Damage Survey Presentation

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Nov 25, 2013 (3 years and 6 months ago)


Damage Survey


Chad Entremont

NWS Jackson

Viewing Damage

Be aware of all damage (trees,
structures, small objects etc)

Know which direction damage was
blown with respect to storm motion

Have an idea of how sturdy the
structure / object was

Cover / cross all roads along the
possible path


Debris blown in different directions
from storm motion

Debris converges to the center

Look for focused damage along a

Look for damage opposite of storm
motion (shingles on E side of roof

from a W to E moving tornado)

Trees may lay perpendicular to
storm motion

Severe Tstm

Damage is blown in 1 direction,
the way the storm is moving

Hardwoods tend to be uprooted

Pines snapped

Shingle damage on 1 side of roof

Usually wider and disorganized,
not in a


Usually become wider with time


Storm Motion

EF Scale


(light dmg) branches broken off trees; a
few shallow rooted trees uprooted; minor
shingle or roof dmg


(mod dmg) peeled surface off or
portions of roof heavily dmg; mobile homes
pushed off foundation/overturned; several to a
couple dozen trees snapped/uprooted;
attached garages may be destroyed


(Considerable dmg) roofs torn off
homes; mobile homes demolished; numerous
to hundreds of trees snapped/uprooted; multi
story homes shifted; chicken houses severely
dmg or destroyed; light object missiles

EF Scale


(severe dmg) roofs torn off well build
structures with outer walls collapsed; vehicles
lifted and thrown; metal truss towers toppled;
massive tree dmg with nearly all trees in the
forest dmg with some hardwoods debarked


(devastating dmg) well built structures
leveled; weak foundation buildings blown
away some distance; vehicles thrown
considerable distance and missiles generated


(total dmg) foundations left clean with
all debris thrown considerable distances; steel
reinforced concrete structures badly damaged

EF1 Damage

EF2 Damage

EF2 Damage

Destroyed Mobile Home

EF3 Damage

EF4 Damage

EF5 Damage