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Version 1.1

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Here you can find the Video Gallery for Wordpress Documentation table of contents. We are in the process of
expanding the features of our product. If you feel this list is missing something critical, please feel free to
so that we can continue to make improvements.


Welcome to Wordpress-video Gallery!

Wordpress-video Gallery Requirements.

Making and Restoring Backups.

nstalling Wordpress-video Gallery!

Installing Wizard
Installing Service

Configure Overview

Configuring Wordpress-video Gallery!

Player Settings
Manage Videos

Manage Sidebar Widget


Client side View

1.1 - Welcome to Wordpress Video gallery!
Thank you for choosing Contus VideoGallery for your WordPress CMS.

The genius Contus VideoGallery is downloaded more than a hundred thousand times in the web space till date and
used in more than 15,000 sites.

One big reason for its success is regular updates and features. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Eventhough
we dont provide the source file of the player we provide flexibility in customizing the player based on the customer
request for a low price.

We will, by necessity, touch upon the essential needs for setting up your Contus VideoGallery. But this manual is not
a detailed guide on how to build and configure a Web server or database. You are essentially expected to have these
in operation already.

We hope you find the process smooth and can then look forward to tailor Contus VideoGallery to your own specific
Getting Started
- Review our features to see if Drupal-Hdflvplayer is right for your websites.
Live Demos
- Play with our live demos to see Drupal-Hdflvplayer in action!
Free Trial
- Download our free trial to test on your web server.
- Once you've decided Drupal-Hdflvplayer is right for you, place your order. You'll receive your login
credentials for the client area shortly after you finalize your purchase!

Learning the Ropes
Client Area
- Download Drupal-Hdflvplayer and its plugin, configure your installation request, or submit a support
- Read our documentation to learn how to install Drupal-Hdflvplayer and how to configure your
- Search the Knowledgebase for answers to common questions and fixes to common problems.
- Read our blog to stay up-to-date on Drupal-Hdflvplayer news and release information.

Elsewhere on the Web
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- Join our Face book page.
- Follow us on Twitter.

1.2  Wordpress Video gallery Requirements

To successfully install and use Contus VideoGallery you must have a fully operational web server (Apache is the
optimum) with WordPress installed.

Contus VideoGallery has been tested and resulted desirably on many variants within the main three OS for Windows,
Linux with WordPress installed. It might work well on other platforms too.

It is also regularly used and tested through the main Web browsers available such as IE6 +, Firefox 1.5 +, Safari, and
Basic Requirements

￿ PHP 5.12 or newer
￿ PHP extensions: gd2, curl, iconv
￿ Safe mode must be OFF
￿ Register Globals must be OFF
￿ Memory limit: 32M+
￿ Send mail
￿ PHP 5.26 or newer
￿ PHP extensions: dom
￿ mbstring (required for non-English support)

MySQL Database

￿ MySQL 4.1 or newer
￿ 1 available database
￿ InnoDB table support
￿ MySQL 5.0 or newer
Web Server

￿ Apache-based shared web hosting
￿ Apache-based VPS or dedicated web server
￿ crontab
￿ mod_rewrite (for SEO-friendly URLs)
￿ memcached (speed boost)

1.3- Making and Restoring Backups
Backing up your Wordpress Video Gallery
is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensure the
integrity and longevity of your Wordpress Video Gallery website. Whether you're installing a new plugin or theme,
upgrading to the latest version, or customizing Wordpress Video Gallerys code, you should backup your website as
often as possible.
This article will guide you through the process of making a backup of your site, however if you aren't familiar with the
terms below, you should be cautious when performing the actions listed. Many hosting providers provide free (or
inexpensive) backup systems that they can restore for you if necessary. We HIGHLY recommend that you start by
consulting your web host to find out if they offer backup services.
Further, backing up a large database can get fairly complex, so if your site is very big, the instructions provided below
may not be suitable for your specific needs. Large website owners are encouraged to contact their hosting provider or
contact one of our integration partners to discuss backup strategies that would be more suitable for their website.
What is a backup?
The term backup refers to making copies of data as a sort-of insurance policy. In the event the original data is lost or
damaged, you will be able to turn to your backups to restore the data.

