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Understanding the RadControls for 
WebCast Q&A Follow‐up 
Audience Questions

When the tree is bound declaratively, at what point can I set properties on nodes? (At Page_Load, the Nodes collection is still

A: I’d suggest trying the NodeCreated or NodeDataBound events. You can see these events and more for the RadTreeview in this online
demo: http://www.telerik.com/DEMOS/ASPNET/Prometheus/TreeView/Examples/Programming/ServerSideApi/DefaultCS.aspx

Can the tree be used in the MS MVC pattern? Can I compute the url on the client, before going to that url? (E.g., user renames a
node -- the client sends the new node name to /Server/Rename/NewName; user renames a different node -- the client sends the
new node name to /Server/Create/NewName)

A: It looks like you’re kind of describing RESTful data services. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use the Treeview’s client-side API
and JavaScript to call REST URLs like you’re describing. As for using the RadTreeview in ASP.NET MVC, it is possible, but not really in
the “MVC way” of doing things. In other words, since ASPNET MVC uses WebForms as the ViewEngine by default, you can use standard
server controls on the page, but doing so requires that re-add <form runat=”server”> to the page, which kinda gets you away from all of the
intended MVC benefits. Look for controls better suited for the MVC environment to start popping-up in the future (I think the next release of
ASPNET MVC is going to start shipping with some built-in “controls”- or HTML helpers).

What is the meaning of life?

A: To build great software with Telerik’s tools that is pleasant to use. Right?

Is anyone there?

A: Yes…

How can I use the radio button and manage its value with single selection instead of checkbox?

A: Not sure what this question means…is this a general HTML question or somehow related to the RadControls? I’ll be happy to follow-up
if you contact me with extra details. Same goes for all questions I don’t understand.

Which is the efficient method to handle GridView sorting: client side or Server side?

A: The most efficient way to handle RadGrid sorting is to use the new (coming baked-in in Q2) client-side features. With this approach,
data is sorted on the server (the fastest way to sort large data sets) and then the relevant page of data is sent to the Grid via web services
and bound on the client. No Viewstate bulk. No page lifecycle. Just fast and efficient sorting.

This rocks!!!

A: Not really a question, but I appreciate the feedback. Sorry for the demo trouble…

Can RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX allow me to freeze the first column of a RadGrid?

A: Absolutely! Check out this online demo to see the feature in action:

Are there resources for dealing with migration from previous version to AJAX version?

A: Yes! There are many resources on Telerik.com to help you manage the process of migrating from the classic controls to the ASP.NET
AJAX controls. All controls have sections in their online docs detailing how to migrate. In addition, check out this resource to get started:

Any discussion about accessible AJAX techiniques for Federal 508 compliance?

A: Strictly speaking, Ajax as a technology doesn’t comply with section 508 since it requires JavaScript to work. That said, ASP.NET AJAX
a framework does work relatively well for users with disabilities that use things like screen readers to access sites (example:
). At Telerik, we take accessibility compliance very seriously as we have
many government customers. We do everything we can within the limits of the technology to make our controls accessible.

I’m from deloitte india & we are using controls in our product for a year

A: Great! Thanks for coming out today. I was just in India (Bangalore) a few weeks ago. Glad you enjoy the controls.

Will you be introducing gauges?

A: Yes! But not for ASP.NET- at least not yet. We have announced gauges for WPF, though, and those gauges will also find their way to
Silverlight (which makes them good candidates for integration with your ASP.NET apps). If there is strong demand for gauges native in
ASP.NET, we’ll definitely take that in to consideration as we define our road map.

How does your asp.net controls fit with the .net MVC framework? Thanks!

A: See one of my answers above. The info in that answer relates to RadTreeview, but the same concept applies to all of Telerik’s
ASP.NET controls. ASP.NET MVC is going to require a new type of “control” for the best performance and integration, and Telerik is still
researching this technology and those possibilities.

Have you got a Blog?

A: Glad you asked. I do: http://telerikwatch.com
and http://weblogs.asp.net/toddanglin
and http://blogs.telerik.com/toddanglin

Will ASP.NET Classic continue to be developed and supported or phased out into ASP.NET AJAX?

A: The RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX represent Telerik’s next generation control suite for ASP.NET. The “classic” controls are still
supported and will be for years to come, but all active and new development is being done for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. All
new development should use the Ajax controls.

How many people participated in the polls?

A: Assuming everyone figured-out how to vote, over 600.

Hi Todd. This is Phuong Vuong from Nasa. I have a question: 1. Where can I get your course materials today. 2. Do you have
another online trainning?

