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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 11 months ago)



Week 8 Status Report

Monday, July 21 2008

: Worked on the bit stream resolution switching with VLC. Got a frame from the old
resolution video to attach to the new resolution video but had troubles interpolating it. This part
of the

project may not get finished. Started working on our poster layout and design.

: I made some final changes to the interpolation algorithm. Then wrote the abstract and
began working on the poster.

: The program is finished for our purposes;
I’m just working on a small audio bug. Also
began more work on the website.

: Added Client code to request a track switch. Found out netbeans works with vlc's code.
Found out about in
loop H264 stream switch as opposed to external, time/frame numbe
r based
switching. Appended H264 files, to test with decoders. Wrote outline for paper.

: Installed Ubuntu 8.04 on one of the linux workstations so that the latest VLC source
would work properly. Mastered the art of hosting a VoD server and used th
at to stream a single
track of a two track file. Added Grae's code and made it so that the server interprets the message
correctly. The final step is to pass the message along to the mp4 demuxer.