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If you want to improve your site’s SEO, start with these tips and tricks to keep up
with the new and l
atest trends in SEO. Here are 10

latest SEO tricks to boost your
SEO rankings in 2020:

1. Optimize for Voice

The advent of voice
enabled devices such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa is
changing the way we search. It is estimated that 2 in 5 adults perform voice
search at least once a day {Location World} while Google claims 50% of all
searches will be

conducted by voice by 2020. Voice searches tend to be longer
than keyboard searches, use conversational keywords, and are likely to be framed
as questions. Optimising your site to leverage voice search as a trend makes sense

your SEO should concentrate
on using long
tail keywords, creating content in
the form of FAQs and how
to’s, as well as optimise for local search.

2. Optimize for Featured Snippets & Other Google SERP Features

It is imperative to optimise for changing Google search features such as

featured snippet

{a summary of an answer to a user’s query}. Being featured
on the top of the SERPs as an answer box means getting additional valuable
exposure and a rise in organic traffic. Research suggests that long
tail keywords,
type querie
s, and targeting informational intent tend be more
“snippable”content. Studying featured snippets for your competitors as well as
user query behavior can give lots of potential content ideas. Keeping content tight
and concise and using headers to break up
steps and lists helps optimise for
featured snippets too.

3. Website Page Speed

Page speed times impact website rankings

Investing in technical SEO to make
your website faster and simpler is rewarded by search engines and ensures a
better user experience
. Websites can be slow due to a number of factors

images, too many ads, unoptimised for different browsers, non
for mobile etc. Use tools such as page speed insights, webpage test, and Yslow to
gain insight into improving site speed.


Microformats are small HTML patterns that are a type of structured markup. They
indicate to search engines the kind of data it is or what your content is about

leading to improved organic listings and click
through rates. Google

microformats as labels or tags typically as “rich snippets”, in order to display
content beyond the URL, title and description of the page. A good example is a
shop listing showing up in response to a search query with a rich snippet

indicating sho
p timings, address, and ratings. As a searcher, it is much more
attractive to click on something richer and fuller rather than one without these
additional pieces of information.

5. Seamless user experience

SEO is all about seamless user experience

ng customers with intent and
directing users to their desired information and destination as quickly and
smoothly as possible. Understanding your audience and user intent is important

Google rewards websites that enhance the user’s journey. Invest in sit
responsiveness, simplicity, and readability as well as creating content for the user.
A well structured website and easy navigation are useful for both users and
search engines. Blend SEO and UX through quality content, optimisation of text
and images, a
ppealing visual design and clear CTAs.

6. Mobile Marketing Is Major

It’s 2020
. It’s about time you take mobile use into consideration with your
marketing campaign. With a large number of web users accessing social media
and web pages through mobile devices

like smartphones and tablets, it’s time you
should optimize your efforts, so they can be effectively viewed and used through
these mobile devices. Make sure your site and all landing pages can be easily
accessed with a mobile device. Also, make sure that
the loading time for these
pages doesn’t turn away your mobile users. While patience is already limited,
these handheld devices encourage even faster routing and loading, and when
something is going to slow users are more than ready to exit and look elsewh
for their purchasing needs. Look at all aspects of your marketing campaign when
looking to improve efforts for mobile users.

7. Social Media Makes An Upgrade


updates in SEO searches

, your social
media accounts and posts on these
outlets will now
perform better in search engines. Now, when your write posts to
publish on these social networking sites, keep in mind the new uses for SEO rating
improvement, and try to compose posts with quality content, keywords and
attention grabbing parts. These are
the types of social media posts that will
perform best in search engines.

. Add More Videos To Your Marketing Campaign

Videos are a great way to attract leads with engaging clips. But with more videos
posted on your site and on social media pages, you can

receive more attention on
search engines. Search Engine Rating Pages take into consideration the amount of
content and the different kinds of content posted, such as videos. Based on these
rankings, your SEO can see major improvements with the videos you
continue to

. Keep Linking It Up

ink building is as important and crucial as ever. But the key to building links that
will boost SEO is to focus on creating quality partnerships and links and worry less
about the number of links you create. One
quality link will perform much better
than a dozen ineffective links. Spend your time focusing on the links that matter.

. Content A Major Priority, As Always

written content will always help your site gain visibility online, and will aid to
your co
mplete reputation. With easy to read, knowledgeable and interesting
content, your business is sure to attract the attention of leads, and keep the ones
with real potential around long enough to gain some sales. Ultimately, your
content can make or break yo
ur SEO ratings. So keep up the quality content and
you’ll see improvement in your SEO ratings.

Keep up
date with the latest SEO trends to improve your search engine
rankings. To sum it up, focus on your mobile marketing campaign, improve all the
different types of content on your site and on your social media pages and keep
up the quality of your

efforts to boost your SEO.

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