A: Hello Phuong from Nasa. You can grab the slides, code, and these answers (which I assume you’ve found by now) on my blog:
telerikwatch.com. For additional online training, don’t miss the expanding series of webinars from our training partner Falafel. The next one
is July 1
on Telerik Reporting and then on July 29
for RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX. Check this link for details:

My question is too long to fit in here, can you provide an email address to email the question to?

A: That sounds like a scary question! Everyone can reach me at todd.anglin@telerik.com

How can I tap to the Javascript Ajax engine?

A: The ASP.NET AJAX engine or the API provide by the RadControls? In either case, start with the Telerik online docs and demos to see
how you can use the rich client-side API to build your advanced Ajax applications.


Will we get copies of the slides after the show?

A: Yes, you can find the slides on my blog http://telerikwatch.com

I have seen with ASP.NET 2.0 that History issue exists?

A: Yes, you are correct. The new ASP.NET Futures (part of .NET 3.5 SP1) contain the functionality that enables you to fix the browser
back-button and history problems. The SP1 release should be available for final download soon.

Is Microsofts implementation of AJAX better than the original Teleriks version? is that why you made prometheus?

A: Actually, it’s not. In many ways, Telerik’s Ajax engine was more feature packed. In fact, Telerik added functionality that improves the
basic ASP.NET AJAX core in its own client-side Telerik core. We made the switch, though, because we saw that ASP.NET AJAX
represented the future of ASP.NET- a unified server-side and client-side programming model that tightly integrates Ajax in to the ASP.NET
platform. We wanted to deliver to our customers the most powerful and highly integrated set of components built on this modern
framework and remove the dependency on our proprietary Ajax implementation.

When Telerik for Silverlight will be released?

A: Very soon! And I’m really excited about these controls (and Silverlight in general). There is a CTP currently available for download, but
you can look for the first version of our controls to ship very soon after the official release of the Silverlight 2 plug-in (which everyone
currently expects towards the end of summer). http://www.telerik.com/silverlight

How I can develop this kind of application using Telerik control which uses a tab control but can load an aspx form on each tab
when click and keep it in memory when switch from one tab to another tab similar like iframe?

A: Hmmm…sounds like you want to build an application that enables you to tab between different ASPX pages. The only way I’m aware of
doing that (without doing some serious coding) is to use IFRAMES. You can simplify the use of IFRAMES by using Telerik’s RadSplitter
component or you can add them yourself to RadTabstrip Multipages. A better approach might be to move away from loading ASPX pages
and instead dynamically load ASCX user controls. That’s a much more flexible solution and the best approach for dealing with shared
content. http://www.telerik.com/radsplitter

Difference between Silver light control and Asp.net control when I use this control?

A: Night and day? Silverlight controls run in the Silverlight runtime (plug-in based) and our ASP.NET AJAX controls are standards-based
controls that run in any browser. They can be mixed and matched, though.

When will RadRotator be available in the suite?

A: Great question! The new and improved RadRotator will be debuting in our Q2 release. It has been re-architected to be more powerful
and flexible than ever. More cross browser features and a much better API will be gracing the new Rotator. Look for your first shot to play
with it in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Futures release in a couple of weeks.

If you have maintenance on classic controls, what is the upgrade path and rough idea of costs?

A: See some of my above comments on where you can find resources for upgrading applications from the classic controls to the ASP.NET
AJAX controls. All of the classic and Ajax controls run seamlessly side-by-side, so you can spread the process of upgrading out over
however much time you need. And while there will be some costs associated with the upgrade upfront, the resulting application will be
higher performing, more stable, and better enabled to leverage the latest and greatest from Telerik in the future.

Will you be fielding questions regarding licensing at all?

A: Sure. What do you want to know? Generally speaking, our licensing model is very friendly to developers. No license keys. Royalty free
distribution. Licensed per developer. Tons of free support. Hard to beat.

Do you have any examples of how to plug your controls into DotNetNuke?

A: Yes, we do. You can find DNN modules for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX in your Client.net downloads and you can check
to see the RadControls running in a live DNN site.

We are looking to replace the MS HTML Editor in SharePoint 2007 with your WSIWYG editor. Do you have any other SharePoint
Controls or web parts?

A: Yes, you can use all of the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX in your SharePoint development. Find out how by visiting

Do you need to be developing on VS 3.5 to use the radControls AJAX?

A: No. You can use .NET 2.0 with the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, too. The RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX are built against both
versions of the .NET framework.

Can you show how to avoid data fetching with the grid whenever the grid is displayed? What I mean is: If I take a normal
DataTable and bind it to the Grid, the Fill() Method is called every time the grid is called. Can you show how to avoid that e.g. if
the data is not changing very often?

A: I’d need to see an example to understand exactly what you’re talking about. In general, it sounds like you need to implement some
caching for your data so that the Grid is not being bound directly to the data source. This is a good practice to follow for high performance
application design, so I encourage you to look in to it. Contact me if you need more pointers or help getting started.
Can you go over more specific differences between ASP.NET Ajax and Telerik's RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax?

