The Chicken Who Crossed the

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Nov 29, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


The Chicken Who Crossed the

The second Epic…

Emma Manninen

Science Design Challenge

Due: October 18


Table of Contents

Table of Contents…………………………………1


Beam Bridge………………………………………..3

Arch Bridge………………………………………….5

Suspension Bridge……………………………….7

Stayed Bridge…………………………….9


Authors Note……………………………………….13



This is an introduction to the world of
bridges. Follow Daisy the Chicken in her search
for the best bridge to cross. She will explore the
options and then choose which 1100ft. Long
bridge to use. Help her choose the safest and
best bridge to cross. Begin the Journey of the
sequel to “How the chicken crossed the road.”


Beam Bridge

Daisy Is walking along the river. The first bridge she sees is a beam Bridge. She wants
to learn about it and all the other ones before she decides how to cross. She decides
to pull out her iPhone and do a Google search.

“Arggg. Nothing useful” says Daisy, after her search.

“I know, there never is with all these new fangled contraptions” says a rabbit to her

Daisy jumps and turns around, surprised. She thinks she recognizes the bunny but
can’t remember where from. Slowly she remembers.

“Hey…it’s you…the Busy Bunny. How many children/grandchildren/great grand
children do you have now?” Daisy asks.

“Too many to count” said the rabbit “even I don’t know. That Fibonacci pattern,
Mother Nature set us up with it, we grow really fast!”

“Hey… I hear ya. I don’t even know if my chicks are alive!” replied Daisy.

“Back to bridges. What were you complaining about dearie?” said The Busy Bunny.

“Well, I want to cross this river and I don’t know which bridge is the safest/best.” said

“Why do ye want to cross the river?” replied the Busy Bunny.


get to the other side… duh!”
Daisy. She did not like being questioned
her motives because everyone had asked why she wanted to cross the road.
can’t a chicken cross the road without being questioned about it. Is it really that
weird?” she thought to her self.

“Sorry, no need to get huffy. In fact, I may just have the answer to your problem. A lot
of animals come through
wondering the same thing. I happen to know a lot
about this bridge now! I here it from those science freaks who are
about what part of the

Daisy interrupted.
I got a problem here. Are you willing to tell me these


beam bridge is the most inexpensive bridge and is
very short.
at about a 250ft max. When weight is on it is bends slightly in the middle
the lower side of the
beam. So
the longer it is, the more it will bend.
This in some
because if it didn’t bend it would snap the minute there
was any weight on it. It still can break especially if it is longer because then it bends
more. This is one of the more simple bridges. The forces of tension and compression
are always acting on this beam
.” informed the rabbit. “Does that help?” continued the

“Of course! Thank you so much for helping me but I best be going, I’ve got to learn
about all the other bridges still. Though I don’t think this bridge is going to work. It is
a bit too short in general for me to use over this river. Thanks!” said Daisy sadly. She
did know that this was a good bridge in general but it did not fit her needs. She
needed a bridge that could span longer distances.

“Bye. See you soon!” called the rabbit as Daisy continued along the river.


Arch Bridge


Daisy continued along at a faster pace because she knew she was running
behind. She checked her iPhone. She was exactly 25 minutes behind her
efficient schedule. She sighed.
he knew then that she would try not to
dawdle like she did at the beam bridge. She approached the arch bridge
finally. This time she went to the library which happened to be right
beside it and looked up information. 3 minutes later she groaned. There
was no useful information in the books either. The librarian, Owl, came
over and asked how she was doing.

“I’m fine” Daisy replied. “I just can’t find any information on Arch Bridges.”

“Oh I’m sorry about that. All of those books seem to be signed out.
Though I know quite a bit about them. Would you like me to tell you?”
said Mr. Owl

“Yes please!” exclaimed Daisy, a bit too loudly. Two tables over somebody
shushed her.

ry” Daisy retorted.