What's the most important thing to backup?
Wordpress Video Gallery is a robust database-driven application, and as you might have guessed, your database is
the most important thing to backup. This is the "meat and potatoes" of Wordpress Video Gallery, where your
website's most valuable data resides.
Most hosting providers include some sort of database management tool within their control panel software which you
can use to backup your MySQL database and more often than not, the software that they include is a version of
phpMyAdmin. If you are not sure how to access phpMyAdmin or are not sure if your host provides access to the
software from their control panel software, please contact your hosting provider's support staff and request additional
If your hosting provider uses some other database management tool, or does not provide access to any MySQL
database management tools, you can download a copy of the software from the
phpMyAdmin website
Before you can create a backup of your Wordpress Video Gallery database, you will need to know the name of your
Wordpress Video Gallery database and perhaps the login credentials for the database. If you don't have this
information memorized, or if it's provided through your host's control panel, you can easily retrieve it from the
database configuration file that Wordpress Video Gallery stores during the installation process.
Using a FTP client, connect your sever and navigate to the "/applications/settings/" directory within your Wordpress
Video Gallery installation. Download the file sites/default/settings.php and change permission to edit and open it
with a text editor. Within this file, you will see code very similar to the following PHP code:
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', 'w3');
/** MySQL database username */
define ('DB_USER', 'admin');
/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'welcome123');
/** MySQL hostname */
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
The contents of your configuration file will be different; however the structure of it should be very similar. If you are
not familiar with PHP, much of this will seem like a jumbled mess. The only information you really need to be
concerned with are the lines of code in the file that resemble the following:

1.define('DB_NAME', database_name);
4. define('DB_HOST', hostname);

If this were data from an actual Wordpress Video Gallery database configuration file.
Backup the Database
1 From main page of phpMyAdmin, locate and click on the "Export" menu item.
2 Once the page loads, locate the section of the page labelled "Export". Select the name of your Wordpress Video
Gallery database and below the database selection box, ensure that the radio button next to "SQL" is selected.
3 Next, locate the section labelled "Structure" with a checkbox next to it. Select this checkbox and the following
options below it:
Enclose table and field names with back quotes
4 A little further down the page, you should notice the section labelled "Data" with a checkbox next to it. Select this
checkbox and the following items below it:
Select the check box marked "Complete inserts".
Select the check box labeled "Use hexadecimal for binary fields".
Select "INSERT" in the combo box labeled "Export type:"
5 Further down the page, ensure that the checkbox next to "Save as file" is selected.
6 Finally, click on the "Go" button to begin the export and wait for the file to download.

Backing Up Your Files
The core Wordpress Video Gallery application files will not change often, however before you install, upgrade or
make any changes to Wordpress Video Gallerys files, you should take a backup. The most important files to backup
are those that drive the application. These are the files that exist within the following directories within your
Wordpress Video Gallery root:
Your root directory\ Wordpress Video Gallery (your site name)\ wp-config.php

All of Wordpress Video Gallerys application files total less than 5Mb making FTP (File Transfer Protocol) a viable
option for quick backups prior to performing an upgrade or plugin installation. You can simply download these files
and directories to your computer using a FTP client and archive them as needed.
If you don't already have a FTP client, you can use Filezilla, which is a free cross-platform FTP application. You may
download a version of Filezilla compatible with your operating system on the
download section
of their website.
Instructions on how to use Filezilla are included within the
documentation section
of their website.
Restoring your Backup
If you encounter a situation when your site stops functioning due to a change, upgrade, or third-party mod installation,
you'll need to restore the backup you took. Follow the instructions below to restore your site.
Restoring your Database
1 From main page of phpMyAdmin, locate and click on the "Import" menu item
2 Click on the file upload dialog and locate the exported file you wish to import (the file you downloaded in the
previous section).
3 Locate the section titled "Format of imported file" and ensure that "SQL" is selected.
4 Click the "Go" button to submit begin importing.

Restoring your Files
To restore your files, use an FTP client (like Filezilla, mentioned before) to upload the files you backed up onto your
server. Overwrite the files on your server with the backup files to restore your site.

1.4 Installing Wordpress video Gallery
Before proceeding with this tutorial, you have a valid Drupal- Hdflvplayer license, FTP access to your website.
Where to get wordpress video gallery
You can download a copy of wordpress video gallery from the client area of our website:


1.4.1 - Install Wizard

It is very easy to install the downloaded files. Downloaded files contains primary Component and other modules
which is User Login module, Recently added videos module, Popular videos module, Related videos module

· Log on to WordPress! Administration page.
· Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
· Select the Contus VideoGallery downloaded and click Upload File and install

Now the plugin will get installed successfully. You can continue the above steps to install other Plugins. You can
skip installing any of the module or plugin based on your requirement of your website.

