ElectroSmog- Could it be hurting your health?

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Nov 16, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Could it be hurting your health?

EMF or electromagnetic fields are around us all the time and ever increasing with
today’s use of wireless communication devices, computer, high tension wires and
technological devices. We generally accept the
m as part of our evolving
technological culture but what are they doing to our health? Occasionally we read or
hear stories about the dangerous effects but the convenience of wireless technology
often outweighs the concern so individuals continue to use E
MF producing

What is really happening to our

with this constant exposure?

In nature electromagnetic fields are either temporally constant or spatially constant
but not both. Manmade signals on the other hand, are both spatially and
constant which can cause human cells when exposed for long times to go into
resonance or shut down. It perceives the signal much like a foreign invader and locks
its walls to both inward and outward movement, preventing nutrition from entering
toxins from leaving.

What can we do to protect ourselves then in this world of increasing exposure?

Perhaps the most critical aspect of this equation i
s the duration of exposure. If
are not allowed to rest or reset then
long term
exposure can l
ead to an incre
ase in
disease, even cancer
. By keeping our sleeping environment free from electrosmog we
can allow our bodies to rest every night and healthfully withstand the onslaught of


all experience during the day.

How do we reduce electrosmog

in our sleep environment?

The following are some basic guidelines to prevent exposure to EMF while we sleep.


Make sure that digital clocks or appliances with a visible display are at least 6
feet from the sleeping space. Also make sure not to we sleep n
ear a breaker or
fuse box either in the bedroom or adjacent room.


Minimize the use of electrical devices at night by turning off the circuit breaker
to electricity in the bedroom or installing a demand switch that leaves them
off. Opt instead for battery
powered devices. Exposure to this type of EMF has
been linked to lower levels of melatonin and poorer sleep in general.


Most importantly, turn off ALL WIRELESS DEVICES at night including cell
phones, cordless phones, wireless internet and computers.