A: Telerik’s RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX are built directly on top of the ASP.NET AJAX framework. They leverage completely the
client-side coding framework introduced by Microsoft in ASPNET AJAX, layering on top and extending the base functionality. So to your
question, ASPNET AJAX is the Framework and the RadControls for ASPNET AJAX are your productivity tools that enable you to develop
on the framework efficiently.

Do I get downloadable version of this presentation? any link would help us as I missed first 30 minutes of presentation.

A: Definitely. An on-demand of this webcast is going to be available very soon. Check my blog for the link http://telerikwatch.com

What is the increase in grid performance?

A: Good question. I don’t have exact stats for the Grid yet, but I should definitely collect some. What are you interested in seeing? Page
load performance? Sorting performance? Let me know.

We are still running VS 2003 . is there a way I can use these new controls - may be through xml input into these controls. If at all
possible to use your new controls with VS 2003, what are the challenges you foresee?

A: VS 2003 is reaching a ways back these days. The best development experience is going to be found on VS 2005 or VS 2008, but we
do still support VS 2003 development with the RadControls. Check out this page for details: http://www.telerik.com/products/aspnet-

I thought wrappers were going to be provided for all controls?

A: For SharePoint I assume? No, only for the RadEditor. The other controls work fine in SharePoint without wrappers. If we find significant
demand for specific wrappers, though, we’ll be happy to add them to our suite.

Can you please describe how to use internal web service support?

A: Hopefully you caught some of this in the demo. It would have been clearer if the PC View worked. Essentially, the RadControls for
ASP.NET AJAX have made the process of binding to web services as simple as setting one or two properties. It really couldn’t be easier.
Check-out these online demos for examples:



I'm using one of the older RadControls for ASP .Net versions and I have some trouble on older machines running IE6. Do the
newly released controls with the semantic HTML also perform better in IE6?

A: The new controls should run fine in IE6, but so should the old controls. Make sure you report any issues you encounter in our forums or
in a support ticket for help. IE6 is a fully supported browser, so all of our controls are tested to work with it. When it comes to performance,
though, the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX should perform better than the old controls in all scenarios.

We have a scenario in which there are around 10000 records. The sql statement has 20 joins. When the page is loaded @ client
site the client side processor load reaches 100%. Will the new controls solve the problem? I’m using RadGrid.

A: I’m not sure any control can solve the problem of 20 joins. ☺ That sounds like some gnarly SQL. I’d suggest you do some perf testing
to see where the problem exists- retrieving data, page load time, server response time, etc. Also, make sure you’re not passing all 10,000
records to the Grid at once. Browsers (not to mention users) can only process so many elements at once before they start to choke, and
10,000 items would definitely sink a browser. Make sure you’re using paging to solve the problem.

This is a waste of my time so far - just marketing fluff.

A: Sorry to waste your time. We’ll have more “hard core” developer sessions in the future. There would have been more substance if the
PC View worked- we’ll fix it for next time. Also be sure to check out the actual training sessions from Falafel.

How many people are connected?

A: Over 600…over 600 people watching all of demos not work. ☺

How would you upgrade existing ASP.NET projects with old telerik controls to new RAD stuff?

A: Very carefully and very quickly if I planned on maintaining the apps in the future. Honestly, I have large apps still running on old non-
ASP.NET AJAX RadControls, but they’re apps I’m not actively developing or upgrading- I’m just keeping them working. When I decide to
update them, I’ll use the control documentation to find breaking changes in the APIs and start working through my project replacing
controls and testing. Since old and new can run side-by-side, I can take some time to make the complete transition.
With the seperation of HTML and Presentation, do you have a recommendation for a good CSS designer?

A: Telerik provides 11 common skins built-in to the suite designed by our professional in-house UX guys. I suggest you use these or use
them as a starting point for building your own custom skins. Beyond that, anybody that can do CSS can use our complete skinning guides
in the RadControl documentation to build custom skins.

Use Camtasia to make videos available for download to registered users (sort of like DNRTV).

A: Have you seen the videos section on Telerik.com? We’ve been published how-ton videos on the site for a long time now. I’m not sure
how many are there, but there are a ton. Also, don’t miss Telerik TV, our new DNRTV-like bi-weekly web show featuring real world
applications built by real Telerik customers. Carl Franklin hosts at http://www.teleriktv.com

Does telerik reporting work in a medium trust environment yet? if not, when will this be supported?

A: Medium trust is not yet supported, but we’re working on it. Follow the Telerik Reporting Road Map (which will be updated soon for Q2)
to track our support for this much requested improvement.

What is the Diff between ASp.NET Grid and RadControls RadGrid?