After installing the plugin we have to activate the same from the Plugins respectively.

1.4.2 - Installation Service
Don't feel comfortable performing the steps above? We offer an installation service that can be purchased either
during your
initial order
or through the client store in the
client area.
Once your order has been processed, you will
be able to configure your installation request via the client area. Please allow 24-48 hours after you submit your
request for us to perform the installation.

2.1 - Configuration Wordpress video gallery!

2.1.1  Player Settings

This is the global settings for HD Video Share. It has two sections: Player settings, Video Gallery Settings

To edit / change these settings click Contus GallerySettings below the settings menu.


Buffer time - You can set the buffer time for the player to save portions of a streaming
Media file to local storage for a playback.

Width & Height - You can specify the width and height of the player in pixels (px)

Normal screen scale - You have three choices to set. Aspect ratio which controls the player size
Proportionally, fit to screen which plays the video to the player size that
Declared, Original size plays in original video size irrespective of the
Player size declared

Full screen scale - This setting affects only on full screen mode

Autoplay - If it is enabled, video will start playing without asking for user to click play

Playlist Autoplay - If it is enabled it will start playing all the videos from the playlist

Volume - You can set the default volume level when the video plays

Playlist open - You can set playlist to open / close always by enable / disable this option

Logo alpha - You can set the transparency rate for the logo on the player.

Skin auto hide - You can enable or disable player controls to be displayed on the player

Stage colour - Set the background colour for the player in the format ffffff

Skin - Choose one of the four available skins according to your website design

Fullscreen - Full screen button can be disabled from here for player control

Zoom - Zoom button on the player control can be disable / enable here

Timer - Timer on the player controls can be enable / disable

Share URL - Share button on the player can be disabled from here

HD Default - You can set the HD videos to play by default. Make sure you have declared HD
video path / uploaded HD videos

Contus Video Gallery Settings

In Home Page Feature Videos Enable or Disable Option with number of rows and columns the video to be display in
home page. Same for Recent and Popualr videos.

And there is a provision for number of videos to display in more pages

2.1.2  Manage Videos
It is responsible to add videos for the Contus VideoGallery.

HD FLV Player accepts both streaming and normal way of playing videos.

For Adding Videos go to Media-> Contus VideoGallery->Add Videos

You can add videos through following methods: Upload, Youtube, Direct URL. You can add playlist for the videos.

Adding videos through Upload method

Four fields will be visible when Upload is selected.

If you want to give the users the option to switch between HD and Non HD videos, then you have to upload two
formats of the video.

If you dont want to give the users a choice then you can upload just one format, either HD or Non HD. Leave the
second field Upload HD Video (optional) as blank

Once you finish uploading the videos you got to upload a thumb image and preview image for it.

Below this, there is a Title Feature for the video, enable the featured option,
Assign playlist, sort order (recently we added Ajax sorting where you can sort the videos simply by click and drag
from the Videos tab).

Adding videos from YouTube

To avoid bandwidth consumption from your web server you can smartly add videos to the YouTube and can provide
the link here.

You can get the YouTube URL from the video info box on the right side of the youtube website.

After that Click Generate Details it will generate the name of the video. Enable the featured option.

Adding videos through URL method

Upload the videos and images through FTP to any location on your web server. For example you can add videos to
Videos Folder and Images to images Folder on your web server and provide the absolute path here

Like this:


Below this, there is a Video Info section where you can add Title, assign playlist, sort order(recently we added Ajax
sorting where you can sort the videos simply by click and drag from the Videos tab).Enable the featured option.

2.1.3  Manage Sidebar Widgets

In the contus video Gallery there are totally three widget.

1) Featured Videos
2) Recent Videos
3) Popular Videos

For controlling all widgets go to Apperance->Widgets in the left side menu.

From there drag and drop what are the widgets you want in the sidebar.

Here we can give the number of videos to be shown in the show field.

3.1  Client Side View!
Side Widgets

The side widgets contain Featured, Recent and Popular Videos.
There are totally three pages

1) Our Home Page: In these home page our player will shown. Below these also Featured, Recent and Popular
videos will display.

2) This is our video page, if you click on particular video it will play here. With related name of video will shown
in the slider.

3) In front page only limited number of videos only shown but in these page all the videos will shown based on
featured, Popular and recent with Pagination.
We can control the number of videos to display in the home page in the admin side.