Dr.Sc José Luis Hernández Cáceres In 1979 finished his higher ...


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Dr.Sc José Luis Hernández Cáceres

In 1979 finished his higher studies at the Biophysics Department of Lomonosov
University at Moscow.


working at

department of Hygiene of the “Luis Díaz
Soto” Hospital, in Havana, on the area f Radiation Hygiene.

He participated in the experiment “Hydro
mineral Turnover”, as part of the research
program of the first joint Cuban
Soviet flight to the ou
ter space.

In 1979 presented his first scientific work, entitled “A Mathematical Model for the
Activation of the Sodium
Potassium Pump”.

In 1980 is awarded by the Cuban Council of Ministers with the medal “In
commemoration of the first joint Cuban

flight to the outer space”.

In 1980 his first international publication appears in the Journal “Biofizyka”,
simultaneously edited in Moscow and USA.

In 1981 joins the Cuban delegation to the Scientific Meeting of “Inter
Cosmos”, held in
Varna, Bulgaria.


In 1981 starts his work at the Brain Research Institute, focusing his studies on epilepsy
mechanisms. Later on was head f the Neurophysiology department and subsequently
of the Experimental Epilepsy Laboratory.

In 1981 and 1982 visits The Institute de

Neurophysiology of the Ukrainian Academy of
Sciences carrying out experiments with the then advanced technique of
“Concentration Clamp” in isolated and internally perfused neurons.

In 1982 his paper “A Mathematical Model for the Water Load Test of Kidney

is awarded at the first place at level of municipality and receives a mention at
provincial level during the National Competition of Young researchers.

In 1983 start his teaching activities, training pre
graduate students in the
Clamp” technique as well as biophysical modeling.

Since 1984 starts teaching biophysics at the Biology Faculty of Havana University.

In 1984 visits the Institute of Physiology at Prague, carrying out studies on
experimental epilepsy and spreading cortica
l depression.

In 1986 publishes a paper in “Brain Research” that has been included into the list of
the 25 internationally most cited papers in Biomedicine by Cuban authors.

In 1988 he moves to the Department of Neuro
pharmacology at the Cuban
ce Center, in this year he is recognized as author of the scientific
achievement of the Cuban Ministry of Health entitled “Test Battery for
pharmacological Screening of neuro
active substances”.

In 1989 starts teaching ¨General Physiology¨ to Clinical Ne
urophysiology residents.

In 1992 he appears as member of a group awarded by the Cuban Academy of Sciences
for the result of major contribution to the social practice, entitled: “EEG Analysis in
frequency Domain”.

In 1993 visits CINVESTAV at Mexico for ca
rrying experiments on neuronal excitability.

In 1994 attends the international course “Cognitive Neurosciences”, by John Nichols,
from Basel University (Switzerland).

In 1993 is awarded as Associate Researcher.

In 1995 visits the Institute for Experimen
tal epilepsy Research, in Münster, Germany,
carrying on experiments on epilepsy mechanisms.

In 1995 is elected associate Member of the

“International Center for Theoretical
Physics” at Trieste. Here he carries out research on heart rate variability and
athematical models of epidemics.

In 1996 his PhD thesis is presented: Nonlinear EEG Analysis, under the sponsorship of

Pedro Valdés Sosa.

In 1996 starts his work at CECAM carrying out research of heart rate variability,
epidemics mechanisms and bioin

In 1997 is awarded as Senior Researcher

In 1998 is awarded as Associate Professor.

In 1999 is appointed as Vice Director for Research at CECAM.

In 2000 is receives as co
author the Annual Award of the Cuban Academy of

for the result ¨Statistical Identification of the nonlinear Dynamics of the
healthy and Epileptic EEG¨.

In 2001 is elected as Senior Associate Member of the International C
enter for
Theoretical Physics at Trieste.

During 2001
2004 works in South Africa as Associate Professor of the University of
Transkei, teaching Medical Physics and Physiology.


2005 he is awarded as Senior Professor.

He is appointed as acting Directo
r at CECAM since 2007.

Since 1983 hitherto has been tutor of 1 PhD thesis in Biological Sciences 2 residence
theses in Biostatistics, 6 MSc theses in Medical Informatics, and 6 graduation theses in
Biology and Physics.

Is a Member of the National Committ
ee for PhD theses on Biology as well as the
National Committee for PhD theses on Biomedical Sciences.

Is the principal Researcher of the National Project ¨Development of Bioinformatics in
the Health Sector¨ as well as the National Project ¨Mathematical Mo
dels of Epidemics¨

Is a member of the Academic Committees of 5 Ms. C. curricula at CECAM, Havana
University, Cuban Neuroscience Center, Biology Faculty, CUJAE and INSTEC.

His name appears in the list of 100 Cuban authors with Major presence in the Medline

Hernández Cáceres Has been appointed president or secretary of the Scientific
Committee of 6 international meetings held in Havana since 1993 hitherto.

Is eithe
r author or co
author of

64 scientific papers in Cuban and International

He has presented 100 papers in Cuban and International meetings.

Is a Member of the scientific committee of the “Electronic Journal of Biomedicine” has
been a referee at
the “Revista Cubana de Informática Médica”, “Revista Habanera de
Ciencias Médicas” as well as the high impact journal “Journal of Biological Physics”.

Can read write and communicate in English and Russian, can read and communicate in
Italian and Portugues
e, can read scientific papers in French.