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Dec 9, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)





PASSRUSTED GROUP consists of three different secure group applications:

1. PASSRUSTED GROUP Secure instant messaging.
2. PASSRUSTED GROUP Secure whiteboard (forum).
3. PASSRUSTED GROUP Secured sharing of documents within a group.

Sharing of documents is based on Web services and security for that application is provided as a
combination of SAML and GSAKMP protocols.

All three secure group applications may be used across multiple, federated domains. Group
authorizations are based on identities and roles of users.


1. Central PASSTRUSTED GROUP server performing various administrative functions and distribution
(broadcasting) of group keys;
2. PASSTRUSTED GROUP administration interface, used by group administrators to perform
administrative functions for the PASS Group servers;
3. PASSTRUSTED GROUP owner interface, used by group owners for controlling and managing
groups and group policy tokens;
4. PASSTRUSTED GROUP members interface for usage of secure group applications:
sending/receiving instant messages within a group, writing/reading messages deposited to the
whiteboard (forum), and uploading/downloading shared documents.


The system is fully compliant with the Internet GSAKMP standard, and therefore interoperable with
other implementations of that standard;

• Security administration interfaces and secure messaging interfaces are simple, intuitive, and easy-to-

• The system enforces group access policy based on Policy Token; Written in Java so the same
product is running on Linux and Windows platforms;

• All software modules are encrypted, thus resistant to viruses, worms, Trojan horse, or insider's


PASSTRUSTED GROUP should be used for sensitive and high-value applications. Examples are
banks and other financial institutions, Government, health-care and public services institutions, and
corporate environments (protection of sensitive documents against insiders' fraud).


PASSTRUSTED GROUP server may be run on security enhanced Linux thus enhancing its
survivability and reliability. It can also be extended and customized to run secure, reliable and
authorized secure E-mail system.

ABOUT SRC Technologies, Inc. PASSTRUSTED System

The SRCTI.COM PASS System addresses the many categories of continuously changing threats that have proven
too malicious for current state-of-the-art systems that have been employed but continue to fail. We address these
threats on both physical and logical operations. The difference is centered around our core technology and
architecture. Our Knowledge-Based Intelligent Scenario Solution or KISS is the difference maker. With the use of
KISS we effectively neutralize all of the most damaging threats that government, financial institutions, healthcare
providers and the retail community face with a scalable and fully customizable solution that is completely cross-
platform and compatible with all systems, legacy - PC, Mac OS, Unix and Linux. The small footprint of KISS allows
it to be incorporated into and carried inside of today’s handheld devices as well as, today’s smart card operating
systems. PASS also supports Web 2.0.