A: The built-in ASP.NET Grid is very basic and it requires you to write a lot of code yourself to do advanced data manipulations (filtering,
grouping, hierarchal grids, exporting, and so on). The RadGrid provides support for all of these commonly needed features built-in so you
don’t waste your time reinventing the Grid wheel.

Could you please show how to manipulate the controls shown in a Grid when utilizing the built-in edit function? Example: Take a
grid with 3 columns: name, number1, number2. When a user clicks "Add/Edit", the user can choose a "name" by means of drop
down box and then enter EITHER number1 or number2 (but whenever he starts entering data into the "number1" field, the
"number2" field should be disabled - and vice versa). Can you show how that works? Thanks.

A: It sounds like you need a more custom experience in the edit form of the Grid. To do that, you’ll simply need to take some control as a
developer and write your own edit form (probably using an UserControl) that has the JavaScript logic you’re describing. See some
examples of custom edit forms here:

Can you please brief more on 1. CMS, 2. VS 2008 migration, 3. silverlight migration steps would be?

A: A three part question- killer. First, you can find more details on our powerful CMS development platform (Sitefinity CMS) by visiting
. Not sure what you mean by VS 2008 migration. Do you mean .NET 3.5? If so, the process of migrating from
.NET 2.0 to .NET 3.5 is pretty simple. Usually only a matter of changing assemblies. Finally, Silverlight migration. Since Silverlight is a
brand new technology based on a plug-in, migrating to it will require that you re-build your apps or use Silverlight to enhance your existing
apps. Your usage and path will just depend on what you need Silverlight to do.

For the future I would have screenshot-demos as a backup.

A: I know, I know…I knew I should have, too. I guess I had too much faith in tech and it bit me. Next time I won’t cut corners and will be

Does the telerik trainer work only with Rad ASPNET AJAX or also winforms, silverlight, etc?

A: The trainer is a complete WPF application built to deliver video tutorials on all of the Telerik’s products. You can check out the Trainer
and the first round of tutorials now: http://www.telerik.com/support/teleriktrainer.aspx

Is the source code included with purchase?

A: Yes, a subscription purchase gets you the complete C# source code.

Is the trainer available for download now?

A: Yes, you can download it today at http://www.telerik.com/support/teleriktrainer.aspx

AjaxManager and MasterPages GUI editing in VS 2008, when is this going to be functionig properly?

A: I think the problem you’re describing is a problem introduced by VS 2008 and its new editor. To the best of my knowledge, the pending
SP1 update for VS 2008 addresses this problem.

Will you be offering an advanced class any time soon?

A: Your best bet for advanced classes is to check out Falafel’s RadWebinars: http://falafel.com/telerikpage/webinar.aspx

Have you gotten the Dialog Handler to work in SharePoint?

A: Not sure. I’ll follow-up though. Ping me for the answer.

Hello Todd, Cant you explain more about telerik controls working with MS Silverlight? Why Silverlight??

A: Why not Silverlight? ☺ It’s an exciting new plug-in based technology for Microsoft developers and Telerik is going to be there with the
most complete set of UI tools on the market, We’ll be our journey down that path as soon as the Silverlight 2 plug-in is released from

Will the desktop trainer provide a video for the RadScheduler?

A: You bet. First one is already available and more are to come: http://www.telerik.com/support/teleriktrainer/teleriktrainerpreview/b332i-

Do you provides javascript library so that we can plug some our code?

A: Kind of. We provide a complete client-side API for our controls that adheres to and leverages the MS AJAX client-side libraries. You
can use our APIs and MS’ library to write your own client-side application code.

When will the Q2 release be available?

A: When it’s done. Wouldn’t be terrible if we said that like some people are doing these days? In all seriousness, the Q2 release is
scheduled for late July, so look for it to drop in a few weeks time. A Futures release will drop earlier (in a couple of weeks).

About a year ago we tried to use Microsoft Ajax Update Panels, but they didn't work in the user controls we were loading
dynamically. Will Rad Controls for Ajax work in dynamically loaded user controls?

A: Yes, you should have no problems with that scenario and the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

Telerik docs/tutorials excellent resources. Any chance of providing data layer, object binding etc, best practices for working with
Telerik controls?

A: I have been running some optimization tips on my blog. You can check them out here:

Are you planning to make more online event soon?

A: Yes, watch my blog for announcements http://telerikwatch.com

Editor control- Does it clean up Office HTML effectively? Is all the resulting HTML XHTML compliant? Can I use the integrated
spell-checker to spell-check other text fields on the form?

A: To your first question, yes, we have a tool for cleaning content pasted from MS Office. Check out the online Editor examples and use
the “Paste from Word” tool to see how it works.

