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Which devices does GoMo Learning publish to?
iPhone, iPad, Android (2.2 and higher) and BlackBerry.
It can also deliver via a web browser as HTML4 (for
PC) and HTML5 (for mobile).
What skills do I need to use GoMo?
GoMo is really user-friendly. All pricing packages
include a training session to give you the skills you
need to build your own
m-learning. If you can use MS
Office software then you won’t
have any problems using GoMo.
Can I see a GoMo demo?
Of course. Email us at:
and we will be more than
happy to organise a
Will GoMo work from my laptop?
Yes, you can log into the GoMo Learning portal from
any computer that has one of the newer versions of
Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or IE.
Does GoMo allow more than one user to work on a
course at the same time?
Yes – multiple users can edit a course at the same
time. Of course, you will need to manage version
control as you would with other software such as MS
Word or PowerPoint etc. Future versions of GoMo
will include a locking mechanism and a roll back
How do I get my content to users?
Once your app is published, the
choice is yours. The normal
route is via one of the app
stores (Apple, Google or
Amazon), but you could send
the app to users directly if
that’s more effective.
How do I update content?
To update content you simply
log into your GoMo Learning
portal and make your changes.
Once you’ve made all your
amendments you can check them
using the ‘review app’ function and simply
re-publish the app with the updated content.
How do I publish my apps?
When you’ve finished building your app, there’s a
little work involved for us to certify and package the
final product up for you. You can then take it away
and upload it to your own app store account for
publication, without the need for any further help
from us.
Can I sell apps I produce with GoMo?
Yes, you can. Once created, the apps belong to you
and you’re free to sell them through app stores if you
Design once, deliver to multiple platforms
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UK: +44(0)1273 728686 US: +1 (212) 386-5433 contactus@gomolearning.com
How can I be sure my mobile learning will work
You can view the mobile learning
created using GoMo directly on
the device to which you plan to
deliver. However, we strongly recommend that you
get your content reviewed before rolling it out to end
users. We can offer full testing of your apps to check
compatibility against numerous platforms, through our
preferred testing partner, Epicentre.
Can I brand apps to my own organisation?
Of course! GoMo Learning is fully customisable so
you can upload your organisation’s logo or your own
‘skin’. If you don’t have your own graphic designers
then you can use our highly-skilled in-house design
Can I include video?
Absolutely! GoMo supports the embedding of MP4
video files, allowing you to create a much richer
user experience. (All videos run full screen, so we
recommend providing the video as an MP4) If you
aren’t able to change the size of the video yourself,
don’t worry. The tool will automatically scale video to
fit the screen on all devices that support GoMo.
Can I insert Flash movies?
Unfortunately not. At present, Flash doesn’t work
on certain mobile devices so GoMo Learning isn’t
able to support it. However, you can convert your
Flash animations into MP4 files. This means you can
still create them using Flash and they will work on all
mobile devices.
Can I build my own templates?
One of the great things about GoMo is that there
is no formal templating, allowing you to easily create
your own look and feel. You can even duplicate full
sections of content so that you only have to enter the
information once.
If I build my own templates who owns the
intellectual property?
If you create your own design or content then the IP
is yours. You can reuse the design as many times as
you like.
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UK: +44(0)1273 728686 US: +1 (212) 386-5433 contactus@gomolearning.com
Do I need any plug-ins to use GoMo?
You’ll need Flash if you want to preview your apps
on the GoMo Learning authoring portal, but all
other functionality
has been developed
without the need for
plug-ins. End-users will
only need to install the
app – everything else is
Will it track usage and
report for compliance?
Can I use it on an LMS?
We’re currently
developing an HTML5
version of GoMo that will
include SCORM tracking.
This can be uploaded to
your LMS and run through the device’s browser.
With regard to the native apps that don’t run through
a device’s browser, we can make them SCORM track.
This will require some customisation, depending on
which LMS you require the app to communicate with.
How much does GoMo cost?
We have various pricing packages, based on expected
usage, enabling you to choose the one most suited to
your needs.
Will I have to pay licence fees on published apps?
No. Once an app is published, there are no licensing
What support will I receive?
All GoMo Learning packages are supported by 24hr
telephone and email assistance via our dedicated
customer service support desk – Epic Service Desk
Will I automatically receive updated versions of
All users will receive the latest version of the tool and
all additional features. These updates will be rolled out
every 2-3 months.
When new devices are released will my
m-learning become
No! The GoMo Learning
portal generates XML
content files which can
be loaded into a number
of different players.
When new platforms
are released, GoMo
will create new players,
making it possible for you
to publish your content
to the latest formats
without any reworking.
For more information on GoMo Learning, why not
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Alternatively, you can visit our website at
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