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The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics

COMP6325 Advanced Web Technologies
Summer 2007/2008
Dr. Paul Walcott

Course Description

Name: COMP6325 Advanced Web Technologies
Semester: Summer 2007/2008
Summary: This course will enhance the student’s knowledge and skill in developing
enterprise-scale web applications.
Goals: The goals of this course include:
• To hone the research skills of the student
• To enhance the analytical and critical thinking skills of the student
• To improve the interpersonal communication skills of the student
Objectives: A student that has successfully completed this course shall be able to:
AWT.1 Test enterprise applications
AWT.2 Design enterprise applications
AWT.3 Evaluate the use of enterprise-scale application frameworks
AWT.4 Create enterprise applications
Credits: Four (4)
Pre-requisites: COMP6125 Introduction to e-Commerce
COMP6115 Web Technologies
Instructor: Dr. Paul Walcott
Room CMP-10
Tel: 417-4372


Course website:

Method of Examination

Coursework 40%
Project 20%
Quizzes (5 @ 2% each) 10%
Tests (June 17, 2008 & June 24, 2008) 10%
Final Examination (as per university schedule) 60%

Course Regulations

Regulation 1
Students are expected to attend and be prepared to participate in all sessions.

Regulation 2
All assignments are due on or before the “due by” date and time. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Course Topics and Schedule

0 June 3 Course Introduction
1 June 5
An Introduction to Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Topics include:
Use cases, UML and Design patterns
2 June 6
An Introduction to Web-based Testing
Topics include:
Testing axioms, usability testing, black-box, white-box, gray-
box testing and planning, test cases and test script specification (test plan)
3 June 9 Building Enterprise-scale Web-based Applications
Topics include:
.NET framework, Java EE 5, C#
4 June 11 The Microsoft .NET Framework – Part I
Topics include:
C#, .NET objects
5 June 13 The Microsoft .NET Framework – Part II
Topics include:
6 June 16 The Microsoft .NET Framework – Part III
Topics include:
.NET Web Services
7 June 17 The Microsoft .NET Framework – Part IV
Test #1: .NET - sessions 3 – 6

8 June 19 The Microsoft .NET Framework – Part V
Topics include:
Building a .NET Application, ADO.NET
9 June 20
The Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE 5) – Part I
Topics for the two sessions include:
Java, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages,
Java Server Faces, Web Services, Java Persistence API

10 June 23 The Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE 5) – Part II
11 June 24 Course Conclusion
Test #2: Java EE 5 - sessions 8 – 10