As for the spellchecker, you can use it with any form fields via the standalone RadSpell component. http://www.telerik.com/radspell

Can you edit/insert/delete with a self-referencing heirarchy RadGrid?

A: The Grid does support automatic CRUD operations in hierarchal grids, but I’m not sure about self-referencing Grids. Check out these
online resources for examples:


How deep an understanding of ASP.NET AJAX is required to "start with" RadControls?

A: Anybody can start using the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, regardless of knowledge of the ASP.NET AJAX framework. In fact, the
RadControls abstract many of the more confusing concepts in the ASPNET AJAX framework making it even easier to leverage the
technology and start building the apps with little experience. Plus, all of Telerik’s training resources help you get up-to-speed on the
RadControls as quickly as possible.

Will Telerik be at VS Live in Las Vegas in October?

A: No, we won’t be at VS Live, but you can find us at Fall DevConnections in Vegas, DevReach in Bulgaria, and PDC in Las Angeles.

Do you recommend filling comboboxes using webservices?

A: As with so many coding questions, it depends. If you’ve got a huge data set (let’s say more than 50 items), I’d suggest using the
LoadOnDemand features of the RadCombobox. That will save page load time and enable your users to quickly locate the values they’re
interested in.
Are there any AJAX conflicts if using other third party products?

A: No, the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX work with most 3
party controls without issue.

Do i need to include ajaxpanel to use ajaxcontrols for axax?

A: Definitely not. You only need the RadAjaxPanel when you are looking to ajaxify a group of controls on a page. The AjaxPanel is one
among many controls in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

What is the best reason why someone would want to use the scriptmanager instead of the rad ajax manager? I see a lot of
people using the script manager with rad ajax controls.

A: I think there is some confusion here. The ScriptManager (by MS) and the RadAjaxManager serve two different purposes. The
ScriptManager is a basic requirement of ASPNET AJAX. Any page that is using ASPNET AJAX must have a ScriptManager (it loads the
required client-side libraries). RadAjaxManager, on the other hand, helps you easily configure and manage your Ajax operations on a
page. It too requires a ScriptManager on the page since it is based on MS AJAX. Hope that helps clear things up.

When will the columns like datetime allow between capabilities by default?

A: Good question. I don’t know the exact answer, but I’ll ask the Grid team for an update. Ping me for the answer later.

We have membership for ASP.NET classic. Do we entitled to use ASP.NET AJAX OR need separate membership?

A: Yes, you can use the membership data and system you implemented with ASP.NET 2.0 with ASP.NET AJAX. The ASPNET AJAX
framework really just layers on top of ASPNET 2, so there is strong backwards compatibility.

You said rad controls is only one dll deploy. Why is rad.chart still out of it?

A: The RadChart engine is used across all of our products- ASP.NET, WinForms, etc. For this reason, the RadChart engine is built
separately, outside of the main Telerik.Web.UI assembly. The enables a consistent API wherever you use Telerik’s charting tools.

I use VS2008 with 2.0 target. I don't see the rad controls in the toolbox. If I right-click and select Choose, I see the controls
checked but they are the 2007 controls. I think I have seen them show up in the toolbox if I target the 3.5 framework.

A: The RadControls work fine with both .NET 3.5 and .NET 2.0 + AJAX Extensions. You can re-add the tools to your toolbox by dragging
the correct assembly directly from Windows Explorer on to your VS Toolbox. That’s the fastest way to add controls to the VS Toolbox.

Often Telerik documentation that ships with a release is for the previous version, and is no longer correct. Is there an online
version that is more current (if so where)?

A: http://www.telerik.com/help

If we have Sitefinity License, do I still have to buy RadControl license?

A: If you plan on developing sites outside of Sitefnity, then yes, you need a separate license for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.
Thought Sitefinity comes with the RadControls, you are only licensed to use them for development on the site you bought them for.

As I have seen, you prefer not to use UpdatePanel. What should I use to replace it and what will happen if continue to use it?

A: You’re right, I prefer to use the RadAjaxManager because it greatly simplifies the configuration process of ASPNET AJAX. You can feel
free to keep using your UpdatePanels, though. They play fine with all of Telerik’s RadControls, it it’s a matter of preference. If you’re
looking for an easy way to configure your pages with ASPNET AJAX settings, try the RadAjaxManager.

What are your experiences using the grid with extremely large data sets. In the range of 100000 records?

A: The Grid is well optimized to handle large data sets. It’s one of the fastest web grids available for processing large data sets. Check out
these live online demos for more info:
(demo from Telerik blogs – features new client-side binding)

It is completely royalty free correct So I can create a project for codeplex and people that have not purchased telerik can
download and run my project?

