Isolating JavaScript in Dynamic Code Environments

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Dec 7, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Isolating JavaScript in
Dynamic Code Environments

Execution Environments for Cloud

Spring 2011


Modern web applications involve combining client
and server side technologies to generate dynamic
content. (Example: PHP and JavaScript)

Different web frameworks handle different methods to
do code mixing.

Identification of different levels of intermixing of
programming languages is required.

Beneficial for XSS mitigation schemes, operations like
code analysis, optimization and refactoring.

Key Points

Analyze the source code of web applications (phpBB,
WordPress, phpMyAdmin and Drupal)

Identify the coding idioms for dynamic content
generation and intermixing of languages (PHP,

Classify them into different classes.

Provide methods to reduce mixing in each of the classes.

Analysis Methodology

Each web application’s code is processed on a
customized tool involving the below two parts.

Part 1: Removal of PHP, HTML comments, HTML events
such as onclick, onload.

Part 2: Randomization Process by parser.

If parser fails to randomize the code, intermixing is

All the scripts are processed in the tool and the failures
are noted.

Analysis Results Table

The final column shows the number of scripts involving
code mixing.

Total of 163 scripts out of 1000 are found to have
intermixed code.

Classifying coding idioms

Manual investigation of 163 scripts done to identify five
cases of coding idioms.

Case 1 :

Partial injection of non
mixed JavaScript source using the
PHP built
in function echo()

Classifying coding idioms

Case 2 :

String concatenations

Single and double quotes are part of complex string
concatenation operations.

The parser fails to randomize

Classifying coding idioms

Case 3 :

The most frequent case of code intermixing

Partial JavaScript code generation by PHP scripting blocks

Parser fails to consume PHP code.

Classifying coding idioms

Case 4 :

This case occurs only in phpBB

JavaScript code generation by using frameworks’
meta languages


Classifying coding idioms

Case 5 :

Markup injections

Symbols like ‘&’ are processed as ‘&’


Classification Results Table

Most of the scripts fall in the third case

The meta
language case, Case 4, occurs only in phpBB

Cases 1 and 5 are limited.

The dominant idioms are string concatenations, partial
injection using PHP scripting blocks.

Mixing reduction

Done by altering the mixing code or extending the parser
to support individual cases.

Case 1 :

Alternate coding preferred

The programmer can inject the JavaScript code in the PHP

Mixing reduction

Case 2 :

Alternate coding preferred

Mix reduction achieved by less use of quotes and
concatenation parts


Mixing reduction

Case 3 :

Alternate coding and parser extension is done

Parser identifies the PHP block and consumes it first.

In case of failure after the above step, alternate coding.


Mixing reduction

Case 4 :

Parser extended if substitution is simple.

Alternate coding is done if otherwise.

Case 5 :

Parser is extended to recognize HTML entities (like
&amp) and ignore them in syntax analysis.

Results after reduction

Parser extensions and code rewriting manages to
strongly reduce intermixing.

Results show that the reduction process minimizes
failing rates for Case 3 and Case 4.


Over half a million of LoCs were processed.

1000 scripts were identified of which 163 scripts
had PHP intermixed with JavaScript.

163 scripts were manually investigated to create a
classification scheme of five distinct classes.

Techniques to minimize reduction were proposed.