4. Local Laws


Feb 22, 2013 (5 years and 10 months ago)


Local Laws

Letter of Instruction 1005


Established the National Institutes of
Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology

Now known as the
National Institute of
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH)

“National research and development (R&D)
organization specializing in agricultural,
environmental, food and feeds, and health

Executive Order 430


Creation of the
National Committee on

of the Philippines (NCBP)

Under the DOST

“Tasked to formulate, review and amend national
policy on

and formulate guidelines on
the conduct of activities on genetic engineering”

Composed of representatives of DA, DENR, DOH
and DOST; 4 scientists in biology, environmental
science, social science and physical science; and 2
respected members of the community

Republic Act 8435


Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA)

Defines “measures to modernize the country’s
agriculture and fisheries sectors to make them
competitive in the market”

“…to modernize the Philippine agriculture to improve the
living conditions of the majority of the farmers and
increase their productivity amidst the growing needs of
the markets (local and abroad)”

Food security

More competitive products (market
driven approach)

The Estrada Administration

Issuance of a “
National Policy to use
Biotechnology as a strategy to improve
agricultural production, modernize Philippine
agriculture and enhance rural development


The Arroyo Administration

Philippine National Policy Statement on
Modern Biotechnology (2001)

Government policy “on promoting the safe and
responsible use of modern biotechnology and its
products as one of the means to achieve food
security, equal access to health services, a
sustainable and safe environment, and industry

The Arroyo Administration

DA Administrative Order No. 8 (Series of

Regulation of plant and plant products produced
through modern biotechnology

BT Corn

The Aquino Administration (c. 2010)

House Bill 1977

Intensifying stem cell research

House Bill 5037

Providing for the establishment of the Philippine
National Stem Cell Research and Storage Center

House Bill 5287

Establishing Stem Cell Center of the Philippines
and strengthening research on stem cell

Executive Order 247

Prescribing guidelines and establishing a
regulatory framework for the prospecting of
biological and genetic resources, their
byproducts and derivatives, for scientific and
commercial purposes, and for other purposes

Ordered by Pres. Fidel V. Ramos

Some Features of EO 247

SECTION 1: “It shall be the policy of the State to
regulate the prospecting of
biological and
genetic resources so that these resources are
protected and conserved, are
developed and
put to the sustainable use and benefit of the
national interest. Further, it shall promote
of local capability in science and
technology to achieve technological self

in selected

Some Features of EO 247

SECTION 2: Consent of indigenous cultural

SECTION 3: When research agreement is

SECTION 4: Application for academic research
agreement and commercial research

Some Features of EO 247

Agency Committee on Biological and
Genetic Resources