A: Correct and incorrect. The RadControls are royalty free, but they’re not open source. The license does not permit you to distribute the
licensed RadControl assemblies freely. If your application is intended for broad distribution, you must take adequate steps to secure the
RadControls in your application before distributing. If you have more specific questions about this scenario, feel free to contact us for

I am trying to integrate RadGrid in MOSS2007. The page works fine with AJAX without refresh in a normal page. But when I
deploy the page to MOSS 2007 the page is refreshed for the first 3-4 times when I try to change the page number in the grid, but
after that it works fine. Why would that happen?

A: Strange scenario. I’ll ask the Grid product team to look in to that scenario and see if they can reproduce it. As far as I can see, the
RadGrid we’ve got running SharePoint is not exhibiting this behavior:

Any Rad FTP controls in plans?

A: Sorry, we’ve still got no plans to produce a FTP control. We tend to deal with UI focused, standards-based controls, and FTP doesn’t
really fit those guidelines. You can, however, user our UI controls to build your own browser-based FTP tool. If you do, let us know so we
can feature your project.

Is it possible to use the radspell in the radeditor to do som sort of "intellisense" with my own developed script-language?

A: Sounds fancy. Not sure without seeing some more details, but I’d suggest you start by looking at RadSpell and its support for custom
dictionaries. Maybe that will help. http://www.telerik.com/radspell

I've got the tools running in production, but the radscriptmanager does not work consistently in IE 6, you inconsistently get a
javascript error telerik not found. Any hints?? I've requested an option to not have the manager send compressed files to IE 6
because it does not consistently handle them.

A: I think this was addressed in last week’s SP2: http://www.telerik.com/VersionNotes.aspx?Id=1171

I've a question on the deployment: The RadControls 2007 needed the Skins folder in the web, which had some troubles with the
Installer Project of Visual Studio. How to deploy the skins with RadControls 2008?

A: The new RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX have everything embedded in the single assembly- including skins. You should have no
trouble with deployment with the new controls.

re: licensing. Can you explain how licensing would work in a smaller shop with one or two front-end users in regards to using
the controls on dev. machines, staging/qa machines, and production?

A: The RadControls are licensed per active developer. So if you have two developers in your shop building applications, you only need 2
licenses for the RadControls. Those devs can then build as many applications as they want with the controls and deploy them on as many
servers as they want.

Can you use Silverlight with VS 2005 and net 2.0?

A: Not really. Microsoft is gearing the Silverlight experience for .NET 3+ and VS 2008+. Even then, it’s not really “.NET 3”- it’s a slimmed
down version of .NET that runs in the Silverlight plug-in. That means to access a Silverlight app, you don’t need to have the .NET
framework installed, only the Silverlight 2 plug-in. You can use the Express SKUs of Visual Studio 2008, though, to develop Silverlight, so
that’s an option if you can upgrade the Pro SKU.

You just said that the Grid is very fast - but mine is extremely slow. Example: I have a Grid showing a simple list with approx. 100
items. Paging is enabled. It takes a long time for the complex query to fetch the data for this grid - so the initial display is slow.
But when I now use the paging controls, every subsequent display is AS SLOW. Why? It looks like, the data is always fetched

A: Sounds like you need to improve the way you’re binding your data to the Grid, perhaps using some caching or a solid ORM. If you open
a support ticket or jump on the Telerik forums you should be able to get the help you need.

Any plans to have a user query builder frontend for the reporting tool?

A: Not just yet, but we’re all ears. What would you want this to look like?

More of a comment than question: it seems that telerik might be positioned well in the industry to create a FireBug equal for IE
so that developers can set breakpoints in javascript etc.

A: I think Microsoft beat us to the punch with IE8. Check out the new IE Developer Tools in IE8 Beta 1 to see what I mean.

Can ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET be downloaded in one computer? Will they have any confliction?

A: Yes, they can be downloaded on the same computer, and no, they won’t conflict. ASPNET AJAX layers on top of ASPNET 2, so they’re
complimentary, not competing versions.

What about advanced support for the grid to work with more Business Intelligence related datasources...like ADOMD?

A: There are no immediate plans for this type of support, but we are always open to input. Please let us know what type of features you
need for advanced analytical data and how the Grid can better support them.

Is there a white paper that describes best practices for using master pages with Telerik skins... ?

A: There shouldn’t be any notable problems when using Telerik’s skins with Master Pages. If you’re having any trouble, definitely visit the
Telerik Forums for some quick help. http://www.telerik.com/forums

In regards to SilverLight - what can be expected when determining the version on the clients machine? Will Telerik controls help
with this or will this be something needed to be done by the developer?

A: When you build a Silverlight app, you must specify the version of the Silverlight plug-in that your app is designed to work with. If the
wrong version is installed, Silverlight will automatically prompt users to install Silverlight. This is all handled automatically by the plug-in.

