystroke handling in response to keyboard
events from a user
· Understand InputMap and ActionMap
· Use the printing capability to print GUIs
· Describe the Model View Controller Architecture
· Encode Model View Architecture components
· Write code that uses Border objects to alter the
appearance of components
· Create programs using various Pane components such
as JTabbedPane, JSplitPane, JScrollPane, and
· Write programs that support cut/paste and drag/drop

Course Outline:
· An Introduction to Swing
· Window Events
· Simple Swing Components
· Keystrokes
· Dialogs
· Menus and Toolbars
· Painting and Graphics
· Printing
· Java I/O
· Using the JTree
· Text Components
· Utility Panes, Borders, and Focus
· Clipboard and Drag & Drop
· Building database application

How much does the course cost?

The course fee is quoted in the currency of your country. Please
contact us for the latest prices and special offers.

If you are from out of town, we can arrange accommodation
close to our centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the course held?
All training is handled at our Greenpoint training centre in Cape
Town, South Africa.

What other branches do you have in SA or in the world?
We only train in Cape Town, but we do offer onsite training for

What books do I get with this course?

You will receive a course text book which you can take away with
you to keep after the course.

What are the dates for the course?
See our schedule page:

Does the price include the official exams?
No, the exams are not included in the price. Exam prices vary
from centre to centre.

Included in your course fees:
· Tuition fee
· Breakfast and lunches on course days
· Teas and coffees
· Attendance certificate
· Training Material