“Settle down” said Mr. Owl. “The Arch bridge has superb
natural strength. It is also the oldest type of bridge. It is
used to span
and canyons. It is usually 200
Today It
typically made
of pre
stressed concrete
and steel . The weight of the bridge is not pushed
straight down but through the arch. The arch bridge is
made sometimes of pieces of material. This is easier to
build but is not always a stable. The Arch bridge looks
like an arch hence its name. Now I must ask you to
leave… you are disturbing the quiet of the library!”

Bye” said
Daisy sarcastically.


Suspension Bridge

Daisy was not happy with her visit to the library but had spent less
time and got the information she needed. She muttered as she went
along and didn’t even notice where she was. She had reached the
next bridge.

“Oh!” she exclaimed quite surprised. The Beaver construction crew
was doing renovations. The Boss came up and said, “We are busy
fixing the bridge. It is not safe to cross because of the winds 2 nights

Daisy recalled the weather that night and understood.

She asked
“Why though did the bridge break?”

“Would you like me to tell you about suspension bridges?” inquired
the Beaver hopefully. “I know quite a bit about them from being in my

Daisy looked at her watch. She knew she was already behind schedule
and this would slow her down but curiosity took over.


“Would you?” she replied

“Of course”
the beaver said happily,
then continued matter
factly. “The suspension bridge is the longest type of Bridge. It is also
the most expensive.
weight is carried by large cables strung from
the large tower along the span of the bridge holding the bridge taut.
use steel for the wires. The wind is always a concern because the
bridge is not anchored down as much as some on other bridges so it
sways in the

“Oh, that’s wonderful! Yet dangerous. But I really must go. Thank you
for all this delightful information.” Daisy replied gratefully. Her
curiosity had been satisfied and she was on her way to check out the
last bridge. This bridge she knew would have been a possibility if it
had been working. She sure hoped that the last bridge would work or
else she would have to wait until the suspension bridge was done.


Stayed Bridge

She continued on her way, pondering the suspension bridge. She once
again got lost in thought. She walked leisurely while she was thinking
and noticed this, arousing from her deep thinking. She then walked at
a much faster pace. She soon arrived at the final bridge. She was
happy to see that it was not under construction. She saw nobody
anywhere. She tried to do a search again hopefully. She had no signal.
It was all very eerie. Suddenly she heard a rustle in the leaves… she
jumped. She knew she was late but she now knew how far even
without her iPhone. It was night
time and she was scared.

s any
one t
there?” she stuttered.

“BOO” cried someone

Daisy jumped and turned around. She saw no
one still. Now she was
frightened. She scolded herself “you’re just hearing things” she said

‘No you aren’t” said the same voice. “it’s me…the tree!”


“What?” said Daisy no longer scared just somewhat annoyed at the
joke. “I know
there… Show yourself!”

the voice
replied, “it’s
me, the tree! I tell people about his
Bridge. It’s a pretty lame job so I understand if you just want to move
along… most people do.” said the voice sadly.

Daisy seeing the face on the tree finally replied
“Oh no,
that’s just what
I wanted to know!” I’m so glad you’re here. See I want to know if this
is the right bridge for me!”

“Really?” said the tree surprised.
he continued much
more happily. “
bridges are similar to suspension bridges.
They span 500
2800ft though. They are becoming the more popular
type of bridge because they use less cable than suspension bridges,
are faster to build and because they are made of pieces of pre
cast concrete which makes it easier. Another reason they are
more popular
is because they look futuristic.



Daisy, sad to leave the nice, if weird, tree was happy to be on
her way across the bridge. She was not on time but for once
she did not care. She had a wonderful day and had learned a
lot about bridges. It was a harder decision then where to
cross the road but it was worth it. She had made it across the
bridge safely. She skipped, if you can call it a skip, for it was
not a skip it was the… Chicken Dance? Another day in the life
of Daisy the Chicken was wonderful. She was very happy and
decided if she ever crossed the river again,
he might be a
little daring and try the “dangerous” Suspension Bridge. But
that is
another story for another time. She wondered where
her travels would take her next. Maybe… The chicken who
crossed the skies!


Written By Emma Manninen

A wonderful


New Dork

Just as Funny as “The
Chicken who crossed the
road”… I could not pull my
eyes away once!

Mr. Bunny