In regards to support... Is there any support that is available during the daytime work hours of the US time zones and not just
European time zones.?

A: Beyond the forums, not yet. But we are working hard to change that. Stay tuned for more announcements in the future.

If we find a cross browser error in your controls that we use in eg. production, how 'long' does it generally take to get an update
for exactly that case?

A: We are very good about delivering hot fixes for customers that report show-stopper problems with the controls mid release cycle. If you
find a production problem, open a support ticket, help our support guys determine if it is an implementation problem or a product bug, and
then if it is a bug, expect a hotfix build ASAP.

Is it possible to use the RADGrid witout using Session objects, to bind the grid?

A: Of course. The SessionDataSource used in our online demos is just for demo purposes (so that one person’s changes to a online
demo don’t affect someone elses). You can bind the RadGrid to just about anything.

Is it possible to have freezed Header and some of columns in RadGrid?

A: You bet. See these demos for more info:

Any plan for multiple select file upload in a single browse dialog from radupload?

A: Building a multi-file select control is actually a browser problem more than UI component problem. When using standards-based
technologies (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) , you do not have the access to the local file system to enable a multi-select control.
Overcoming the problem requires use of a browser plug-in, like Flash, Silverlight, or ActiveX. The new RadUpload for Silverlight 2 already
improves on our ASP.NET offering by allowing you to select multiple files at one time with the standard File Open dialog. Check it out by
visit http://www.telerik.com/silverlight

Can the report tool render html which is stored in a database table?

A: No, not at this time. But we’ve definitely had a lot of interest in this feature, so I expect it will become a feature of Telerik Reporting
soon. Watch the Reporting Road Map for updates on this feature and its timing.

How to manage multiple Ajax manager in a page?

A: Generally speaking, you should only have one RadAjaxManager on a page. In MasterPage scenarios, that means you should place a
single RadAjaxManager on your MasterPage and then use the RadAjaxManagerProxy controls on all content pages and UserControls.
Check out my article on the RadAjaxManager for more details: http://telerikwatch.com/2008/05/optimization-tips-using.html

Can I use both RAD Ajax manager and MS asp.net update panel in my master page?

A: Sure, they are both based on the same core technology- ASPNET AJAX. The RadAjaxManager just streamlines the process for
configuring and controlling Ajax interactions on your page.

Dynamic query builder would be an immense help. too many customers want "just one more field" or "just one less field" or
"that moved over a bit", etc. Being able to control which fields are available from a given db table (and a "friendly name") and
then allow the user to drop those into a visual environment which could then be saved to their specific "account" somehow --
would be a huge benefit and feature to be able to offer.

A: I assume you’re asking for an end-user report designer for Telerik Reporting? If so, we’ve definitely heard your feedback and I
encourage you to watch the Telerik Reporting road map for updates on what our next releases will contain.

Does the grid have multi column sorting?

A: Definitely. Check it out running live here:

Why are not the Classic control demos marked to clarify which features won't work with 1.1? For those of us who cannot
upgrade a project.

A: Good point. I’ll talk to the product teams and see if we can make it more clear which features don’t work on .NET 1.x. At this point,
though, the .NET 1.1 controls are getting close to entering extended support, which means if you foresee the need to do active
development on this project in the future, you should at a minimum considering upgrading to .NET 2.

My RadSheduler control doesn't display correctly in Firefox is this a bug you are working on or is their a solution to this?

A: I’m not aware of any problems with Firefox. If you check-out the live demos, you should find that they work fine in all support browsers
(IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.). If you’ve found a problem, be sure to look for help on the forums or open a support ticket for in-depth

There seem to be a variety of problems with radControls interacting with each other on a complex page. For example if I use a
radMenu at the top of a page, and then popup a radWindow dialog, the radMenu will show up on TOP of the dialog instead of
below it, even when it's a modal dialog and other controls are disabled. Is this type of behavior summarized and documented
anywhere so I can either avoid it or find work arounds up front?

A: Generally speaking, you shouldn’t see the problem you’ve described. If you look at some of our online demos, you’ll see that RadMenu
and RadWindow work well together (see link). If you’re having a problem, I’d encourage you to open a support ticket and submit a sample
app showing your problem so our support engineers can help. Our support guys are among some the most helpful and speedy in the
industry, so you should be able to solve your problem using that resource.

Is Telerik planning on expanding the available skins for the controls? Or is their a partner that develops a wider variety of skins?

A: We’re always trying to make sure we deliver the most useful and comprehensive skins for our tools. Expect to see some new skins in
our Q2 release for all of the RadControls. Meanwhile, we’re also retiring some of our older skins that we’ve found to be less popular so
that our UX guys and developers can focus on testing and updating a more focused set of skins developers enjoy using in their
applications. Your feedback is critical here, too. Let us know what kind of skins you’d like to see so we can build skins that benefit

How to migrate from old controls to new. We are using many client side scripting. Does javascript API's changed a lot?

