The direct relation of the quantity of warmth in system to the pressure ...

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Nov 16, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


The direct relation of the quantity of warmth in system to the pressure in it if to apply this to an
atomic nuclear chain reaction means that namely the quantity of infrared waves (the material
embodiment of warmth) radiated from broken up atomic
nucleuses instead of the quantity of
nucleons in given volume of space is the nominator of the quantitative characteristics of the power
of nuclear energy emerging in the dynamics of the atomic nuclear decay. The rate of Brownian
molecular or the same way
smaller particles' motion is directly related to quantity of the warmth of
the system and so to quantity of infrared waves in it. That means the direct mechanical impact of
infrared waves onto particles as a quantum mechanism of the Brownian motion. That’s

why it is
clear that complete decay of the atomic intranuclear matter (INM) to electromagnetic waves of
infrared part of the spectrum would release more energy in atomic nuclear blast. However the
property of atomic intranuclear matter (INM) to organize i
tself into particles while impacting the
matter of space (MOS) is a limiting factor for the any kind of energy possible to obtain in chain
reaction or for example during the collision of particles in LHC. Any electromagnetic field is an
example of an arran
gement of the structure of MOS that directs the motion of quanta in Space.
Such an arrangement inside atomic nucleus my theory presumes as a quantum corridor of space

(QC). So, the creation of electromagnetically arranged QCs for the release of INM as quan
ta of
infrared waves is exactly the mechanism of new type of atomic bomb to be developed, with
complete (up to 100% instead of less than 1% in chain reaction) brake up of all INM into energy of
atomic nuclear blast. This device called the nucleon bomb poss
ible to be assembled as a
generator of complex electromagnetic fields with the potential to direct all atomic INM into
electromagnetic waves of infrared part of the spectrum.
The same way it is obviously possible to
transform INM into quanta which would fi
t parameters of electricity for example. So, on the basis of
my theory we can go the right way to create the engines with direct transmission of atomic nuclear
energy into electricity.
Actually I can suppose that additional acceleration of atomic INM would

emerge from atomic nucleuses possible to obtain during such kind of cared atomic nuclear decay
of new type would finally produce unpredictably more energy than has been presumed by
. This means a clue for the unlimited energy of the matter of sp