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The first

drilling for oil in Texas occurred along Goose Creek in Harris County, on
Galveston Bay. In 1903 John I. Gaillard noticed bubbles popping to the surface of the water at
the point where the creek empties into the ba
y. With a match he confirmed that the bubbles were
natural gas. This was strong indication of oil deposits. Royal Matthews leased the Gaillard
property and drilled for 2½ years. He could not bring in a producing well.

Not until Goose Creek Production Comp
any, drilled on the marsh of the bay was oil found, on
June 2, 1908, at 1,600 feet. On August 23, 1916, contractor Charles Mitchell brought in a
barrel gusher at 2,017 feet. Initially the well produced 8,000 barrels daily. This quantity
indicated th
at Goose Creek was a large oilfield. The community changed overnight as men
rushed to obtain leases, drill wells, and build derricks. Tents were everywhere, teams hauled
heavy equipment, and barges brought lumber and pipe from Houston. Within two months th
well leveled off to 300 barrels a day. By December 1916 drilling along the shores of Goose
Creek had raised production to 5,000 barrels daily. The flow of the average well in 1917 was
1,181 barrels a day. The largest well of the field was Sweet 16 of the

Sinclair Company, which
came in on August 4, 1917, gushing 35,000 barrels a day from a depth of 3,050 feet. This well
stayed out of control for three days before the crew could close it. World War I oil prices of
$1.35 a barrel encouraged Humble Oil and R
efining Company and Gulf Production Company to
try offshore drilling. The Goose Creek field reached its peak annual production of 8,923,635
barrels with onshore and offshore drilling by 1918.

The Goose Creek field is a deep
seated salt dome with overlying

beds slightly arched. Its
discovery spurred exploration for deep
seated domes, and led to the discovery of some of the
largest oilfields in the United States. Production declined from 1918 until 1943. Total production
of the field's lifetime stood at 140,
644,377 barrels.


What does the word


What lead to the discovery of this oil field?


When was the first producing well brought in? At what depth?


“By December __________ drilling along the shores of Goose Creek had raised production

_____________________ barrels daily.”


What was the peak annual production if this field, and in what year?


What is the estimated lifetime production of this oil field?

7. 2.05 + 3.59 =

8. 3.25 + 8.79 + 4.23 =

9. 1.23 + 12.3 + 32.1 + 3.2 =

10. 3.59

2.05 =

11. 8.79

3.25 =

12. 32.1

1.23 =

13. 1.05

6.11 =

14. 5.78

1.22 =

15. 5.79

3.45 =