A: Please see some of my earlier responses for general guidance on this topic. To your question, though, I wanted to add that many of the
client-side APIs in the new RadControls for ASPNET AJAX have changed from the classic versions. That is because the new controls
conform completely to the ASPNET AJAX client-side coding conventions and they share a common client-side core library. Complete
documentation of the changes is available online so you can plan your transition effectively.

Since we bought all the RadControl & Reporting as a bundle/package, are the new RadControls for Silverlight and WPF free?

A: Yes. If you own a RadControls subscription bundle license that is current, you’ll get the Silverlight and WPF controls for free when
they’re introduced later this year.

Why don't you do on demand demos instead of live ones ?

A: Have you seen the Videos section on Telerik.com? There you’ll find TONS of on demand videos covering all of Telerik’s products. Also
keep an eye on our new Telerik Trainer and the video tutorials being produced for that. Those are great resources if you’re looking for
solid, on-demand resources.


Will the Desktop Trainer provide videos for integrating the RadControls with DNN?

A: There are no video tutorials yet for the Trainer covering this topic, but I’ll make sure that this request gets added to the list so we can
generate some content for our DNN developers.

Any thoughts for a radimage editor, that would allow user cropping and resizing of uploaded images within a system defined

A: Have you seen the new image editor in RadEditor? With this tool, you can dynamically resize, rotate, crop, and otherwise manipulate
an image uploaded to your server. Check out a demo here:

With the update control do you have a client side functionality that can prevent a file that is of a size to stop it before it is

A: Unfortunately, in today’s browsers and with JavaScript’s current implementations, this is impossible. The only way to check file size on
the client is to use a plug-in technology like ActiveX. Otherwise, you’re only able to check file size on the server. Watch for some
interesting developments from Telerik in the Silverlight space to help address this issue.

How do you debug complex pages that include AJAX? I've found that state often gets corrupted with rad controls on complex
pages, and debugging it is very complex. Is there a recommended debugging process?

A: Yes, it can be hard to debug complex pages- RadControls or not- when you use Ajax. I strongly encourage using free tools like Firebug
(in Firefox) and Fiddler to gain insight in to how your page is working, especially to see how the JavaScript is working. Using Firebug, for
instance, you can set breakpoints in your client-side scripts to trace the execution. Using these methods along with good segmentation of
your code (break-up complex UIs in to easier to manage and test UserControls) should help.

Framework version needed for these controls?

A: You can use either the .NET 2 + ASPNET AJAX Extensions or the .NET 3.5 framework.

One of my colleagues always says that ASP.NET controls are "heavy"... would you consider RadControls to be heavy?

A: Great question to close on. This is one of the more “common” concerns you hear from people that have either a) had a bad experience
with bad UI components in the past, or b) has no experience with modern UI controls and buys-in to the myth that they’re heavy. To
answer your question directly, no, I do not think ASP.NET UI controls are inherently heavy. Can you configure them in such a way that
they become heavy on your page? Sure. But you can build your own controls that are heavy on an ASP.NET page, too.

You must consider two things when using ASP.NET UI controls in your project to avoid the “heavy” problem:

1. Only use rich UI controls when you need rich features: You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would) how many people use
get rich 3
party UI controls and then proceed to replace every instance of their standard controls with rich versions. I’ve seen
more times that I can count situations where people put 30 rich RadCombobox controls on a page (for instance) and then
wonder why the page is heavy. Any time you use a rich UI control, you’re trading-off performance factors for rich, dynamic
usability. The key is how much trade-off are you making, which brings us to point two…

2. Make sure the UI controls you use are as optimized as possible: A basic fact of life is that not all ASPNET UI controls are
created equal. It takes dedicated engineering and some brilliant developers to create UI controls that provide incredible user
experience without significantly impacting your application’s performance. At Telerik, we’ve taken a number of steps, especially
with the latest RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, to deliver just that. From conditional loading of JS scripts based on the features
you use in controls to script and skin combining with the RadManagers to full semantic HTML rendering, the RadControls for
ASP.NET AJAX ensure the trade-off you make to use rich controls is as small as possible.

But the best proof is in the practice. If you have skeptical co-workers, download the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX trial (it’s untimed, you
can use it as long as you like), build a demo app with the RadControls and with the standard ASP.NET controls, and compare them. I think
you’ll find the performance is very similar. If you want to have some fun, make it a challenge. Your co-worker can use standard controls,
you can use the RadControls. Define some requirements and deliver your apps in 48 hours and then see how much impact the
RadControls can have your application’s richness and developer productivity.