Colonial First State wrap platform hits $15 billion (3 October 2013)


Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)






Colonial First State wrap platform hits $15 billion

Significant milestone in

under administration

Thursday 3

October 2013:

Colonial First State
today announced that its wrap
business, Custom Solutions, has reached $15 billion i
n funds under administration
making it one of
the fastest growing wraps in the marketplace.

The $15

illion milestone marks
the end of a
successful year
for C
olonial First State’s
platform business,

with FirstWrap being named Best Overall Platform in the latest Investment Trends
Platform Report

together with a number of separate category wins. The Investment Trends 2012
Platform Report compares 25 leading master trusts and wrap platforms in the Australian market
across more than 463 aspects of their service offerings.

Chris Stevens, General Man
ager of Custom Solutions, said these recent successes are a strong
endorsement of the amount of time and

money invested over the last year

to enhance both
functionality and service delivery.

“At a time when much of the industry has been focused solely on
the impacts of regulatory reform, we
have managed to also release significant product enhancements into the market.” Mr Stevens said.
“We recognise the additional pressure advisers are facing and have released key improvements such
as our Adviser Dashboard

and enhancements to our direct equity offering that will help advisers run a
more efficient business, freeing up more time for them to demonstrate value to their clients.”


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About Colonial First State

Colonial First State and Colonial First State Global Asset Management comprise the main funds management
entities forming part of the Commonwealth Bank Group of companies. We are one of Australia’s largest fund
managers, with A$216 billion in funds under a
dministration (as at 31 March 2013). We provide investment,
superannuation and retirement products to individuals as well as to corporate and superannuation fund investors.

We are a leader in providing value for money, and have investment management expert
ise spanning Australian
and global shares, property securities, direct property, infrastructure, cash, fixed interest and credit.

Colonial First State is owned ultimately by Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 through the
Colonial First Sta
te group of companies. Commonwealth Bank of Australia and its subsidiaries do not guarantee
performance or the repayment of capital of Colonial First State.