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The Renovation of a

old Warehouse into
a Californian Ballpark

Project done by Kieran Neary and Ricky Coombs


An explanation of the steps taken to renovate an
old Western Metal Supply Company building into a
state of the art baseball stadium.

Architects Working on this Project:

HOK Sport + Venue + Event

(Kansas City, Kansas & Missouri)

Heritage Architecture & Planning

(San Diego, California)

Antoine Predock Architect

(Albuquerque, New Mexico)


San Diego Padres decided to build a new ballpark. They
wanted a site downtown near Gaslamp Quarter and the
San Diego Convention Center.

One site seemed perfect (in terms of location)

Big problem: a historic masonry warehouse occupied
site (designed by Sand Diego architect, Henry Lord
Gay in the early 20


Building possessed industrial architecture that
distinguished that section of San Diego so
renovation of ballpark would have to
preserve/reuse structure and its architecture.


The process to renovate the original
structure; a Western Metal Warehouse,
consisted of four critical steps.

Assessing the existing condition of the presented building

Determining its gravity load capacity

Altering structure so that it could perform new functions

Seismically strengthening the building

Framing Features:

Gravity Framing System:

determined to be acceptable for project

(would be able to support additions)

Additions to Flooring:

First Level: filler beams

Upper Two Levels: timber beams added between
existing beams (supported by sliding onto blocking
into place above girders) *best looking

Structural Decking:

4” concrete topping poured over plastic sheeting
protecting original wood

(4” solid planks covered by 7/8” sheathing planks)

Preservation Requirements:

Preservation of Old Beams

*w/ modified additions mimicking old beams

Preservations of Roof

*gradually lowered/flattened, new roof built above

old roof hangs from new framing

Specialty Framing Features:


*Occurred where major new openings were required for
ballpark functionality

floor openings for escalators

(vertical steel tubes brace masonry piers

against lateral loads tied back to floors to carry

lateral loads horizontally across openings)

openings in walls for views of ballpark from planned suites

(lintels added to ensure masonry was

supported at all times)


ramps and landings

(permit circulation between old and new flooring)

cantilevered balconies at each suite placed on two
steel girders balanced on steel brackets connected
to internal concrete posts.

for Building

Renovation required to be designed in accordance to
California Historical Building Code (1998)

*seismic design must be based on forces equal to
75% of values established by
1995 Cal. Building Code

(Seismic Design)

Selected Design:
3 sided box

(3 walls with reinforced concrete liner)

*leaves western wall exposed

*wall openings on east, south, and north for max.
amount of brick left showing

New concrete and steel posts added to meet
requirements in
1994 Uniform Code for
Building Conservation

for URM walls


*made stronger/stiffer by truss work to avoid potential
of and uncomfortable sensation of bouncing/instability

1997 Uniform Building Code

activity or value “R” requirement

*Other features effected by requirements:

precast stepped seating

pedestrian ramps

Bridges connecting grandstand and garden

designed as cantilevers to grandstand in order to
move freely at garden building side in earthquake

Special PETCO


viewing spaces along fences

room zones in grandstand

41,000 seats

60 suites

friendly venue including field for play and
area designated for batting practice

Seating Bowl

*Seven Units:

(1) left field under scoreboard

(2) suites

5) grandstand seats

(6) right outfield bleachers

(7) centerfield bleachers

Garden Buildings: (behind home plate)

main concourse level

consist of lounges, kitchens, offices, and more

Resulting gap forms boulevard

Overall Design Motif Goal:

to capture ambiance of ballpark from the past

In The Making

The Finished

Home Run!

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